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Jordan Hull Bio, Family, Height, Does She Have A Partner?

Jordan Hull is an actress who almost gave up on acting even before landing her first ever gig with The L Word: Generation Q. Well, now, she’s playing the role of Adam Sandler’s daughter on Netflix blockbuster Hustle.

Get to know her better as this Jordan Hull Bio proceeds.

Jordan Hull On Hustle

Jordan Hull portrays Alex on Hustle. Her character is the daughter of Stanley (Adam Sandler) and Teresa Sugarman (Queen Latifah). To summarize the movie, her father Stanley bets everything he has on unknown basketball prodigy, Bo Cruz (Juancho Hernangomez), including the well-being of his family. So, you can expect a lot of family drama.

Talking about the filming, Jordan shared that Hustle was filmed in the metropolitan city of Philadelphia, and Spain. However, the actress wasn’t one of the lucky ones who got to shoot in Spain. “But I did stay in Philly and it’s the best city ever. It’s so cool,” she added.

Also, thanks to her connections from The L Word: Generation Q, she got to travel around the town. “I went to a lot of museums in Philly because the art there is just insane and so cool. Rittenhouse Square was amazing. You can just walk around Philly for days and you’ll still be happy,” she recalled.

Aside from the location, Jordan also talked about how the movie was basically filmed in two segments because of the COVID-19 pandemic. In October 2020, the crew spent a lot of days in the house with Adam and Queen. “I would bring my guitar to set, we would jam out, [and] Adam would always bring a speaker. So there was always just music and everyone got along so well between the crew and the cast,” the actress dissed.

But though jamming with the star was amazing, for Jordan, the fun really picked up when the cast filmed the second block with the NBA players. Since the actress never watched NBA growing up, she found it “cool” to be surrounded by the top professional basketball players.

How Much Is Jordan Hull Net Worth?

Jordan Hull garnered a net worth of under $250 thousand by 2022. Well, given that she had only appeared in The L Word: Generation Q and Hustle then, it is a fair number.

Unlike many stars, Jordan never was passionate about acting. “I actually fell into acting,” she remarked. It seems that this talented actress never was into theater. Rather, she randomly met an agent at a mall who said, “You should model and act,” and she agreed.

Likewise, her parents had a similar response. “It wasn’t a thing of like, ‘Okay, we’re going to move to California.’ That was after I started to get better and actually learn how to act and then fell in love with it. But they were always there. They’re so supportive,” Jordan recalled.

Maybe this was also why she actually contemplated quitting just before landing her first gig with The L Word: Generation Q. They say, easy come easy go.

However, this is all in the past. Jordan now has no intention of quitting the industry. Even more, after she received a lot of love from young adults and youth from her role in The L Word: Generation Q. And amongst all the “loves,” the reaction that stood her out the most was when a complete came to her and said, “Oh my gosh, you play the mayor’s daughter in The L Word.”

Does Jordan Hull Have A Partner?

Jordan Hull didn’t seem to have a partner as of 2022.

She was more focused on her career than her romantic life then. However, she was open to relationships and finding that forever after.

Trivia: Jordan had 3 dogs and 2 cats, whom she loved the most after her family.

Jordan Hull Age

Jordan Hull was 18 years of age when she appeared on Hustle in 2022.

On her 16th birthday, her mother Anne took it to her FB to share, “Well this is a day I’m not sure I’m ready for😬😂😂but Jordan is finally 16! Jord we are sooo proud of you for chasing your dreams! Your faith and compassion for everyone is inspiring.  Your kind heart and beautiful smile absolutely light up a room.”

But this wasn’t the only day Anne praised her daughter. She really was proud of the person her daughter had become.

Jordan Hull Height

Jordan Hull stands tall at a height of around 5 feet 7 inches (170 cm).

Is Jordan Hull On Instagram?

Sadly, we couldn’t find her on Instagram.

However, here’s her Facebook.

Jordan Hull Family

Jordan Hull comes from a family of five. However, they aren’t her biological family.

The actress was adopted and raised in Iowa by “white and affluent” parents, Anne Bohlender and Jamen Hull. And because of this Jordan never had to deal with “necessarily a systemic racial injustice.” However, she did experience racial prejudice and was even once called “Oreo” in her middle school.

So what did they do? Well, Jordan’s father Jamen is a real estate agent who worked with Norwalk Ready Mix Concrete, Inc. for 15 years, CEMEX USA for 4 years, and was employed at Misty SOLDwisch Team as of 2022. As for Jordan’s mother, Anne owned a nutrition brand called Arbonne.

Her parents, Jamen and Anne were 42 and 49 years of age in June 2022.

As for her siblings, they are Joe and Jaiden Hull.

For those of you curious, her on-screen parents on Hustle are Queen Latifah and Adam Sandler and on The L Word: Generation Q are Jennifer Beals and Tina Kennard

Related FAQs

  • When Is Jordan Hull Birthday?

Jordan celebrates her birthday on July 23 and is of the Leo.

  • Where Is Jordan Hull From?

She hails from Iowa but resided in Los Angeles, CA as of 2022.

  • Jordan Hull Ethnicity: Is She Mixed?

No, Jordan Hull isn’t mixed. She might be adopted by White parents but she identified herself as Black ever since a kid.

“When I was younger being in a room around a bunch of Black people was so different to me and I felt like such an outsider, but I feel like I’m catching up in a lot of ways,” she recalled.

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