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Joshua Christian Bio, Age, Job, Instagram, Taylor Swift Stalker

Joshua Christian, a Brooklyn man, has been ordered to stay away from singer Taylor Swift. He allegedly stalked the Love Story songstress at her Tribeca home and “across multiple states”. He was reportedly busted on Friday and charged with stalking and criminal trespass, the NYPD said.

PageSix reported that Joshua went to Taylor’s Franklin Street properties in March and last month, police said. A prosecutor contended at Christian’s arraignment Saturday night in Manhattan criminal court, “The defendant has not only repeatedly shown up to Ms. Swift’s home here in New York but has traveled to her home in Tennessee as well”.

According to the assistant district attorney, Joshua Christian allegedly shouted something on June 12 into Swift’s Tribeca Franklin Street home’s intercom., “You’re dead you know. You’re holding her prisoner and I need to set her free”.

Christian, wearing a white ensemble from head to toe with a matching mask, had a conversation with his lawyer, prompting the judge to hold over the case until night court started, the news outlet said.

The prosecutor added, “The people are also investigating an additional incident of stalking and are awaiting video surveillance to confirm the defendant’s identity”.

Meet Joshua Christian, Taylor Swift Alleged Stalker

According to police, Christian Taylor entered 153 Franklin St. on March 26 through an unlocked door and stayed there “illegally,” according to PageSix. The accused stalker fled the property, where Taylor owns an $18 million townhouse, after being confronted by security, police said.

Judge Eric Schumacher gave Christian a complete order of protection by keeping away from the “Shake It Off” singer.

Judge Schumacher set Christian’s bond at $1 but incarcerated him without it after he fled from an arrest for dangerous driving in Florida. In that matter, he has a court date set for July 28. Christian, who had long brown hair that was flowing and was dressed in a white shirt, white slacks, and black shoes, started ranting against his Legal Aid attorney during the proceedings.

“I am a Christian scientist,” he yelled. “I don’t desire this individual to represent me. This is the worst miscarriage of justice since the crucifiction of Christ Jesus. I am representing myself.”

Joshua also demanded to ditch his court-appointed defense lawyer and instead represent himself. At one point he turned to the courtroom and said, “Are you all the biggest jokers in history or actually real? Prove you’re real. Prove you’re real”.

Joshua was previously arrested in Florida for “reckless driving” and did not waive his extradition back there to answer the warrant.

Taylor’s owns numerous units in Tribeca home on Franklin Street. He was also the target of Christian’s stalking spree twice in recent months. In the second incident, which happened just last month, Christian allegedly broke into the 155 Franklin Street building and allegedly threatened a 32-year-old woman over the intercom, according to police, The Post reported.

It’s not the first time Swift has become a stalker’s target. In 2018, a man allegedly broke into her Tribeca townhouse and dozed off, according to authorities. The same year, according to CBS News, authorities detained a Colorado man outside a Beverly Hills residence owned by Taylor. He carried a knife, rope, and ammo.

Does Joshua Christian Have Mental Health Issues?

According to PageSix, Joshua Christian’s lawyer reportedly asked for a psychiatric and mental evaluation.

Likewise, a man who worked at the Peoples Organic Market and Juice Bar. He added Christian seemed as if he had “mental problems”. The worker, who gave his name as Mo, said “I ask him a question like if he needs a bag or something and he says ‘I’m over it'”.

One woman, Michelle Yang, who works at the Wing Hang Chinese restaurant near Christian’s home, said he was a regular customer who likes lo mein. “He’s pretty quiet. He doesn’t really talk that much,” Michelle added. “Usually he’s just out and would walk his dog by himself. It’s pretty bizarre because he was pretty normal, just maybe quiet”.

Joshua Christian Age

At the time of the arrest, Joshua Christian was 35 years old.

Joshua Christian Job

Currently, at the time of this writing, Joshua Christian’s job or employment situation is unclear. However, some of his claims at the court reveal that he seems linked to some church.

Is Joshua Christian On Instagram?

No, Joshua Christian is not available on Instagram. In addition, she doesn’t seem to be on any other social media platforms.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Joshua Christian From?

According to the report of Page Six, Joshua Christian hailed from Crown Heights, Brooklyn, New York.

  • How Tall Is Joshua Christian?

Joshua Christian stands tall above the height under 6 feet.

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