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Where Is “I Love A Mama’s Boy” Star Kim Cobb Now? Details!

Kim Cobb, one of the most beloved stars from TLC’s I Love Mama’s Boy, didn’t return in season 3. Fans speculated Kim and her fiance Matt break up after the finale. So, where is she now?

Keep scrolling down this article to learn more about Kim Cobb from I Love Mama’s Boy for current updates in 2022.

Kim Cobb And Matt McAdams Relationship Timeline

Dating app i.e Tinder played a pivotal role in bringing Kim Cobb and Matt McAdams for bringing them together in the first place back in 2017. They matched for their shared love of traveling among other interests. But poor Kim had no hints about what she was getting into when she met Matt and started dating him in real life.

Over the years of early romantic bliss, their relationship thrived. Hence, before signing up for the show, they were already together for three years.

Viewers were first introduced to Kim, Matt, and Kelly (Matt’s mother) in the first season of I Love Mama’s Boy. They were among the other trio who were on the show to exhibit their weird love triangle. One thing every girlfriend participating in the show had in common was, that they were like a third wheel in the relationship.

All of them fought for attention and most of them even got jealous of how close their partner and their future mother-in-law were. Kim was no exception.

Kim discussed Kelly as a red flag with Sarah Fraser after she was deep into their relationship with Matt. A few months after dating Matt, he took her to meet his parents and Kelly had an extravagant dinner prepared for the dating couple. She didn’t knew at the time that Matt and Kelly were close but Kelly had a lot of questions for Kim when they met.

She wasn’t comfortable but believed it was her nerves at the time.

Matt and Kelly hit it out of the ballpark when it comes to giving viewers the cringiest moments between mother-son in the show or ever on TV history. One moment that stuck out for many was when they went lingerie shopping for Kim. Matt believed that there was no such thing as off-limit, that particular moment well established the statement.

Kim was adjusting to everything and she respected their relationship though she wasn’t happy about Matt and Kelly’s relationship. But, when Matt started siding with his mother in their argument, that’s when everything started falling apart for the two.

The throuple returned for season two. When Matt and Kim’s place burned down they had no choice but to move in with Kelly. It was there Kim admitted to Sarah Fraser that she got the undesired opportunity to see who crazily and disturbingly close Matt and Kim were.

With each new episode airing on TV, viewers started feeling sorry for Kim and hoped that she would dump Matt and his mother. Meanwhile, plenty of fans were jumping to conclusion that Matt might be gay, although he vehemently denied those speculations.

Never in their wildest dreams, did it occur to viewers that the day would come that Matt would propose to Kim, but he did. But, that didn’t fix everything that was behind them. Matt kept siding with his mother, and Kim felt she was fighting alone to protect their relationship.

So, it wasn’t wrong for Kim to take the job opportunities in Austin, Texas that came her way although Matt and Kelly didn’t feel the same. By the end of season 2, they broke off the engagement.

Fans speculated and hoped for them to break up long before, of how Matt was treating Kim. The separation rumor escalated after Matt and Kim unfollowed each other on their socials in 2021.

Where Is “I Love A Mama’s Boy” Star Kim Cobb Now?

“It was sad,” Matt McAdams said after the split. “We were together for four years, we were engaged for almost a year. Looking back on it, I feel like we were not a match. She doesn’t accept my mom the way I do.” Kelly must’ve been thrilled about her son’s breakup. She tried to console her son and shared, “I will do anything to help my son get through this”.

But it appears a very different drama brewed off camera.

Nicole Schneider, the mother of Kim Cobb, went on the FB page of I Love’s Mama’s Boy and announced that her daughter wasn’t appearing in season 3. She pointed out that Matt shouldn’t be on the show in the first place and it disgusted her that TLC would let people like him on the show.

Nicole blasted Matt saying: “I’m definitely biased to the situation because I’m Kim’s Mom and I feel helpless due to my poor health. He has been a narcissist, emotionally and physically controlling, and as in most abusive relationships he isolated Kim from her family/friends”.

She added, “Matt’s history of violence, which I have witnessed with my own eyes over these past years would make any parent sick to their stomach. Kim is not allowed to talk about any of this. Matt’s aggressive behavior towards her at the restaurant in the season 2 finale is only a small glimpse into his irrational abusive behavior towards Kim”.

Hence, Kim ended up getting a protective order against Matt in February 2022.

One fan commented on Nicole’s post, “I was praying Kim would not be back and cut all ties. She is a beautiful vivacious woman and doesn’t belong with Matt and Kelly. Thank you for speaking out.”

While appearing on Sarah Fraser’s show Kim also told her that she has no intention of reconciling with Matt as of now because she needs to “recognize that self-worth”.

In 2022, Kim is a celebrity of her own. She is doing a podcast titled @mylipsarentsealedpodcast. She also finds time to do blogging where she writes about travels, beauty, and fashion. Also, she has moved on from the relationship that tortured her on national television.

Kim also spoke about not appearing on the TV show in her recent Instagram post. On 20 June 2022, she posted on her Instagram, “Funeral for the death of my reality tv career. It may have died (…for now) but I still ended up in heaven. Thanks @thecocktailcowboys for the good time”.

Fans supported her decision for leaving the show and Matt, and Kelly. One fan commented, “Best decision you ever made was to leave”. Another fan jokingly wrote implying the gay rumor, “Matt’s wishing he was surrounded by those cowboys!! You go, girl… live your best life!!”.

The Third-person added, “So sad the only sane person isn’t on the show anymore! (But also REALLY don’t blame you for leaving)”.

So, it appears everything is going great for Kim after the show.

Is “I Love A Mama’s Boy” Star Kim Cobb Dating Anyone New?

After four years of relationship and one engagement ring, Kim Cobb appears single and happy. She is dating but not in a serious relationship.

Related FAQs

  • What Does Kim Cobb Do For A Living?

Kim Cobb is a lifestyle blogger by profession which has become her full-time job now.

  • How Much Is Kim Cobb Net Worth?

Kim Cobb’s current net worth should be above $200 thousand.

  • Who Are Kim Cobb Parents?

Speaking about her parents, Kim Cobb is the daughter of Nicole Schneider and Kevin Cobb. Kevin is based in Reno, Nevada. He had served in the US army and was Master Sgt. in 2014. Kim’s parents are no longer together. Both of her parents are married to their respective partners.

Kevin is married to his wife Deanna Hart-Kobb.

Kim also has a sister named Kylee Cobb who is currently based in Austin, Texas.

  • How Old Is Kim Cobb?

In March 2022, Kim Cobb celebrated turning 27 years old. So, 1995 is the year Kim was born. She celebrates her birthday on 13 March.

  • How Tall Is Kim Cobb?

The blonde beauty Kim Cobb stands tall at a height of no more than 5 feet 5 inches.

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