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Joshua Albanese Bio, Age, Job, IG, Caitlin V Neal Husband

Good S*x host and s*x coach Caitlin V Neal helps people gain confidence and improve s*xual performance and in turn, helps improve the quality of their marriage life. She tells people that the rewarding part of her job is seeing transformation in people’s lives. But clearly, years of expertise have also aided her in her own marriage as she makes the happiest of the husband-wife pair with Joshua Albanese.

Now, in this ‘Joshua Albanese Bio’ let’s dive deep into who Joshua is, his age, job, life as Caitlin V Neal’s husband, and more.

Meet Joshua Albanese, Discover Plus Good S*x Star Caitlin V Neal Husband

Joshua Albanese is not only loving and caring but also a very supportive husband.

On 20 August 2022, when he took to Facebook to talk about Caitlin’s new TV show on Discovery+, he seemed as much elated as Caitlin. And the way he put it, it looked like he too had worked on the show.

Joshua explained that until the time of its release, Good S*x had been through 3 years in the making. He thanked everyone for all the support and said he and the team have screened them so well that they are spicy and so good.

Anyway, Joshua and Caitlin tied the knot on 23 April 2018 having known each other for quite some time. They likely started going out in 2015.

Caitlin does not say much about her personal life, but she sure does share pictures with Joshua on social media from time to time. And every time she does that she can not stop gushing about him. Of all things, she is thankful that Joshua showed her what true partnership is,  for loving her unconditionally, and simply blessing her with his grace and patience every day. She is confident that she is a better, wiser, more loving human because of him.

Joshua Albanese Age

Born in 1982, Joshua R Albanese reached the age of 40 in 2022.

Joshua Albanese Job

In Joshua’s simpler words, he makes people look good online and in exchange gets paid.

But LinkedIn puts his job a bit differently and systematically.

He has taken thousands of portraits and headshots in his career. And currently (as of 2022) he was commented with JA Headshots as their owner and headshot photographer (since July 2017). All along, Joshua also continued to create trend-setting, modern photographs that reflect the luxury brands of today with his very own and original Joshua Albanese Photography.

What’s more, Joshua continued to oversee BPP coaching with his wife. While IMDB also credited him (as a cinematographer) for a couple of projects including the 2014’s The Break-Up and Bad Service.

Back in the day, from 2004 – 2006, Joshua studied Photography and Acting at Indiana University Northwest. It is said, he learned the art of the headshot from his acting background.

Is Joshua Albanese On IG And Facebook?

Joshua Albanese could be found on IG @joshuaalbanese. There were 314 posts and 5,479 followers on it as of 20 August 2022. And a quote on its BIO read “Love my family. Love my life, Love my friends. Love my cats. Making this world a better place.” While his Facebook account, he proclaimed it to be a blend of photography and positivity.

He also had his commercial portrait photography displayed on Pinterest @joshuaalbanese.

Joshua Albanese Family

Joshua Albanese’s mother, Debra E Albanese turned 65 in September 2021. And his dad, Scott A Albanese reached the age of 69 in April 2022.

As of 2022, these folks were occupying Crown Point city in the county seat of Lake County, Indiana.

Joshua’s dad is the proud owner of Albanese Confectionery Group. To him, Scott says, his company’s gummi bears and chocolate treats may as well be gourmet food. The patriarch’s perspective on food has carried the family-owned company to innovation, growth, and recognition since launching in 1983 as a startup company in Northwest Indiana. It is today a 350,000-square-foot factory with sophisticated automation.

Also today, it was said Scott and his wife Debbie are semi-retired and are passing the baton to daughters Tess, Bethany, and Dominique Albanese as part of a 10-year succession plan. For some reason, Joshua was not in the picture.

Joshua also proudly mentioned his cousin Glenn Albanese last year in July when he was drafted by Los Angeles Angels.

Joshua Albanese Height

Not only good-looking but also very stylish appearing husband of Cailin stands below 5’11” tall.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Joshua Albanese’s Birthday?

Joshua Albanese loves birthdays. In 2021 when he celebrated one on March 30th, he shared how his 39 years on this planet have been wonderful. By the look of the pictures he later posted on social media, he indeed seemed to have ended the overall “serious year” (2021) well with some silliness.

  • Where Is Joshua Albanese From?

Joshua Albanese was based around Chicago, Illinois with Caitlin and their two cats (as of 2022).

His family has an Italian background. He once poetically wrote on Facebook that he feels at home in the hills in the marine layer over Los Angeles. Then, he also subtly mentioned that his ancestors lived in the hills of northern Italy for centuries, working and tilling the land for food.

Joshua’s grandfather, Richard Albanese, formerly of Dolton, Illinois was raised in Chicago, (Roseland) IL. And when he passed at the age of 88 in August 2017 he had been dwelling in Crown Point, Indiana.

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