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Joshua Walbolt Bio, Age, Wife, Family, Hulu Secret Chef

Joshua Walbolt is a contestant on Hulu’s newest cooking competition show Secret Chef which premiered on 29 June 2023. He is a private chef who attended the Culinary Institute of America. He dropped out after 8 months, but his passion for cooking stayed with him for good.

Joshua has a special fondness for Southeast Asian cuisine.

In the waiting below, let’s explore more of his stories, both personal and professional.

Joshua Walbolt On Hulu Secret Chef Season 1

The premise of Hulu Secret Chef Season 1 is such that the ten players in the show all have varying degrees of skill in the kitchen. Some are professional chefs, some home cooks, and some social media influencer chefs. But, no one in the competition is aware of anyone else’s skill set, they are worked out in discreet, isolated kitchens so that anonymity can be maintained amongst the cast. And so, they all judge each other’s dishes blind, deciding whose is the best and who is sent home based on the presentation and flavor of the plate alone.

So, in case Joshua Walbolt turns out to be the winner, he is taking home the winning prize: $100,000.

Anyway, all that is understood thus far is that Joshua has been really excited about his cooking journey on a TV reality show.

Joshua Walbolt Career

Joshua Walbot had not one, not two, but multiple cooking jobs as of July 2023. Since July 2020, he has continued being the chef/owner of Lovefoodmore in Union Township, Union County, New Jersey. Here, he is more of a chef content creator hosting pop-ups, private food events, and farmers markets, and curator of Asian-inspired hot sauces at “Baby Daddy’s Hot Sauce”.

LoveFoodMore started off as a meme and turned into so much more. It is now not only out there as a newly rebranded podcast but also as a merch store.

Since 24 October 2019, he also has continued being the Chef de Partie at Eleven Madison Park New York, New York.

At UniTea Cafe & Catering in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Joshua has continued being the chef/owner since 19 June 2019, and at Golden Valley, Minnesota’s Lat14 Asian Eatery, he has been the chef de cuisine since 20 August 2018.

Formerly, he cooked at Bellecour Bakery in Wayzata, Minnesota, at Lemongrass Thai Restaurant in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and at Morimoto Asia and Disney’s Contemporary Resort in Lake Buena Vista, Florida.

Between November 2009 and May 2012, Joshua also danced and taught dance to kids at Showcase Dance in Elk River, Minnesota. He did Hip Hop dancing mostly. This was when he went to Elk River High SchoolElk River High School for his diploma (2008 – 2012).

Joshua Walbolt Age

Joshua Walbolt was born in 1993. So, he reached the age of 29 in 2022.

Where Is Joshua Walbolt From?

Joshua Walbolt originally hails from either Bowling Green, Ohio, or Anoka, Minnesota.

He moved to Orlando, Florida in 2013 and again to Apple Valley, Minnesota in 2017. As of 2023 though, he and the family had been residing in Springfield, New Jersey.

Joshua Walbolt Family

Both Joshua’s parents are accomplished people. His father Pete Walbolt has always been an entrepreneur at heart. He worked long hours to help improve the bottom line of the companies he worked for in the past. Today, he is the owner of GDB Biz Solutions. Before, he worked in information technology, database development, and application development at RR Donnelley. Formerly, he also was a database developer, also worked in customer service, and tech support at Banta Corporation. The patriarch is from Bowling Green, Ohio, and there, he attended Bowling Green High School and Bowling Green State University.

As for Rothana Seng, AKA Rothana T Walbolt, Joshua’s mom, she is from Cambodia and she is the CEO/founder of Nusia Foods LLC and co-founder of Freezestax. She also has varied experience as the co-founder of the first Khmer Classical Dance Group. As a volunteer teacher, she has taught Cambodia Classical Dance at Edison High School in Minneapolis. While as a Red Rose Production event manager, she toured major cities setting up and managing content events with sponsored overseas entertainers. She turned 56 in September 2022.

The matriarch is also very proud of herself for having been a tireless community advocate for the Mn Cambodia Communities.

For siblings, Joshua has a sister and a brother. The former is Chandra Walbolt, an Austin, Texas dweller who turned 27 on 10 Oct 2022. His brother Benjamin Walbolt is a musician and he became 31 on 21 December 2022.

Joshua Walbolt Wife

Joshua Walbolt’s wife is Jennalyn Faith (on IG They have been married since 12 August 2018 and together since even long before.

From the look at their social media posts alone, one can tell just how incredible they are as partners and parents of two kids. The two of them have almost regularly appreciated each other for their support. About his wife, for instance, Joshua has said she is the “structure” of a lot of his enterprises. From private chef events to market and pop-ups it would not have been where it is today without her, he has said. Over 10 years in this business together, he said, they have grown into a family, an empire with physical products, digital assets, and a team of “mini” him’s.

Just lately, on 20 January 2023, while wishing his “ride or die wifey” a ‘happy birthday’ Joshua confessed, “There’s no one else I’d rather feast on the joys of life with than with you.”

Joshua’s both babies have their own separate IG accounts. Jaeden Avery can be found @baby.j.avery and Josalyn Mila @baby.j.mila. Josalyn was born on 4 October 2022 and Jaeden on 20 February 2021.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Joshua Walbolt Birthday?

Joshua Walbolt’s birthday is in September. On what day exactly, was not known though.

  • Is Joshua Walbolt On Instagram?

Yes. Joshua Walbot can be found on Instagram. As of 2 July 2023, his IG @lovefoodmore included 1,361 posts
and 5,312 followers.

He also has been quite active on ‘Joshua Walbot’ Facebook in the past.

  • How Tall Is Joshua Walbolt?

Joshua Walbot stands above 5’10” in height.

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