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Juhie Faheem Bio, Ethnicity, Height, Boyfriend, Love Is Blind

When you’ve chosen an adventurous life, you’d definitely want someone with the same drive. And what better place than one of your adventures to find them? Juhie Faheem knew this! Thus, she joined Love Is Blind Season 2 to find that one person who’d synchronize with her.

This Juhie Faheem Bio explores her life.

Juhie Faheem On Love Is Blind Season 2

Finally, after 2 years hiatus, Netflix’s Love is Blind returned for its second installment on Feb 11, 2022, and it saw 30 singles (15 male and 15 female) including Juhie, ready to take their shots at love.

Just like the inaugural season, the show introduced the couples through their respective pods, unable to see each other, however, able to communicate as much as they want. So, once they’ve decided, the potential husband/wife would then embark on a trip to a romantic destination, and meet each other’s family before deciding if they want to get married in the final ep or not.

Super excited to see herself, Juhie took it to her IG on the day of the show’s premiere to write, “So excited to announce that I’m one of the Season 2 cast members of @loveisblindnetflix! Can’t wait for you to see if I was able to find love in this experiment.”

Also, the same day, Juhie made another IG post tagging most of her co-stars as “incredibly beautiful, talented, smart, caring,” and mentioned how the show was filled with “lots of love, and laugh.”

Overall, looking back at her journey, Juhie said that she felt “humbled” to be a cast of the popular reality dating show. The amount of love and support she received during her stint was just “incredible.”

Does Juhie Faheem Have A Boyfriend?

No, Juhie Faheem didn’t seem to have a boyfriend as of 2022. This also means that she wasn’t able to find love in Love is Blind.

However, the couples who did find their other half over the show were Nick and Danielle, Abhishek ‘Shake’ and Deepti, Kyle and Shaina, Shayne and Natalie, Salvador and Mallory, and Jarrette and Iyanna. (Half of them are already separated)

For those of you who’d rooted for Juhie, well, there’s no need to be disappointed. This was just the beginning for the star in her quest of finding that perfect man. She still wants “someone with drive, someone who is very kind and down to have an adventure” with her.

Maybe, there’s an even better adventure awaiting Juhie, where she’d meet her future boyfriend.

Who Are Juhie Faheem Family Members?

Juhie Faheem comes from a family of four — her parents Mohammed and Rizvana Faheem, and her sister Nuhie Faheem.

Reportedly, her parents were married back on 24 July 1983 and have cherished over 3 decades of married. Guess, that’s where her inspiration to find the one comes from.

Talking more about them, Julie’s father Mohammed calls himself an” introverted extrovert.” He graduated from All Saints High School and joined the Osmania Arts College for his Journalism and Mass Communication degree.

Not much was known about Rizvana.

Overall, the Faheem siblings seemed close to their father (more than her mother if we may say).

Back in Set 2013, Juhie even changed her FB profile pic including her dad and sister, captioned, “Daddy’s little girls. We drive him crazy 🙂 Actually only I do but that’s my job!”

Juhie Faheem Ethnicity

Juhie Faheem flaunts South Asian ethnicity. To be precise, she holds Indian roots.

The Faheem family often visited India, during their vacations and celebrations.

Juhie Faheem Height

Juhie Faheem stands tall at a height of around 5 feet 4 inches (162 cm).

Her distinct features include — big brown eyes, thick dark hair, and a curvaceous body.

Is Juhie Faheem On Instagram?

Yes, find Juhie over Instgram @juhiefaheem.

Also, here’s her Facebook @juhie.faheem.

Juhie Faheem Job

Juhie Faheem is a clinical therapist who was working as a “treatment counselor” at Youth Outreach Services. Reportedly, she joined the Chicago-based non-profit organization back in Oct 2019 and was serving there as of 2022.

Before that, she worked as a “director of client services catalyst wealth management” at Northwestern Mutual for 4 years 4 months.

As for the start of her career, Juhie interred as a clinical psychotherapist at Mt Sinai Medical.

Talking about her academic qualifications, Juhie has a bachelor’s and master’s degree in clinical psychology from Roosevelt University.

Related FAQs

  • How Old Is Juhie Faheem?

Juhie was 32 years of age when she appeared on Love Is Blind in 2022.

  • When Is Juhie Faheem Birthday?

She receives her birthday wishes on February 26, making her of the Pisces zodiac.

  • Where Is Juhie Faheem From?

The Netflix star was born and raised in Houston, Texas.

But as of 2022, she resided in Chicago, Illinois.

  • How Much Is Juhie Faheem Net Worth?

By 2022, Juhie garnered a net worth of under $600 thousand.

For those of you curious, her job as a clinical psychologist reportedly earned her around $89 thousand per annum.

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