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Trisha Frame Bio, Today, Height, Family, Love Is Blind

Netflix’s hit dating show, Love Is Blind, returned for a second season in February 2022 with the first 5 episodes dropping on February 11th. The first season of Love Is Blind became an instant hit for it brought an unconventional approach to modern dating. 30 Chicago-based men and women signed up for the 2nd season of Love Is Blind and the cast is as interesting as it could get. Chicago-based real estate agent Trisha Frame was also one of the cast members on Love Is Blind 2 who was ready to find her “one” based on who he is rather than what he looks like.

Let’s learn about Trisha Frame’s journey on Love Is Blind 2, her age, job, and more in the wiki article below.

Trisha Frame On Love Is Blind?

In case, you have already forgotten the premise of Love Is Blind, let me give you a short rundown on how this Netflix show works.

The 30 singles date each other in different “pods” for 10 days in a speed-dating format. The twist here is that the cast can’t actually see each other and they have to decide whom they want to propose based solely on their interaction. After the proposal, the couples meet each other face-to-face for the first time, and then they head to a couples’ retreat where they get to know each other more and meet other couples as well. Following the couples’ retreat, the engaged couples move to the Netflix-rented shared apartments where they meet their partner’s family and then they choose whether or not to get married. But, they can only make their final decisions about whether to get married or split up at the altar on the wedding day, surrounded by family and friends, by answering the question “Is love blind?”

Trisha Frame walked into the show hoping to see a “change in herself.” In the pods, Trisha put off several men by telling them that she’s incredibly popular and has a “huge Instagram following.” Turns out, Trisha was actually lying as he had only 8.6 thousand followers before the Love Is Blind Season 2 premiere.

Trisha also claimed that she has a lot of friends and that it was normal for her to have “five to 20 people in my car at a time.” Men like Joey Miller, Kyle Abrams, and Julius Cacho were baffled by Trisha’s statements. Toward the end of the premiere episode, Trisha also tried figuring out why she does not have a boyfriend. She said, “Scale of one to 10, I’m a catch.”

As if all that she had said was not already cringe-worthy enough, she keeps on making mistakes. In the show, Trisha also talked about liking Nick Thompson but feeling like there was another girl–Holly or Molly, Trisha thought–that liked him too. Even after being informed that the girl she was talking about was Danielle but not Holly or Molly, she kept referring to her as Holly. When speaking about Danielle, Trisha told that she was not much worried because she never felt that Danielle was “that much of a competition compared to me.”

In her conversation with Nick, Trisha also talked about wanting to find a man with who she could work out. While that was not something that would put off Nick, she then added, “I have a lot of Instagram followers that see how hard I hit the gym. I think, sometimes, girls get a little intimidated by how much I work out… that they might not be able to keep up,” which completely pissed him off.

Not only the cast members, but Trisha also put off a decent amount of fans of the show. As a result, those fans could not help but troll Trisha on the Internet. One Twitter user wrote, “A fan tweeted, “Trisha is it? I swear all these “friends” she thinks she has ain’t her friend foreal especially since she saying they are all her IG followers and she is hella full of herself. “A lot of the guys like me.” Do they?? #LoveIsBlind.” Another one tweeted, “Trisha is the MOST insufferable person I’ve ever seen on TV. I hope she gets rejected so hard. #LoveIsBlind.”

Where Is Trisha Frame Today?

As of this writing, we still think the Chicago native continues her work as a real estate agent in Chicago. While many of the viewers thought Trisha Frame was a social media influencer owing to her repeated claims of a “huge Instagram following,” that’s not the case.

Once the show premiered on February 11, 2022, and Trisha realized that she had become a subject of troll, she has deleted her Instagram ever since.

Trisha Frame Height

Chicago native Trisha Frame stands a little short at a height of 5 feet 4 inches,

Trisha Frame Family

Talking about Trisha’s family, we know that his parents are Troy Frame (father) and Jill Frame-Shultz (mother).

Furthermore, Trisha also has two sisters. They are Emi Kay Frame and Sarah Conway.

Emi Kay is a front desk manager at Uptown Pup, an Artist-in-residence at Burren College of Art, and an education intern at David Owsley Museum of Art at Ball State University. Sarah, on the other hand, is a WCM Data Analyst at Unilever. She is married to her husband Mike and together they have two sons.

Is Trisha Frame On Instagram?

Trisha Frame used to be on Instagram but that was before Love Is Blind Season 2 came out on Netflix. Once the show premiered, Trisha Frame deleted her Instagram. You can find her on Facebook though.

Trisha Frame Age

Screen Rant reported that Trisha Frame was only thirty years of age in 2022.

Trisha Frame Job

As written earlier, Trisha Frame’s job is a real estate agent. Her company’s name is State Street Properties, which is located in the Greater Chicago Area.

While we don’t the exact amount Trisha earns from her job, the average yearly salary for a real estate agent in Chicago, Illinois is around $76 thousand.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Trisha Frame Birthday?

Chicago-based real estate agent Trisha Frame celebrates her birthday on the 27th of April every year.

  • Where Is Trisha Frame From?

According to Trisha Frame’s Facebook, she is originally from Lansing, Illinois. She currently works and lives in Chicago, Illinois.

    • How Much Is Trisha Frame Net Worth?

As of February 2022, Trisha Frame’s net worth was estimated to be around $350 thousand.

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