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Josh Wilder Bio, Age, Partner, Height, Family, Survivor 44

Josh Wilder wasn’t supposed to live up to age six, let alone be a contender on Survivor 44. But since he’s defied the odds, thanks to a life-saving transplant, he’s here to inspire the world on overcoming adversity.

This Josh Wilder Bio explores his life.

Josh Wilder On Survivor 44

Josh Wilder joined Survivor 44 to fulfill his adventurous side. When he was born, Josh was diagnosed with a congenital deformity called prune belly syndrome (where basically his kidneys weren’t fully functioning). But thankfully, he got a kidney transplant when he was nine years old from Kristen Reagle, an adventurous and outdoor personal.

“She was just a really bubbly person. So I’m doing this for her. And for my family. And just because I love Survivor and it’s the best game show ever,” he explained.

Thus, after watching the show for over 22 years, he applied for Survivor 44 noting he was “in a good place in life.” Initially, it was just a “let me just try this, take the plunge,” kind of thing. But once he found out he would actually be on the show, in preparation, he learned how to open coconuts, fillet a fish, and make fire. He even started consuming more protein and bulking up to prepare for the severe lack of food he was about to have on the Fijian island where the show was filmed.

Beyond the obvious goal of winning the title of Sole Survivor and the $1 million prize, one of Josh’s dreams was to meet host Jeff Probst, which he did. “It was like first seeing him on the beach was a wow moment. I’m here, seeing the cameras was surreal. So seeing him, talking to him, and living in his aura was great,” he recalled.

Now, talking about Josh’s time on the show, he was a member of the Tika tribe. Sadly, he lost an immunity challenge on the fifth episode of Survivor and used his immunity idol and saved himself. But at Tika camp, he was still playing the fake idol card (lying about having another immunity idol in his pocket) and ignoring Yam Yam’s apology.

However, Josh and Yam Yam were indeed bonding over their experiences as members of the LGBTQ community. But this could just be a part of Yam Yam’s strategy to get Josh on his side to vote out Carolyn.

On the other side, Danny and Brandon were also discussing their interest in aligning with Josh in the future to keep the muscle together — which Carolyn was aware of. Thus, she wanted Yam Yam to vote Josh out.

Josh Wilder Age

Josh Wilder was 34 years of age when he appeared on Survivor 44 in 2023.

He is two years younger than Yam Yam.

Josh Wilder Family

Josh Wilder loved his family to the moon but he never dared to come out of the closet. Thus, it was only after they moved away from their hometown, Josh told his single mother Michelle Marie Tarpley about his sexuality and she cried all day.

But the next day, Josh’s mother came around and told him, “This doesn’t change anything,” and all was well.

As for his siblings, Josh has two brothers named Kevyn and Jeryd Wilder.

Josh Wilder Job

Josh Wilder might have said he was a personal trainer on Survivor 44, but that was just to make himself appear less of a threat. His real job is that of a surgical podiatrist. In 2023, he was working as a Foot and Ankle Surgeon at Ankle & Foot Centers of America for over 2 ½ years.

Prior to that, he worked as a Foot and Ankle Surgical Fellow at Emory Saint Joseph’s Hospital for a year and as Surgical Resident at The Western Pennsylvania Hospital for 3 years.

Also, before all this, Josh worked at Buffalo Wild Wings after graduating from  Princeton High School. Then, in 2006, he enrolled for a Bachelor of Arts in Biology/Biological Sciences, General, at Washington & Jefferson College. And after he finished his degree in 2010, he attended the Kent State University College of Podiatric Medicine for his DPM (Doctor of Podiatric Medicine) from 2012 to 2016.

Josh Wilder Height

Josh Wilder stands tall at a height of under 6 feet (183 cm).

His distinct features include — an oval face, a beautiful smile, and a tattoo on his back.

Also, he has surgery marks on his belly from the time he had his entire stomach removed (thanks to stomach cancer and B-cell lymphoma) during his first year of medical school.

Josh Wilder Partner

Not confirmed, but Josh Wilder did seem to have a partner. He was featured on Josh’s FB quite a few times. The last we saw the pair was in March 2022 when they competed in a Sporting Event together.

But though we don’t know the name of Josh’s current partner, his ex-boyfriend is named Corey Brill. The two were an item from 2013 to 2015.

Corey was also often featured on Josh’s FB.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Josh Wilder From?

Josh hails from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. But he calls Springdale, Arkansas his hometown.

Now, as of 2023, he lives in Atlanta, Georgia.

  • When Is Josh Wilder Birthday?

Josh receives his birthday wishes on April 1 and is of the Aries zodiac.

  • Is Josh Wilder On Instagram And Facebook?

Find him on Facebook @wilderdpm.

Also, here’s his Facebook @josh.wilder.9 and Twitter @letsgetwilder88.

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