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Matt Walsh Wife: Who Is Alissa Walsh? Her Age, Job, IG

Controversial commentator and author Matt Walsh is used to making headlines and also now and then coming under fire for his “hateful” interpretation of things. The columnist for the Daily Wire and host of the Matt Walsh Show this time chose to call former Tinder employee Julia Mazur “stupid” for enjoying her life while having no husband and kids. Matt Walsh took to his Twitter to criticize about the lady choosing to revolve her life around TV shows and pop stars.

Anyway, in the rest of the writing, we are going to tell you about Matt Walsh’s wife who despite people saying otherwise is very happy to be by his side.

Meet Alissa Walsh, Matt Walsh’s Wife

Alissa Walsh and Matt Walsh have been married since 30 October 2011. Since then and now, they have been inseparable. They have been portraying their relationship as so on their social media. Both can be seen telling how their marriage and parenthood have been transformative to them as individuals and as a couple. And just last year, Alissa also took to Twitter to tell her husband that 36 looks good on him. She gushed she is super lucky to be by his side.

Matt too has at great length talked about the “many advantages to having a wife”. Having Alissa, particularly as his wife has always been good news for him, Matt has said. He has lovingly spoken of Alissa’s tendency to make things easier just by being an “incredibly warm, attentive, beautiful, intelligent, cheerful, kind, creative, loyal, and Godly woman who loves relentlessly, gives generously, and cares deeply”. Above all things, he loves it that like any good wife, she makes her husband a better man.

Matt also loves to talk about his wife while attending public events. One time for example he detailed how he proposed to Alissa. Going back in memory lane, he said he had hidden the engagement ring in a shell and placed it by the beach before taking the lady by his side on a walk. The two lived near the beach at the time.

Matt Walsh And Alissa Wlash Kids

Matt Walsh and Alissa Wlash are known to be sharing six children together.

“Four pregnancies and six kids. We are repopulating the world with great efficiency”, Matt wrote in a tweet also sharing a picture of pregnant Alissa. So, yes. They have two sets of twins: Luke and Julia and Jack and Josiah, and others are son Jeremiah and daughter Emma.

Luke and Julia were born on 26 May 2013. Last year on their birthday, Matt and Alissa were busy planning prepping for Julia’s mermaid party and Luke’s Spider-Man party.

The other twins, Jack and Josiah, just turned 4 months old on 10 June 2023. On this day, Alissa took to social media to make a “time flies” post and posted a picture of the babies soaking up the sun on a farm.

Jeremiah was born on 10 November 2016. “The baby is healthy and getting along just fine, doing what newborn babies do — sleeping, eating, and crying,” Matt had made the announcement right after. He and his wife often talk about their boy on social media. They love to call him their “louder than life, wild child”.

As for Emma, she turned 3 on 2 October 2022. About birthing Emma, Alissa once tweeted “When I was worried about miscarrying with Emma, images of Our Lady of Perpetual Help kept appearing. I knew everything was going to be okay.”

Alissa Walsh Age

Alissa Walsh was born in 1987. So, she reached the age of 36 in 2023.

Alissa Walsh Job

It is not understood what kind of education, job, or career Alissa Walsh has had over the years. Most of Matt’s fans have thought her to be a homemaker.

On social media too, Alissa has just confirmed being a wife and a mother.

Is Alissa Walsh On IG And Twitter?

Yes. Alissa Walsh can be found on IG and Twitter. On her IG @alissa__walsh, there were 1,352 posts and 8,378 followers as of September 2023. Also, this account was kept private at the time.

While on Twitter @AlissaWalsh21, she was followed by as many as 133.7K followers. “Wife of @mattwalshblog. Bubbly Extrovert. Sole purpose on Twitter is to troll Matt Walsh.”, This is how she introduced herself here.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Alissa Walsh’s Birthday?

Alissa Walsh’s birthday is on May 29th and that makes her a Gemini.

  • Where Is Alissa Walsh From?

Alissa Walsh originally hails from Whites Creek, a neighborhood located in Nashville in the northern part of Davidson County, Tennessee.

  • What Is Alissa Walsh’s Maiden Name?

Alissa Walsh’s maiden name is Linnemann.

Also, here are a rare few things known about her family other than her husband and kids.

Alissa has a sister who celebrates her birthday on December 27th. On this day one time, Alissa took to her Twitter to show a glimpse of her sister celebrating her birthday, and next to it, she wrote, “Happy birthday to my baby sister. 32 looks good on you! I decorated the cake myself.”

And then once speaking about his in-laws, Matt told his FB people that his wife has a sister, several half-siblings and step-siblings, parents, step-parents, and so on.

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