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Jorge Zavala Bio, Wife, Age, Height, Job, Tough As Nails

Season 4 of Tough as Nails kicked off with a special two-hour premiere on 4 January 2023 on CBS and introduced to viewers 12 new competitors. Jorge Zavala was one of them. So, we shall discuss him now in this writing called ‘Jorge Zavala Bio’.

Jorge Zavala On Tough As Nails

EW’s Tough As Nails which started with the S04 E01 filmed in southern California’s Catalina Island sees Jorge Zavala and the others race to replace old boat moorings.

Until the 18 January 2023 episode, Jorge was still in the competition and not eliminated. He even got to be crew boss for the Dirty Hands team and during individual competition, he even had come fourth after Mister who finished third, Sergio who finished second, and Larron who ended up finishing first to win the $4,000 dollar prize.

When Jorge was finally allowed to talk about him being on Tough As Nails, he teased on social media that he met these truly amazing people on this journey. He said real life, real people is what this show is all about and gushed that he had a blast filming and making this show happen with 11 of the toughest competitors in America.

A week prior to its release, he also teased the exclusive first 5 minutes of Tough As Nails Season 4 on his Facebook.

Does Jorge Zavala Have A Wife?

Not only Jorge Zavala has a wife, but together they even have kids. Her name is Joy Zavala and she is a nature lover and an adventure seeker, according to her Instagram @joy.p.z. From what she shares here, one can also tell that she is a great believer in God, a great mother, and an amazing wife.

It was not known when Jorge and Joy got married. But, they did open up about celebrating their anniversary on June 23rd. Also, there is a glimpse of them ending 2018 with a “bling” (getting engaged) on their social media.

Joy has always been a supportive wife. More recently, she has could be seen showing immense support for her husband as he competed for 200K in Tough As Nails.

On Mother’s Day, we caught Jorge writing “Happy Mothers Day to my amazing wifey.. our kids are lucky to have such an amazing mom!” next to lovely pictures of Joy and the kids.

Jorge Zavala and the family from their trip to Kauai in October 2022 (PIC: Instagram)

Together, the couple has two kids, and Joy alone also has a daughter from a previous relationship. And that now makes them a family of five. “Ezzie” Ezra Jorge Zavala was born first on 17 February 2020. His IG @ezra.jorge.z was handled by his parents. And here, they mentioned a few things about him. Like, he is an avid Dodger fan, a car, train, and plane enthusiast, and he likes to laugh. The youngest Niomie Lake Zavala was born on 28 June 2022. There is also an IG account (@niomie.lake.z) started just for her.

Then, there is Jhenae, Joy’s firstborn. On a private IG @jhenae.adriana, she turned 17 years old on 29 August 2022.

Jorge Zavala Age

Jorge Zavala was born in 1997. So, he turned 25 years old in 2022.

Jorge Zavala Job

Jorge Zavala is a concrete form setter and a union carpenter in association with Southwest Mountain States Regional Council of Carpenters. The union was seen supporting him for his recent stint on Tough As Nails. Sergio Robles, Jorge’s co-competitor on the show is also a member of this union.

According to, an average Concrete Form Setter in America made around $45,422 as of lately. Jorge’s earnings should be obviously more than that amount.

Also, previously Jorge pursued a career as a firefighter for some time.

Where Is Jorge Zavala From?

Jorge Zavala, who is fluent in Spanish and English languages, was born and brought up in West Covina, California. And in recent times, he had been calling Ontario, California his home.

Jorge Zavala Height

With looks no less than a gorgeous fashion model, Jorge Zavala stands below 5’11” in height.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Jorge Zavala’s Birthday?

Jorge Zavala’s birthday is in October. What day, it was not yet known.

  • Is Jorge Zavala On Instagram?

Jorge Zavala could be found on Instagram @jorgeezavala_ with 141 posts and 636 followers as of 24 January 2023.

He also showed occasional glimpses of his life on Facebook.

  • Who Are Jorge Zavala’s Parents?

Jorge Zavala’s father is no more. He was Jorge G. Zavala and he passed away at the age of 34 on 13 August 2009. Despite getting to spend very few years of his life with him, Jorge has memories of him to last him for a lifetime. He misses his presence even today and writes on social media about always looking up to him. He remembers him as someone who was always there for him, as someone who always wanted the best and worked hard to take care of his family. Today, he is also confident that his dad would be proud of the person he has become.

Jorge’s mother is Christina Carmen Zavala, AKA Christina Corona. She turned 45 in February 2022. Also, at this time, she was residing in Chino city at the western end of San Bernardino County, California.

Jorge also grew alongside his younger sister Carmen Zavala who turned 24 in 2022. He says he is so grateful that Carmen is an “amazing Tia” to Ezra and a great sister to him.

Other family members that we know of would be his aunt Ana Zavala, Cyn Zavala, and Elizabeth Zavala.

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