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Mister Frost Bio, Wife, Age, Job, Instagram, Tough As Nails

Season 4 of Tough as Nails kicked off with a special two-hour premiere on 4 January 2023 on CBS and introduced to viewers 12 new competitors. Mister Frost was one of them. So, we shall discuss him now in this writing called ‘Mister Frost Bio’.

Mister Frost On Tough As Nails

EW’s Tough As Nails which started with the S04 E01 filmed in southern California’s Catalina Island sees Mister Frost and the others race to replace old boat moorings.

The show proceeds as such that four of the crew members including a dry mason, a diesel technician, a concrete form setter, and a shipboard battle it out for the $200,000 grand prize. The two winners get to form the teams “Dirty Hands” and “Savage Crew”.

This first competition needed the contestants to replace a mooring system. Sergio finished in first place, and Mister finished in second place. So, Sergio and Mister got to pick who would be on the two teams. Mister was left with the team name “Savage Crew”. And while he picked Ilima, Laura, Larron, Renee, and Jake, Sergio favored Beth, Jorge, Aly, Ellery, and Synethia.

Until the 18 January 2023 episode, Mister was still in the competition and not eliminated. During individual competition, he even had come third after Sergio who finished second, and Larron who ended up finishing first to win the $4,000 dollar prize. Also, when Mister was finally allowed to talk about it, he teased on social media that he did one of the best highlights of his life going on this show called Tough As Nails. “What a blast it was!!” he wrote urging people to watch him on the show.

Eliminators over the season so far include Synethia Bland, Renee Kolar, and Aly Bala.

Tough As Nails also features host/showrunner, Phil Keoghan.

Mister Frost Age

Mister Frost was born in 1985. So, he turned 37 years old in 2022.

Where Is Mister Frost From?

It appears Mister Frost has been a native of Spencer, Oklahoma all his life till now. It’s his hometown and if you need to know, the city is a historic community located just east of the North Canadian River.

Mister Frost Wife

Mister Frost has been married to beautiful Jeree Frost since 19 May 2017. Until the time of this writing, one could not tell much about Jeree as even her IG @jereefrost was kept private.

Anyway, we have come to know that together Mister and his wife also have three beautiful kids: a son and two daughters.

Mister Frost and the family as seen in 2016 (PIC: Instagram)

TJ, their oldest son, turned 16 years old on 29 December 2022. “You may get a little taller than me but you better know that doesn’t mean a thing…Lol”, Mister gushed on his birthday last year. Just until September 2022, Mister was proud of TJ for attempting mutton busting. The happy dad also recalled how his own “daddy” used to take him to rodeos when he was the same.

After TJ, Mister and his wife welcomed their second child, a daughter, on 14 November 2007. She turned 15 in 2022.

The youngest of all is Naomi and she turned 7 years old on 21 August 2022.

Mister is really fond of all his kids and therefore often shows them off on his social media. He always encourages them to keep up the good work, keep pushing for their dreams, and never give up on what makes them happy. In the meantime, he says, he is always there for them.

Mister Frost Job

Mister Frost has been the owner of MF Industrial Designs since 22 April 2017. The company’s services include designs, layouts, and installs.

A self-proclaimed problem solver, solver, strategist, and entrepreneur, Mister also has continued performing welding and fabrication as a pipefitter at Union Pipefitter – 344 (since 1 January 2006).

On his LinkedIn, Mister describes how in 15 years of being a Union Blue-collar worker, what he learned was more than a paycheck. It was, he said, more about understanding blueprints, fabrication techniques, mechanical piping systems layout, copper soldering, brazing, and stainless steel tube bending.

So, in his career, Mister has involved himself in many projects for the mechanical installation of steel piping for commercial and industrial job sites, including colleges, universities, hospitals, and industrial power plants.

And more recently, he claimed to be taking his craft in a personal direction, acclimating new modern product designs in the industrial field. Intertwining his mechanical experience as well as his woodworking knowledge, he was planning to bring new design products to the Industrial sector.

Mister acquired an associate’s degree in Construction Trades from 2006 until 2011 at Jatc local 344 pipefitters. Then, in 2020, he also completed a Professional Development, Architecture, and Urban Planning course at edX.

Is Mister Frost On Instagram?

Yes. Mister Frost could be found on Instagram @mf.industrial where there were 99 posts and 1,160 followers as of 23 January 2023.

He also separately ran ‘MF Industrial Designs’ and ‘Mister Frost’ accounts on Facebook,

Mister Frost Siblings

Mister Frost has two sisters. Kia Henderson (Henderson), residing in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, is his big sister. Just recently, on 10 January 2023, on her birthday, he appreciated her for being the protector over him and their little sister Kayla Felix (Frost). The seemingly proud and loving brother said Kia is always looking out for everyone and is so deserving of anything she wants.

Speaking of Kayla, she studied Community Health at the University of Central Oklahoma and Star Spencer High School. She celebrates her birthday on September 17th.

Related FAQs

  • How Tall Is Mister Frost?

Big and strong appearing Mister Frost stands around 5’10” in height.

  • When Is Mister Frost’s Birthday?

Mister Frost’s birthday is on March 14th and that makes him Pisces with great intelligence and profound creative insight.

  • Who Are Mister Frost’s Parents?

Mister Frost’s father is Rickey Frost, a former alum of Idabel Gray High School and a proud native of Idabel, Oklahoma. With his dad, Mister said they can ride all around the world or can just sit in the backyard and joke around. Mister also can not thank his dad enough for always being constantly dependable and a great father overall.

Mister is also just as proud and fond of his mother, Adrenia Frost. “It’s a Queens birthday!!”, he can be seen raving about her “momma” often, especially on her birthday on March 26th. She turned 60 in 2022 and Mister gushed that he is blessed to have her as a great mother and friend. He said among other things, she has taught him and his sisters what it’s like to be family oriented.

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