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Raquel Madikians Bio, Age, Married, Dr Pimple Popper

Raquel Madikians has been friends with Dr. Pimple Popper Sandra Lee‘s best friend and esthetician, for over a decade now. Fans lately loved to see her appear on the TLC show Dr. Pimple Popper Season 9. Viewers especially loved the part where she gave Sandra a “lava” facial.

Now, in this writing, let us tell you more about Raquel and about her and Sandra’s womance.

Dr Pimple Popper: Meet Raquel Madikians, Sandra Lee’s Best Friend

Raquel Madikians is introduced on Dr. Pimple Popper show as an esthetician and as Sandra Lee‘s best friend. She was most recently seen putting a new facial on Sandra’s face, guiding her to leave what feels like ice cream on for 20 minutes.

Raquel on Dr Pimple Popper has also been co-hosting the new show, Popping Off, with Sandra on her YouTube channel.

Sandra is so fond of Raquel that she has even been seen wearing a “Raquel is my esthetician” hoodie. On her show, Dr. Sandra also talked about them being opposite and complementing each other “really well” despite that. “It’s like I’m the skin and she’s a moisturizer”, Sandra gushed.

The two met some eleven years ago at their kids’ school. Raquel describes it as “love at first sight”. While Sandra, while describing her friend as kind, loyal, beautiful, and smart said she has really kept Raquel “private”. They have been inseparable and have had only one fight in Palm Springs, in all these years.

In an episode of Good Morning Lala Land, when Sarah was invited as a guest she brought along with her Raquel and introduced her to the world saying she herself has learned a lot about life from her. She said she feels like Raqual also has so much to share with the world.

How Much Is Raquel Madikians Net Worth?

Raquel Madikians reportedly had above $700K net worth as of June 2023. If you also need to know, per, we can estimate that Raquel should be making $56,892 on average as her salary working as a medical esthetician in California.

Not long ago, she did her “dream” esthetician demo in Spanish, at RTC College. This, we learned from one of her “once a week” visits to Sandra’s office to get her Botox. The episode of her getting a Botox refresher involved an injectable cosmetic treatment.

So, Raquel is the owner of Rakel Esthetics. Here, she claims to provide high-quality and inexpensive products for fellow estheticians and beauty gurus, licensed or not, to purchase products. She launched the brand while studying to become an esthetician. She said being around so many inspiring women in esthetician school inspired her to create it.

At Rakel Esthetics, they sell a variety of face masks, from gold leaf to obsidian quartz masks, the latter of which is priced at $50. There are also products like jelly masks that she tried in front of the cameras on Sandra.

Back in the day, most likely, Raquel also worked as an office manager of NAFTA Distributors, which her husband also mentions as his employment place on LinkedIn. This was around the time when she was located in Ontario with her husband. She is said to have worked there also as a chief financial officer for more than 8 years.

Raquel Madikians Age

Raquel Madikians was born in 1980. So, she reached the age of 43 in 2023.

Raquel Madikians Family

Raquel Madikians’s maiden name is Raguel Sotelo. As for her family members/relatives, she is believed to be related to the likes of Florencia Castro, Pedro M Rodriguez, Jose Rodriguez, and Jose O Rodriguez. Also, there is someone named Victor M Sotelo of Merced, California who turned 48 in November 2022.

Back in May 2018 in South El Monte, California, Raquel and Sandra sponsored a Mother’s Day event for the South El Monte Family Center where their kids, including Raquel’s daughter Narineh Madikians, were also attendees.

Is Raquel Madikians Married?

Most recently on her and Sarah’s new show, Raquel got emotional and said Sandra was with her through her divorce, engagement, and more.

Before that, during her above-talked-about appearance on the Good Morning talk show, Raquel mentioned that her husband “is a really hardworking person”. So, until at least that time, Raquel had not already separated from her husband.

Per the records available on the internet, Raquel filed a divorce lawsuit against Samuel Madikians on 15 October 2020.

Raquel as of 2023 was based in Ontario, California and a year before in September he turned 62 years old. Per LinkedIn, he has been working in sales at Nafta Distributors since January 1993. While back in the day, he studied Business Administration and Management at Whittier College.

When they were still married, Raquel and Samuel co-owned a 1984-built 5,983 square feet property in Claremont, California. And until 2015, the property had an improvement value of $754,704.

Raquel Madikians Height

Beautiful Raquel Madikians with looks like a cover girl in magazines, stands above 5’5″ in height.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Raquel Madikians Birthday?

Raquel Madikians’ birthday is in January. On what day exactly was not known though.

  • Where Is Raquel Madikians From?

As of July 2023, Raquel Madikians had been residing in Claremont, California.

  • Is Raquel Madikians On Instagram?

Yes. Raquel Madikians can be found on Instagram as “Your Esthie Bestie Rakel”. As of 2 July 2023, her IG @_your_esthiebestie included 16 posts and 372 followers.

She also ran a separate handle @rakelesthetics (with 5,860 followers) for her brand RAKELesthetics. The company of beauty, cosmetic and personal care supplies also has Facebook and TikTok (@rakelesthetics) accounts.

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