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Blake Abbie Parents: June Wong Abbie And Robert Abbie

Blake Abbie was one of the six Asians/Asian Americans who joined Dorothy Wang for the spinoff Bling Empire: New York in 2023. Being the only gender-fluid cast, identifying as queer, he instantly caught the viewers’ attention.

But we aren’t here to talk about the Bling Empire star today. Rather this article explores everything there is to know about Blake’s parents.

Who Are Bling Empire Star Blake Abbie Parents?

Blake Abbie was born to his parents, June Wong Abbie and Robert Abbie. They welcomed him on October 30, 1990, in Montreal, Canada, and raised him in Vancouver.

According to the star, they gave him complete independence to be who he wants to be while still ingraining in him some ideals. No wonder, Blake’s now happy with what he does and who he is.

The last we checked, Blake was working as the editor-at-large of an arts and fashion publication called A Magazine Curated By. Also, he was then writing his first-ever script for television.

Looking back, Blake initially studied music at the University of British Columbia. But while there, he began working simultaneously in fashion and soon after moved to London and became part of the founding team of the industry-breaking System magazine and he never looked back.

In 2023, he even went on to be one of the casts on Bling Empire: New York. But that wasn’t his first time on TV. He was also cast for the role of “Thomas” in the Chinese version of Meteor Garden, a popular TV franchise.  The Netflix/Hunan TV coproduction garnered five billion views in the two months of release just in China alone. 

Meet June Wong Abbie, Blake Abbie Mother

June Wong Abbie is Blake Abbie’s dearest mother. She was one who always helped the star “win things.” Also, Blake believes that he inherited her palate for tropical fruits, “including the best fruit in the world, durian.”

On mother’s day 2020, Blake took to his IG to write, “Sending love energies to all the mothering figures in the world today, new moms, old moms, soon-to-be moms, maybe moms, never moms, who could be a mom, muthas.”

You might have also seen June on Bling Empire when she reaffirms her love for his son, regardless of his queer identity. 

“In the show, my mom came to visit me in New York and we have a conversation. It was nice to clarify things with them. For me, I never had a coming-out moment. I date whoever I want and my family never questioned that as long as I have love and support. My mom wants me to have a family but I don’t think she’s so concerned for me to have a traditional Chinese family,” Abbie said later.

  • June Wong Abbie Age

June Wong Abbie was reportedly born in 1980. That made her 42 years of age in 2023.

She receives her birthday wishes on October 26 and is of the Scorpio zodiac.

On her 40th birthday, Blake wished her on his IG, “It’s time to celebrate this Scorpio again. Another spin around for the sun, and a major day for her! pretty grateful I have an angel for a mom who does anything to protect and nurture me.”

  • What Is June Wong Abbie Nationality?

June Wong Abbie is Chinese. She was born in Hangzhou, China, and she still wishes to go back to her motherland to celebrate Tomb Sweeping Festivals. In 2020, she even said, “I was hoping to be in China this year to do that for my grandfather but obviously couldn’t.”

Talking a look at her family, June’s parents have seen the Chinese Revolution. They’ve even lived with June at one point. Besides them,  June has two lovely siblings — one named Margaret Zhang.

  • June Wong Abbie Job

We do know that June Wong Abbie moved to Hong Kong for a job when Blake was little, but we don’t know what was she working on.

Rumors had it that June was a model.

  • Is June Wong Abbie On Instagram?

June Wong Abbie isn’t on Instagram. But she’s heavily featured on her son’s IG @blakeabbie.

Meet Robert Abbie, Blake Abbie Father

Blake Abbie confessed that it was his father Robert Abbie who enabled him to garner a sense of assurance, belief, and confidence. “If there is anything that my dad taught me, it would be to cherish what you have and to not let anything get in the way of your everyday happiness,” he added.

Even June said that Robert would often tell her, “Blake knows what he is doing… When the time is right, he will [accomplish his goals].”

  • Robert Abbie Age

Robert Abbie was 86 years of age when he passed away in December 2020 — six months after his birthday.

He was 26 years older than his wife June.

  • What Was Robert Abbie Nationality?

Robert was Scottish.

  • Robert Abbie Job

Robert Abbie was a professional soccer player. He started his career after taking a boat across the Atlantic to Canada to play pro soccer in the 50s.

After retiring from the sport, he then joined the corporate world to make a living.

In his free time, Robert loved fishing and climbing icy sacred mountains in China.

  • Is Robert Abbie On Instagram?

No, he wasn’t on Instagram. But like his wife, he was often featured on his son’s IG @blakeabbie.

Related FAQs

  • Where Do Blake Abbie Parents Reside?

They resided in Canada.

  • How Long Were Blake Abbie Parents Still Married?

Blake’s parents were married for over 2 decades. But it’s unclear if they were still married at the time of Robert’s death.

  • How Many Kids Did Blake Abbie Parents Have?

Blake is his parent’s only child.

  • How Much Is Blake Abbie Parents’ Net Worth?

Blake’s father Robert’s net worth could be close to $10 million.

On the other hand, June’s job and net worth are a mystery.

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