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Josh Wardle Bio, Age, Net Worth, Wife, Creator Of Wordle

Meet Josh Wardle, creator of the internet’s addictive new word game ‘Wordle’. The game, which Josh initially created for his partner, is now turning into a household game. So, who is this creator? What is his age? Is he dating or does he have a wife?

We address it all in this Josh Wardle Bio. So scroll down to learn more.

Meet Josh Wardle, Creator Of The Viral World Game Wordle

Brooklyn-based software engineer Josh Wardle created a word game for his partner Palak Shah for just the two of them. As a word-play, he named the game ‘Wordle.’ The couple played for months and the game became a compulsion in his family’s WhatsApp group after he introduced the game to his relatives.

In October 2021, after realizing that he might be onto something, Josh released the game to the world. In November 2021, the game which went public was played by 90 people. Two months after, over $300 thousand people played the game.

Talking about the game. it invites players to guess a five-letter word similarly to the guess-the-color game Mastermind. Then the game instructs you whether any of your letters were in the secret word and whether they were in the correct place. A player gets six tries to get it right.

The best thing about the game is, there are no popping ads or flashing banners.

Josh had also previously crated two collaborative social experiments on the site, called The Button (2015) and Place (2017).

As for the backstory, Wordle’s prototype was created in 2013. He presented the idea to his friends and was discarded. During the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, he and Palak delved into the New York Times Spelling Bee and the daily crossword. So, his creativity to create something fun manifested into ‘Wordle’.

The game limits one play a day for each player. Also, Wordle could not share results until mid-December.

Josh Wardle Age

As of Jan 2022, Josh Wardle is over 36 years old.

Josh Wardle Wife

Josh Wardle doesn’t seem to be married. But, he is in a relationship with his girlfriend, Ms. Palak Shah, a Gujurati woman from India. She also played a huge role in creating the game and getting it ready for the public. She helped sort the nearly 12000 obscure five-letter words which would’ve been near impossible to guess.

The words then narrowed down to 2500, which should last for a year. Palak shared that she wakes up with a new routine that warms up with the Spelling Bee which gets her mind right for the Wordle. Although her partner Josh created the ‘Wordle’ in public she is happy that he created the game for her.

“It’s really sweet,” Palak told New York Times. “This is definitely how Josh shows his love.”

Not much detail has been shared about their relationship.

How Much Is Josh Wardle Net Worth?

Josh Wardle should have a net worth of $800 thousand.

Josh started his career as a technical assistant at Century Films Ltd where he worked for a year from 2007-2008. From 2008 to 2011, he worked as GTF at the University of Oregon. After leaving the university, he worked as an office artist for Reddit, Inc until April 2014. After that, he was promoted to Senior Product Manager.

In that role, Josh shipped community features including Reddit’s spoiler system, community messaging system, and user themes. He also shipped multiple platform improvements including image previews, Reddit’s first A/B test, Reddit Live, and Reddit’s email notification system.

Josh also coded and shipped several changes including an A/B experiment for the post submission flow and a bulk-messaging tool for internal use. Work done in Python and Javascript.

From September 2017 – April 2018, Josh served as an advisor at Reddit, Inc.

After that, Josh left to pursue a career as a software engineer at Pinterest. There, he worked from March 2018 to January 2020. In January 2020, he returned to Reddit Inc. as a software engineer and has been working for the company ever since.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Josh Wardle From?

Josh Wardle, hailing from England, is a British software engineer residing in Brooklyn, New York.

  • Who Are Josh Wardle’s Parents And Siblings?

Josh Wardle is private about his personal life. He hasn’t shared much about his parents and his siblings as of this moment. He isn’t active on social media and is only on Twitter. So, details on his family remain under wrap as of this writing.

  • Where Did Josh Wardle Recieve His Education?

Josh attended Royal Holloway, the University of London in 2003. He graduated with BA in Media Arts as of 2006. After that, he attended the University of Oregon where he studied Digital Arts and earned his MFA in 2011.

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