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Josh Eilers Bio, Age, Girlfriend, Height, Career, Queer Eye

Meet Josh Eilers, one of the 10 heroes of Netflix’s ‘Queer Eye’ Season 6. Here, you’ll discover information related to his age, girlfriend, height, and his career.

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Josh Eilers On Queer Eye

Josh Eilers is one of the 10 heroes featured in season 6 of Netflix’s ‘Queer Eye’. He was the star of episode 3, ‘No More Bull’ and all Fab 5 got to work to transform his life. Josh owned Ranger Cattle where he grew Wagyu beef, one of the most expensive kinds. When the Fab 5 arrived, Josh was drinking beer before noon and Tan complimented that Josh spoke like actor Matthew McConaughey.

First thing first everyone agreed that Josh’s hair needed to be washed.

In addition, Antoni Porowski, food and wine expert; Tan France, fashion expert; Karamo Brown, culture expert; Bobby Berk, design expert; and Jonathan Van Ness, grooming expert all of the fab 5 got into work immediately.

As it turned out, Josh’s ex-girlfriend Kayla was the one who nominated him to appear on the show.

Josh Eilers Girlfriend

Josh Eilers and his now ex-girlfriend Kayla were in love. But, it appears they are no longer together and nothing on their social media suggested that they are still together. Nevertheless, when they were together they were in a serious relationship. Josh had revealed on the show that they had discussed the prospect of getting married but sharing wedding vows, it never happened.

Culture expert, Karamo expressed, “you said that Kayla was the right woman at the wrong time?”

Josh told the experts that the split was “weight on his heart”. On Ranger Cattle’s Facebook page, Kayla appeared in April 2021, so it is assumed that they are still close.

At the end of the episode, Josh made an effort to come to terms with what it means to love others as well as himself. They had a romantic dinner in the last episode, and Josh thought it would be better to apologize to her for not treating her the way she should’ve been treated and giving attention to other women.

Kayla accepted the apology and the two of them seemed as if they rekindled their relationship.

However, Josh made a recent post with another woman named Jennifer Tweedy. They could be friends but the nature of their relationship is not clear. To talk about Jennifer, she currently works as the Vice President of Cattle Operations at Mishima Reserve Wagyu Beef. She started her job in October 2021.

Moreover, she has also been working as Livestock Production Manager at Mishima Reserve Wagyu Beef since May 2015.

Before joining Mishima Reserve, Jennifer worked for Leachman Cattle Co LLC as an Administrative Assistant and Assistant Ranch Manager at Hiatt Farms. Jennifer graduated from Colorado State University with a Bachelor of Applied Science.

How Old Is Josh Eilers?

Josh Eilers was 32 year years old at the time of the filming of the show in 2021.

How Tall Is Josh Eilers?

Josh Eilers stands tall to the height under 5 feet 11 inches.

Josh Eilers Career

Before establishing Ranger Cattle, Josh Eilers served in the U.S. Army. He graduated from the world-famous U.S. Army Ranger course which is considered one of the toughest leadership-focused training courses around the world and the premier leadership course in the U.S. military. He served as a sergeant working as a team leader in the U.S. Army’s elite First Ranger Battalion.

Serving in the military, Josh honed his leadership techniques by leading his team of Rangers on hundreds of special operation missions involving high-value targets throughout Iraq and Afghanistan. He served in the military from 2006 to 2010.

But, after the end of his military career, Josh ensured that his company specialized in producing some of the highest-quality full-blood Wagyu genetics in the world with the help of modern science with innovation. The company shares a passion for the progress of modern livestock operations and dedicates to further improving the quality of the Wagyu herd one animal at a time.

Speaking about his company, Ranger Cattle provides high-quality, pasture-raised Wagyu beef. The company’s herd is completely free from harmful additives and hormones and also free ranges as the cattle graze over 3000 acres. The company believes that these intangible factors make the beef the most consistently high-quality Wagyu beef available.

Although Josh dared for challenges he admitted that COVID-19 affected on a whole new level. He told Spectrum Local News, “I spent 10 years building this company, and I put my life savings from the military into it, and it seems like overnight it’s pretty much gone”. He added further, “With the closing of restaurants, well, that was our main source of income so that essentially just left us in a week, so it’s been devastating to our operation.”

So, Josh shifted his focus to individual customers as restaurants canceled their orders.

Moving on to his education, Josh graduated from The University of Texas at Austin with a Bachelor’s degree in Biology in 2014.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Josh Eilers Birthday?

Josh Eilers hasn’t revealed his birthday.

  • Where Is Josh Eilers From?

Josh is currently based in Austin, Texas.

  • Has Josh Eilers Revealed His Family Members?

The only thing that Josh shared about his relatives is he was never born into a family with a cattle business and he didn’t study agriculture to hop into the cattle business.

  • Is Josh Eilers On Instagram, Facebook?

Josh’s personal IG is (@bcoranger). He also runs Ranger Cattle’s social (Facebook – @RangerCattle and Instagram – @rangercattle).

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