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Olivia Young Bio, Parents, Ethnicity, Age, Job, Big Brother

Olivia Young, a Scots dancer, joined the lineup for Big Brother UK 2023. Olivia believed that her party lifestyle and reputation for having a good time would help her gain popularity with her followers.

Read about her parents, ethnicity, her job, and more in this article.

Olivia Young On Big Brother UK 2023

AJ Odudu and Will Best welcomed 16 housemates to the Big Brother house on Sunday night, marking the formal start of the show’s revival nearly four years after Channel 5 canceled it and moved it to ITV. A model, an NHS senior manager, and a former Miss World finalist were among the diverse individuals we witnessed attending the show. However, it was Scottish contender Olivia who had people talking when it was announced that she would be the last person to enter the house.

Olivia declared on her VT self-introduction that she is “very patriotic.” The dancer from Glasgow, who claimed to be from the “best part of Scotland,” added, “You play the bagpipes and you better believe I cry,” in the metropolis of people.

The young girl, who was chosen to be the first candidate to face the public vote on Friday, was the second last person to enter the house and has since been left in pieces. Olivia’s debut on the well-known reality TV show has already been difficult due to an unfortunate game of passing the parcel that resulted in one of the contestants’ suitcases exploding.

The Jordanhill-born Glaswegian dancer said she submitted to the popular reality TV show because she grew up watching it and thought her application best “fits the brief”. She was looking forward to being in a “completely alternate universe” living in the Big Brother house.

Olivia said ahead of going into the house: “It’s going to be like being in a completely alternate universe. It’s a totally surreal experience. I like to meet people, I’m quite a social being. I think just the overall experience of getting to disappear for a few weeks and take part in something that’s so excluded from normal day-to-day life. I grew up watching the show, and I’ve always said if it ever comes back, I want to do it. I just think I fit the brief because I’ve got the personality to sell, and this is the best place for it.”

A £100,000 prize pool will be up for grabs for participants in this reality competition show. Olivia claimed she was an “idiot with money” and that the prize money would go toward a new car. She also stated she would keep the money “somewhere safe” to make sure she didn’t spend it in the first 24 hours.

The first housemate to be removed from the ITV revival edition of Big Brother was Farida. This happened on Friday. ‘Yes!’ said the make-up artist, jumping up and down and throwing her arms in the air. She then gave her housemates hugs before quickly leaving to meet AJ Odudu and Will Best, the show’s hosts.

Zak, a 28-year-old Manchester resident, is the second Big Brother house participant to be removed. Along with Henry, he was put forward for eviction by the other housemates, and the public’s vote to remove him sealed his fate. In a development that was still shocking but not as shocking as a double eviction, Hallie was eliminated from Big Brother. In addition, Kerry was the fourth housemate to leave Big Brother following a vote by the public in secret.

Olivia Young Boyfriend

In the show, Olivia Young expressed that she is single and happy as Larry.” “I hate men. I feel traumatized by men,” she added.

But, fans of the show have noticed her getting close to fellow housemate Paul. But Paul has a girlfriend in the outside world – and apparently, she looks just like Olivia. “I feel like they do have a little flirt here and there, but Olivia knows Paul’s got a girlfriend, so she’s taking a step back,” he told Heat World. “But I do know if Paul was single in there, he’d definitely be all over her like boyfriend and girlfriend.”

What Is Olivia Young Ethnicity?

Olivia Young’s ethnicity is ambiguous. She is likely bi-racial.

Who Are Olivia Young Parents?

Olivia Young comes from a family of five which includes her parents and two siblings. At home in Glasgow, she is the “Princess of the house.”

Her dad is named Ron whereas, her mum (step) is named Elle. Her sisters are named Amelia, a 21-year-old, and Claudia who is 15.

Ron is working as a bottling business owner meanwhile Elle is an education specialist working with disadvantaged young people.

Gushing about his daughter, Ron said, “I’m so proud of her and my girls have such a fantastic female role model to look up to in their mother. On Saturday night when they entered the house, Amelia and I met lots of the other families – Paul’s parents, Tom’s mum, and Noky’s mum and dad met us for a drink and we all chatted about how strong our loved ones are.”

He added, “When we were waiting for the kids to go into the house I was talking to Chanelle’s brother and sister-in-law and we were going to watch the rugby together. We’re just normal families.”

Viewers have loved her dad after his appearance on Big Brother.

Olivia’s best friend Amanda too spoke to The Scottish Sun and shared she learned that she was joining the show via Olivia’s mum. She said, “Her mum called and said: ‘Can you come around to the house, Olivia is going abroad for a dancing gig’. She asked us around for a cup of tea but then dropped the bombshell that Olivia wouldn’t be there. I thought the worst, I didn’t know what was going on at this point. Olivia’s mum then showed us a picture of the Big Brother eye and played the theme tune and I still didn’t click on.”

Olivia Young Age

In 2023, Olivia Young is 23 years old.

Olivia Young Job

Olivia Young’s work as a dancer and a model appears to be her job, as her IG suggests. Her model agency, QM, released a black and white photo of their client wearing a black bra and slacks and a jauntily tilted hat on a chair before her ITV debut, “Olivia has officially entered the @bbuk house. We are so proud of you. Go and show the world what a star you are.”

Olivia was inspired and encouraged by her mom to become a dancer. Her dad told The Sun, “She’s an extrovert and enjoys the showbiz side of dance and loves to entertain. She’s always been good at gymnastics – she’s got my skinny legs. When she was very young, probably about three years old, she started gymnastics. All her teachers said she was fantastic and we should’ve got her into it at a much younger age.”

Olivia studied performing arts at an Essex college, and she went on to have a prosperous career as a dance instructor.

It follows our exclusive revelation that Olivia beat a life-threatening illness to secure a spot at one of the best dancing schools in Britain. When the Glasgow model was taken to the hospital after an emergency surgery, she nearly lost hope that her dream would never come true.

Olivia has also been working as a waitress on the side to support herself. A Glasgow eatery that was thrilled to see “Our Olivia” on their televisions when the new series debuted on Sunday night fully supports Olivia.

Olivia reportedly worked at Lunch, a breakfast and brunch restaurant, before moving into the Big Brother house. The location on Great Western Road posted a number of photos to Instagram. They included a picture of her ranting in the diary room in one tale, and they wrote, “Our Olivia. What a buzz.””

Olivia Young Height

Olivia Young’s height reportedly measures above 5’4”.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Olivia Young From?

Olivia Young hailed from Glasgow, Scotland.

  • When Is Olivia Young Birthday?

Sadly, Olivia Young’s birthday is not available.

  • Is Olivia Young On Instagram?

Of course, you can find Olivia Young on Instagram (@_olivia.young_) and Facebook (@olivia.young.1614).

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