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Jordanne Deveaux Bio, Age, Job, Family, Are You The One?

It’s exciting news for the fans: Are You The One (AYTO)? has returned from its four-year hiatus. The first two episodes of the Season 9 of Are You The One? dropped on Paramount+ on 18 January 2023 with a bunch of hot new cast, and Kamie Crawford as its host. So, as the TV’s once first-ever international dating show makes a huge return with 22 contestants from around the world, let us introduce to you Jordanne Deveaux, AKA Tini, one of its contestants.

Jordanne Deveaux On Are You The One?

When Brooke Rachman was finally allowed to talk about her being on Are You The One? she took to her social media to finally reveal why she had disappeared for a month a year before.

She spilled early in January 2023 it was to live in a villa in Gran Canaria in Spain with 21 strangers to film the first-ever global season of this show called Are You The One? She explained how for someone as private as her when this opportunity came her way it kind of took her out of her comfort zone. Then, she said, it felt like an opportunity that if she did not take, she would have felt like she was missing out on something life-changing.

So, Jordanne found her “chutzpah” and got on the plane to Spain for a chance at love and $1,000,000. She said these 21 strangers from around the world she met had the most amazing experience. And those crazy, cringe, and hilarious times, she promised her people on social media, that it will be on display for the world to see. “I am excited to share my happiest and most vulnerable moments with all of you”, she wrote on the social media post at last.

Episode 1 of the season, like old times, started with producers secretly pairing contestants into couples based on the results of a matchmaking algorithm. Everyone including Jordanne was seen moving in together and trying to identify all of the perfect matches.

If they succeed, Jordanne will be sharing $1 million with her competitors and each time anyone guesses incorrectly the prize money drops.

Jordanne Deveaux Dating Status

Jordanne Deveaux’s dating status was unknown at the time of this writing. But, we can still tell a few things about her dating life in general.

One is if there is one thing that gives her an “ick” it’s guys with no ambition. And more recently, she also opened up about an ex-boyfriend of hers who after coming to know that she went on Are You The One? threatened her that he would release her nudes.

How Old Is Jordanne Deveaux?

Jordanne Deveaux was 28 years old when she decided to go on Are You The One? in 2022.

Jordanne Deveaux Family

Jordanne Deveaux comes from a family from Miami city, a coastal metropolis, and the county seat of Miami-Dade County in South Florida, United States. She was born and brought up there.

She was, however, yet to tell more about her family until the time of this writing. A few times she referenced them on her social media though. Like, this one time, she mentioned in a TikTok video about guys liking her until she tells them that she is “daddy’s girl”.

Jordanne Deveaux Job

Jordanne Deveaux is a model and actress. In addition, she is the CEO and creative owner of the swimsuit business Deveaux Swim. Proudly, she introduces it as an unapologetically “sexy & bold” 18-plus “Black-owned” handmade brand in the United States. Of course, she also thinks that her suits are “seriously cute”.

Since starting the planning of this brand in September 2020, Jordanne claims that she was just “busy busy busy” physically and mentally for a while. Especially because she said the COVID pandemic was costly for the brand and it completely threw production off.

Jordanne has been into designing for years. Even without sewing knowledge, she was gluing together custom outfits for shoots, festivals, and costumes for Halloween. As to what led her into swimwear designing, she said it is because her personal style is very sexy, bold, and minimal fabric, she was naturally led into this.

It has always been her dream of Jordanne to own a brand also because she says she always had so much more respect for people living the entrepreneurial lifestyle.

Proud of herself for starting a business, she is every day learning something new. She is always there to put on some words of encouragement to anybody going through something similar.

Jordanne also happens to go around as an OnlyFans star. Here, she claims to post sexy photos/videos daily that his followers have never seen anywhere else.

She also appeared in a music video called “Fight Back” back in 2019.

Related FAQs

  • How Tall Is Jordanne DeVeaux?

Stunning and fashionable Jordanne DeVeaux stands above 5’4” in height.

  • When Is Jordanne DeVeaux Birthday?

Jordanne DeVeaux’s birthday is on April 12th and that makes her an Aries.

  • Is Jordanne DeVeaux On Instagram?

Jordanne DeVeaux could be found on Instagram @jordannedeveaux with 97 posts and 102K followers as of 22 January 2023.

Besides, Jordanne also entertained 45.5K followers and 120.9K likes on TikTok @jordannedeveaux. On Twitter @JordanneDeveaux, there were 2,194 people following her.

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