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Julia Mazur Bio, Age, Family, Dating Status, Career

Just like any other Saturday, Julia Mazur had not much to do. But, this time she decided to share with the world how she spends her Saturdays. In a video on TikTok, she started by explaining how despite feeling obligated to get up and do something, she just did not have any responsibilities to tend to. Never had she thought in her wildest dreams that this would backfire her so bad. Let us tell you more in the rest of the writing.

Julia Mazur Criticized By Matt Walsh

So, in the said video, podcast host Julia Mazur detailed about seeing Beyoncé in concert the night before, coming home at 1 a.m., being hungover, and staying in bed a little longer than usual. After this, she stated her plan for the day which included learning to make a dish called “shakshuka” and watching reruns of shows like The Real Housewives of New York and Normal People. At last, she said, “Anyway, I say all this say whenever I’m hard on myself about why I’m not married and I don’t have kids and I should be further along at 29 almost 30, I wouldn’t want to do anything else this Saturday.” Then, finding answers to this by herself she gushed that she really cherished the effortlessness and ease of her life and maybe that is why she has not gotten married or have had kids yet.

Then, out of nowhere Matt Walsh, right-wing political commentator and activist, thought he should start a discussion over this on his Twitter. Sharing Julia’s video, he tweeted — that she is “too stupid” to realize that it is “depressing” that she chooses to revolve her life around TV shows and pop stars because she has no husband and kids. (Klonopin)

In another tweet, Matt criticized, “If you don’t have a family at least do something interesting with your time.” He said “these people” have “absurd” amounts of free time and they do absolutely nothing with it.

Many of Matt’s followers seemingly agreed with him. So much so, that they decided to share their two cents with Julia. And they did not hold back. Many of Matt’s followers agreed and in a follow-up video, Julia claimed she received messages from them calling her “pathetic”, wishing death and “sexual assault” upon her.

But then, also many came to Julia’s defense. Even businessman Mark Cuban joined the conversation to show his support.

What Is Julia Mazur’s Dating Status?

Julia Mazur’s relationship status should be pretty clear from the fact that the internet has been calling her “29-Year-Old Single and Childless Woman”.

Additionally, she herself also admitted being ‘single’ in a video she posted online in September 2023. “A long-time dater in her healing era” is how she described her at this point on her TikTok profile.

On 28 February 2023, claiming to have had a tough week, she talked on IG about how being alone can sometimes be a difficult thing to do. Julia said she has been doing a lot of reflecting. Repeating what she often tells on podcasts, Julia said her mom and sister got married and had kids when they were young. As a result of them getting married and having kids at a young age, she said she also has always felt this immense pressure to do the same. But, now with time, she she said she has realized it was herself and no one putting on that pressure. She said she has now realized that it was no one else but herself who placed a timeline on her happiness.

Julia Mazur Career

Julia Mazur has been working full-time as a creator manager at Spotify since April 2022. Before this, she was at Tinder for almost 6 years.

In November 2016, she joined the online dating and geosocial networking application company as a marketing coordinator and over the years got promoted to several positions.

Speaking of the present again, Julia has applied her past experience as a Tinder employee to also produce her own podcast called “Pretty Much Done”, one about relationships.

Briefly, in 2016, she was a student consultant at a company called Lebara in London, United Kingdom.

Between 2015 and 2016, Julia was studying for her master’s degree in International Marketing at Hult International Business School. Even prior, she got her bachelor’s degree in Communication and Media Studies, and Political Science at Chapman University (2011 – 2014).

Julia Mazur Age

Julia Mazur was born in 1993. So, she reached the age of 29 in 2022.

Julia Mazur Family

Julia’s mother is Natella. She can be found on Instagram @nmazur17 with 131 posts and 381 followers. Also named Natella Mazur, she was born in April 1968. So, she reached the age of 55 in 2023. At this point, she was residing in Beverly Hills, California. Per LinkedIn, she has been working full-time as a CEO at MedQuickAssist since October 1994.

Then, there is Dimitry Mazur, Julia’s father. As per the internet, he is a pharmacist based in Los Angeles, California. On Father’s Day once, Julia was seen writing “Happy Father’s Day to the man I get my great sense of humor from. We’re like two peas in a pod” next to a picture of herself and her dad.

Julia also has a sister named Jessica Adler. On IG, one can find Jessica @jessicamazur, with 674 posts and 938 followers. On Facebook, she has mentioned being married to Alan Adler, with a beautiful baby girl. Also, Jessica turned 33 years old in May 2023.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Julia Mazur From?

Julia Mazur originally hails from Beverly Hills, California. As of 2023 though, she had been residing in Los Angeles, California.

  • When Is Julia Mazur’s Birthday?

Julia Mazur’s birthday is on September 14th and that makes her a Virgo.

  • Is Julia Mazur On Instagram And Facebook?

Yes. Julia Mazur was on Instagram and Facebook as of September 2023. Her IG @jamazur included 89 posts and 2,558 followers. On ‘Julia Mazur’ Facebook, she was followed by 1.2K followers. At the same time, one could also find her on TikTok @pmdpod and on Twitter @ItsJuliaMazur, where she described herself as a ‘Shakshuka Connoisseur’.

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