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Jordan Gayle Bio, Height, Job, Age, Parents, MAFS UK 2023

Married At First Sight UK returned on 18 September 2023 promising more drama than before. On this show, “cheeky” personal trainer Jordan Gayle was one of the intruder grooms taking the plunge as he married a stranger. Who he is and who did he marry, we are going to tell you all of it in the rest of the writing.

Jordan Gayle On MAFS UK 2023

In the trailer of the said MAFS UK 2023, Jordan Gayle is described as a self-confessed socialite who has unrivaled energy and enthusiasm for life and also someone who is seeking a partner who likes adventure.

Jordan himself also told the cameras that he had been extremely picky in the past. At MAFS UK 2023, he was therefore thinking of officially giving up on conventional dating, and in turn, hoping the experts to come up with trumps. But, even then, he had a few conditions he wanted to apply. He wanted a girl with a really nice figure, an hourglass shape. A small waist, nice wide hips, and a big bum. In terms of personality, he said he liked a girl who is a bit quiet, very respectful, and a bit more reserved. He also gushed about wanting someone who he can wake up next to every day and then fall asleep next to them at night and also didn’t mind calling himself “a sucker for love”.

Are Jordan Gayle And Erica Still Together?

Jordan Gayele and dance teacher and Edinburgh-based Erica Roberts were introduced to MAFS UK fans as one of the intruder couples.

They looked like a good match before the bride issued a warning ahead of the explosive first appearance. Before tying the knot, Erica said that she wanted to be “kept on her toes.” The ceremony went well with Jordan’s extra-long vows and they seemed to be each other’s physical types. But, shortly after, Erica recognized that Jordan had a penchant for speaking something which she said they could “tweak”.

Nevertheless, Erica, like Jordan, seemed ready to settle down, having been done with her party-girl lifestyle in London.

One more interesting fact is, that the show’s fans were at one point also left divided over Jordan and Erica as some thought the latter to be ‘shallow’ and another half slammed Jordan for not letting her speak.

Jordan Gayle Age

Jordan Gayle was reportedly born in 1996. So, he reached the age of 27 in 2023.

Jordan Gayle Height

Jordan Gayle stands around 6 feet in height. Thanks to his good looks and great physique, people often mistake him for England footballer Jack Grealish. Jordan revealed this himself as he stood at the aisle ready to get married to a bride that experts arranged for him. He said he “constantly” said he resembles the footballer due to his floppy undercut hairstyle. Also, he raved he often gets asked for pictures but does not use them to his advantage as he is happy being himself.

Who Are Jordan Gayle’s Parents?

Jordan Gayle has got lovely parents back home. Just lately, Jordan spoke about theirs and his friends’ reactions to him going on MAFS UK. He stated that his family was a bit scared that he would make “really impulsive” life decisions. At the same time, according to him, they were also just hoping that this one would work out in his favor.

So who are Jordan’s parents?

His father is Mark Gayle, a Redditch-born and Sheffield dweller. As of 2023, he claimed to be a sole proprietor of some business. Also, he is proud that he went to Leys High School, Redditch, Worcs back in the day.

Not to miss, as of 2023, Mark also was married to Sharon Gayle, who apparently is not Jordan’s biological mom.

What’s more, Jordan is known to have three siblings. One is his sister Ellie Rose Gayle and the others are his step-siblings Eve and Mark Holland.

Jordan Gayle Job

On his social media profile, Jordan Gayle introduces himself as a personal trainer & online coach, and strength and conditioning coach. On Facebook, he also specified working in personal training at PureGym Gateshead, a gym/physical fitness center in Sheffield. However, this should be no longer his job as he moved to LA in 2022. Around that time, he had taken to social media to elaborately write how he lost a lot to get there. He said his dream of being in LA played a big part in the ruining of a relationship that was the biggest and best thing in his life. Also, he added that he made a lot of sacrifices to get to that moment which has caused a lot of stress and dark times. (Ambien)

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Jordan Gayle From?

Jordan Gayle originally hails from Sheffield, a city in South Yorkshire, England, whose name derives from the River Sheaf running through it. Around August of 2022 though, he seemingly embarked on his lifelong dream of living in Los Angeles.

  • Is Jordan Gayle On Instagram?

Yes. Jordan Gayle was on Instagram as of October 2023. The personal blog @jordanrmgayle included 25 posts and 6,187 followers. In addition to that, one could also give him a follow on Twitter @1jrmgayle and on ‘Jordan Gayle’ Facebook.

  • When Is Jordan Gayle’s Birthday?

Jordan Gayle’s birthday is on February 25th making him a Pisces.

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