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Justin Hall Bio, Parents, Height, Age, Job, Instagram, MAFS

Justin Hall was the first contestant to get married on Married At First Sight season 15. And after exchanging vows, what did his wife say? — “Physically he’s not my type!”

Below this Justin Hall Bio, you’ll learn everything you need to know about this star’s parents, height, age, job, and Instagram

MAFS (Married At First Sight): Are Justin Hall And Alexis Mitchell Still Together?

Justin Hall and Alexis Mitchell didn’t share their after-MAFS relationship status at the time of writing this article. However, given Alexis’ determination to find “Mr perfect,” it surely wasn’t an easy journey for the couple.

Infact, Alexis’s has already been proposed three times (excluding the one from Justin). But she claimed to know what true love is and would only settle with the right one.

On the other hand, Justin has been engaged once before. Unfortunately, the wedding was called off a month before the ceremony. After a brief heartbreak, Justin’s friends then encouraged him to join MAFS — a show he was unaware of. The star then told his mother and joined the show despite her disapproval. “When I told her I was getting married in two weeks, she says, ‘Boy, (are) you crazy?’” Justin recalled.

Justin’s goal in the show was to be the best partner for his wife. A task made easier given the appreciation he developed for his stranger-turned-wife. “I was blown away,” Justin described his feelings at the altar. However, it was only after Alexis “opened her mouth” that she really got him. “Personality and good-looking, best of both worlds right there,” he explained.

Also, after sharing their first kiss at the altar, Justin described the moment as “magical.” Guess, our star was head over heels for his just-married wife.

And the feeling was mutual. Alexis might not be happy with his looks but she was glad about Justin’s playful banter and the fact that he made her feel comfortable.

Married At First Sight season 15 premiered on July 6, and joining Justin and Alexis on the sunny shores of San Diego were 4 other couples — Krysten and Mitch Morgan and Binh, Nate and Stacia, and Lindy and Miguel.

Justin Hall Age

Justin Hall was 32 years of age when he appeared on Married At First Sight in 2022.

He is 3 years older than Alexis.

Justin Hall Job

Justin Hall is a Digital Marketing guru. He joined Trackforce Valiant in June 2021 and was working there at the time of writing this article.

Trackforce Valiant is an industry leader that specializes in web-based and mobile application platforms to optimize the operational management of security services and HCM including guard tracking, incident/activity reporting, real-time monitoring, dispatching, and more. They also do comprehensive human capital management solutions; payroll, HR, applicant tracking, time, and attendance.

For those of you curious, an average digital marketer in San Diego, CA made around $62.5 thousand per annum.

Is Justin Hall On Instagram?

Sadly, we couldn’t find Justin on Instagram.

However, find him on Facebook at @halltjustin. Most of his posts then featured him and his time on MAFS.

Justin Hall Parents

Justin Hall comes from a single-parent family. His parents divorced when he was just a kid and he grew up with his mother Sharon Hall who hails from Mobile, Alabama. She explained herself to be a “laid back and humble woman.” 

Talking more about her, Sharon is a C F Vigor High School graduate. She worked as a custodial worker1 at USA Health University Hospital and led a single life in her hometown as of 2022. Here’s her Facebook @sharon.hall.3785.

As for his siblings, Justin’s sister Tyesha Hall Braxton is a hairstylist who celebrates her birthday on November 3. Whereas, his brother, Donnie Don was already married to LaKeshia Lindsey-Hall and lived in San Diego, California.

Besides them, Justin also has a step-sister named Noshie Mc (born: May 1, 1990) who was the owner of Pearlz Asthetik. She is a Blue Cliff Career College who built a career as a pharmacy technician and esthetician.

Also, Noshie is a mother. She’s fluent in French and supports the Democratic party.

Justin Hall Height

Justin Hall stands tall at a height towering above 6 feet 4 inches (193 cm).

His distinct features include — brown eyes, an oblong face, and an intimidating body.

But what you might not know is that Justin was a big boy back when he was young. On top of a towering height, he weighed 120 kg (265 lbs). The star then went through a tough weight loss journey and within a year, he was strong and lean.

Did you know: After Justin was judged for his looks on MAFS, many fans stood up for him on the internet. “Criticism of behavior is ok, but making fun of a person’s looks is just mean,” a user wrote.

Related FAQs

  • Where Was Justin Hall Born?

Justin was born and raised in Mobile, Alabama.

He moved to Forest Park in 2007 and later went on to reside in San Diego, California.

  • When Is Justin Hall Birthday?

Justin was born on September 15 and is of the Virgo zodiac.

On his 31st birthday, his mother, Sharon, took it to her FB to share a picture of him captioned, “Gm my fb friend glory be God could ever one please help me wish my youngest son all the way to Denver Colorado a very happy birthday I’m so proud of the man you become I love you an enjoy your day!!!!”

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