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Jordan Sangha Bio, Mum, Dad, Height, Job, Big Brother

Meet Jordan Sangha from Big Brother UK 2023. Jordan has turned heads of the fans of the show which premiered in October 2023 on ITV. Learn a few things about him here.

Here we attempt to cover details about his mum, dad, height, and more.

Jordan Sangha On Big Brother UK 2023

Many of Jordan Sangha had different reasons to join Big Brother UK 2023 but for Jordan himself, he wanted to be on the show because he was bored. He told the BB UK producers, “Well, I love the show. I was quite disillusioned with life so I suppose boredom made me apply to some extent. I honestly applied on a whim.”

Jordan is one of the sixteen housemates participating in the much anticipated Big Brother season eight on ITV, which premiered on Sunday, October 8, 2023.

With his dry sense of humor and aloof demeanor, Jordan has emerged as one of the most talked-about housemates, adding a welcome change of pace to the normally outgoing group. He is the slight favorite to win the entire series, trailing only Yinrun Huang.

After the 2023 season premiere, Jordan’s friend’s TikTok video exposing what the candidate is “really like” has Big Brother fans in fits. In just the first week of the show, Jordan has gained a devoted following because of his sharp wit and caustic sense of humor. Before joining the Big Brother competition, one of his closest friends, Layton, also known as Lanton on TikTok, posted a video including a collection of pictures of the candidate. Jordan is seen carrying a pack of Strongbow Dark Fruits, sipping on a drink on the beach, and holding a tower of martinis while sporting a jazzy shirt similar to the ones he wears inside the house.

Layton alleged: “Jordan is awkward about feelings. He will feel like Henry is his number 1. But he’d never have a romantic relationship with Henry.”

Adding more, Layton claimed: “Not very political, prefers the real housewives. But he’s left wing.”

The first housemate to be removed from the ITV revival edition of Big Brother was Farida. This happened on Friday. ‘Yes!’ said the make-up artist, jumping up and down and throwing her arms in the air. She then gave her housemates hugs before quickly leaving to meet AJ Odudu and Will Best, the show’s hosts.

Zak, a 28-year-old Manchester resident, is the second Big Brother house participant to be removed. Along with Henry, he was put forward for eviction by the other housemates, and the public’s vote to remove him sealed his fate. In a development that was still shocking but not as shocking as a double eviction, Hallie was eliminated from Big Brother. In addition, Kerry was the fourth housemate to leave Big Brother following a vote by the public in secret.

As for what he is going to do with “win money”, Jordan shared, ‘he would “probably rent in Kensington for a month or two, and have a shopping spree in Harrods.’

Coming across as disinterested and cantankerous is what he believes could encourage others to put him up for eviction. “They might nominate me for being disengaged perhaps or not paying everyone an equal amount of attention. They may feel left out but I can’t help that,” Jordan said.

Jordan Sangha Relationship Status

The current relationship status of Jordan Sangha is unclear.

Initially, Jordan and his fellowmate Henry Southan had a showmance on Big Brother. Henry confessed that he was attracted to more than Jordan’s looks, Henry added: “Yeah I like the humor. You’ve got to make me laugh.”

Fans, some of whom have been cheering for Henry and Rose to reconcile since the series premiere on October 8, are thrilled by Henry’s confession. “Jordan & Henry are definitely falling in love,” One fan wrote on X, formerly Twitter. “Anyone else shipping Jordan & Henry hard?” another asked. A third added: “Jordan & Henry are gonna end up falling in love aren’t they.”

When fellow housemate Kerry asked if Jordan was Henry’s type, the former boarding school student replied: “I wouldn’t say I’ve really got a type, it’s very like if you look at people I’ve been on dates, they all look very different, they are all quite personality wise very, very different.”

Jordan has also referred to Henry as his “husband” to other housemates, with viewers hoping that the pair will become closer than friends. Jordan and Henry kissed, however, the kiss occurred in the midst of what is known as a “love triangle” in the house between the two of them and Matty.

In scenes that aired last week, Jordan seemed to reveal his affection to Matty, who is in an open relationship outside of the house. He later told the Isle of Man doctor that he wanted to stop touching him in order to prevent things from getting worse.

“‘I like you I think you’re cute but I like to treat everyone equally,” Jordan told Matty.

Opening up to Big Brother in the Diary Room, Matty said: “The physical touch thing for him in here is maybe a little bit confusing. I think he has romantic feelings or maybe the start of romantic feelings. I think that’s what he is trying to imply without saying it but it was making me a bit sad the last few days when he’s needed some space from me but yeah there is affection there…”

How Old Is Jordan Sangha?

In 2023, Jordan Sangha is 26 years old. When he revealed his age, X, formerly Twitter, users rushed to social media to share their thoughts. One wrote, “I can’t believe Jordan is 26. As much as I like him he’s extremely immature and acts like a teenager.”

Another user agreed, “Jordan’s so sweet, can’t believe he’s 26, I thought he was 21!.”

Who Are Jordan Sangha Mum And Dad?

Jordan, who loves wearing floral shirts, claimed that his friends and family would characterize him as ‘sarcastic’ and ‘flippant’.

Jordan and Matty, his housemate, had an emotional discussion regarding Jordan’s sexual orientation. Following nominations, the resident of Lincolnshire told Matty he’s “glad to be here” and “glad to be queer.” The conversation soon turns into a heart-to-heart as Jordan tells the story of how he came out to his mother as bisexual.

“I came out to my mother the first night of university, screaming down the phone in the smoking area because there was this guy that I fancied,” Jordan added. “And I thought for some reason, if I come out to my mother this guy will want to…”

Besides that, Jordan has yet to open up about the details about his mum and dad.

Jordan Sangha Height

Per his pictures, Jordan Sangha’s height measures above 5 feet 9 inches.

Jordan Sangha Job

Jordan Sangha is a lawyer by trade. He was part of the Warwick Bar Society at the University of Warwick during his degree in 2019. He was the Warwick Bar Society’s president from 2019 to 2020.

Is Jordan Sangha On Instagram?

Indeed, Jordan Sangha is on Instagram (@jordan.sangha) but the profile is currently private. On Facebook, he goes by Seb Sangha which has no posts at all.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Jordan Sangha From?

Jordan Sangha grew up on a council estate and calls Grimsby, North Lincolnshire – Scunthorpe his hometown. He now lives in London.

  • Is Jordan Sangha Autistic?

Jordan Sangha hasn’t confirmed if he has autism or not.

  • When Is Jordan Sangha Birthday?

Jordan celebrated his 26th birthday in the Big Brother house in October 2023.

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