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Meet Palak Shah, Wordle Creator Josh Wardle Girlfriend!

Meet Palak Shah, girlfriend of “Wordle” Creator Josh Wardle. She played a significant role in the creation of the game; thus, she is deserving of attention like her boyfriend. This article covers Palak’s job and her contribution to the creation of the game. Recently when the game was sold to New York Times for 1 million, the creator couple became millionaires out of something they had created out of fun during a lockdown.

Learn more about Palak in this article. Keep on scrolling while the information unfolds.

Meet Palak Shah, Wordle Creator Josh Wardle Girlfriend

Palak Shah is the girlfriend of viral internet game “Wordle” creator Josh Wardle. It was the love for word games of Palak that inspired the creation of “Wordle” in the first place. Josh had initially created the word game for Palak for just the two of them to play. The couple played for months and the game became a habit in his family’s WhatsApp group.

Josh Wardle and Palak haven’t married yet and not much is known about their dating life. However, Palak played a huge role in creating the game and getting it ready for the public. Furthermore, she helped sort nearly 12000 obscure five-letter words which would’ve been near impossible to guess.

Palak’s contribution helped narrow it down to 2500, which should last for a year. Josh’s girlfriend shared that she wakes up with a new routine that warms up with the Spelling Bee which gets her mind right for the Wordle. Although the ‘Wordle’ game is public now and New York Times recently bout it she is happy that her boyfriend created the game for her.

“It’s really sweet,” Palak told New York Times. “This is definitely how Josh shows his love.”

The game was recently sold by the creators for $1 million.

About Palak and Josh’s relationship, one Twitter user wrote, “Imagine Palak Shah’s random aunty finding out about her relationship from the Tabloids. Good job @powerlanguish you’ve sent a new standard for Indian parents to expect from engineering boys. #IdealSharmaJiKaBeta #wordle #NYTimes”.

Palak Shah Age

About her age, Palak Shah should be at least 32 years old as of this writing in 2022.

Palak Shah Job

Palak Shah started her career working as a Fundraising and Development Assistant for Goldman School of Public Policy in September 2008 in Berkley, California. While there, she also joined Ghana Aids Commission in September 2010 as an intern. After four months of internship, Palak kept working in Goldman School of Public Policy till May 2011.

After that, Palak joined Webster Pacific LLC as Associate Consultant and worked till August 2013 in San Francisco, California. In September 2013, she joined Oakland Unified School District as an education pioneers analyst fellow at Oakland Unified School District. After 11 months working in that role, Palak became a strategic analyst in August 2014.

Her job continued there till June 2015.

By, the time she had left, Palak had joined KIKOKO as Finance & Strategy Consultant in August 2015. Then in July 2016, she also landed the job of strategy consultant at Stuart Foundation. Palak worked for Stuart Foundation till June 2018. While there, she produced a 10-year retrospective grants impact analysis and report. She also created “State of the State” California education policy, landscape, and data analysis.

Meanwhile, Palak had been working in KIKOKO and worked till April 2019. She built a comprehensive five-year financial forecast model, including cash flow; balance sheet; profit & loss statement; staffing model; and, COGS and margins analysis. She drove and secured Series Seed investment raise of $2M and Series A raise of $10M.

From December 2019 to June 2021, Palak worked as Strategy & Communications Consultant in Berkeley Unified School District. During that period, she developed hybrid learning schedules, external communications, and surveys, and supported Superintendent and key staff with responses to COVID-19. Palak also managed hybrid learning schedules, external communications, and surveys, and supported Superintendent and key staff with responses to COVID-19.

As of this writing, Palak has been working for College Track as Salesforce & Data Consultant since July 2016. She joined Oakland Thrives as Strategy Consultant in March 2020. Furthermore, she has been working as Strategy Consultant at Palak Shah Consulting LLC since 2015.

Is Palak Shah On Instagram?

Palak Shah might be on several social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook but it was hard to track down her social media platforms.

Related FAQs

  • What Is Palak Shah’s Nationality?

Pala Shah is American by nationality. But, she is of Indian-American ethnicity. Online sources revealed she is a Gujarati woman.

  • Where Did Palak Shah Recieve Her Education?

About her academic qualifications, Palak holds a Bachelor’s Degree from the University of California, Berkeley in Economics; Global Poverty & Practice in 2011. She also boasts about her volunteer experience at Boost! West Oakland as Mentor since January 2014.

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