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Kamara And Josh Age, Job, Instagram, 007 Road to a Million

Kamara and Josh are one of the nine pairs who competed for a £1 million cash prize come from various walks of life in the new adventure show 007: Road to a Million. In the series, which is currently streaming on Prime Video, eighteen players compete in locales inspired by legendary James Bond moments while taking on challenges. The partners must provide answers to questions that The Controller has placed in secret in various areas in order to earn the jackpot.

The pairs must successfully finish the given task in order to move on to the next round; if they don’t, they are eliminated from the tournament. The three teams that are left in 007: Road to a Million‘s last episode must navigate an extremely difficult off-piste route across the Swiss Alps’ frozen slopes.

In the show, two-person teams must overcome obstacles, find answers to questions hidden in various locations, and make sure they can move on to the next challenge and finish the game while racing through well-known James Bond movie locales like the Scottish Highlands, Brazil, Venice, and Jamaica.

The couples learn The only way to proceed is to shoot the question case down before it explodes, which would finish their adventure, for the Controller has equipped it with heavy explosives.

No one was able to take home the full grand prize but some of the duo took some prize back home. The Controller says: “So, no one reaches the million-pound question. This time. Shame. I wonder if there is anyone out there who has what it takes to go all the way.”

The full list of contestants is Jamie and Joey, Beth and Jen, Sana and Saiqa, James and Sam, Keith and Nick, Colin and Danny, Grace and Daniella, and Tanaka and James.

Read more about Kamara and Josh here.

Kamara And Josh On 007: Road To A Million

Josh and Kamara chose to stick by each other through all of the highs and lows that life threw at them. The married couple never hesitated to support one another, whether they were scaling a free-falling crane in Italy or ascending 5000 meters above sea level to reach a crater in Chile. In an attempt to break through generational pain and give their kids the life they deserved, Josh and Kamara had signed up for the reality game series.

Due to their challenging upbringing, both of them were familiar with the problems associated with poverty and family turmoil. Josh, a native of Bangladesh, grew up in one of the largest refugee groups in the nation. He had become acquainted with racism, gun violence, and other negative facets of civic life here. Kamara was raised in a home with just one parent.

The women were left to fend for themselves when her father abandoned her and her mother. Kamara had made the difficult decision to leave her home at a very young age due to the challenging circumstances there. Having been through a lot together, Josh and Kamara participated boldly in a series of challenges in an effort to provide their kids a brighter future.

Even with a tarantula bite on the table, Josh and Kamara composedly discussed their plan of action and agreed to cooperate. Ultimately, though, their ceaseless efforts proved fruitless. To get to the finals, the two had traveled the length and breadth of the world. Josh and Kamara had to leave the Swiss Alps empty-handed after failing to make it to the final quiz at the penultimate crossroads. Even so, they continued to celebrate their adventure and all of the amazing things they had done together.

Where Are Kamara And Josh Today?

Since exhibiting steadfast cooperation in the Amazon Prime series, Josh and Kamara have kept setting new personal and parenting records. Josh and Kamara have intended to achieve a number of goals after connecting over their passion for travel and anthropology.

Josh and Kamara are from different communities, yet they haven’t wavered in their commitment to help one another and make significant life changes. They are persistent admirers of one another and share parental responsibilities for their three children. As shown on the show, Josh has discussed his anxiousness in a number of situations.

Having been stabbed as a young college student, Josh struggles to maintain composure under pressure. But he wants to change his children’s reality and provide them with the greatest upbringing possible. Given their unwavering commitment to their kids, Josh and Kamara Ali are clearly still in line for a number of significant life milestones.

Talking about what they learned about each other during the show, Josh said, “For me, it was a catalyst to what I already knew about Kamara. We needed something to happen in our lives that would reinforce and re-engage what we knew about each other. We knew how much love we had for each other, how much trust we had for each other, but there was nothing to actually demonstrate that until this adventure happened. Our relationship was a bit sketchy before. This absolutely put us back in line, the trust element and the love that we have for each other.”

Kamara added, “I know this is going to sound really gooey and cliché but it was his love for me, in terms of knowing he’s got my back. I think that was something that I needed to be reminded of. He’s 100% into making sure our relationship works, we are stronger, and achieve our goals. I think before, like any relationship, there’s umming and ahhing, but Road To A Million really solidified our relationship. Josh is mine, he’s my husband.”

Talking about putting use to the win money, Kamara added, “We don’t want to use that money in a silly manner in terms of splashing the cash. That’s not what we’re like. The money will be something to help us continue to build on.”

Talking about goals about winning the show, Josh shared “For us, it was just for our children. So we just want the basics – a house, a future for them. It’s a life-changing amount for anyone from our backgrounds.”

Kamara said: “Financial freedom is a dream. We are trying to better our lives. That was our aim in doing this show.”

They met as youth workers in their local community. The married couple are parents to three children.

Kamara And Josh Age

At the time of filming the show, Kamara was 30 years old and Josh was 42 years old.

Kamara And Josh Job

Regarding their jobs,

  • Josh Ali

Josh has been working as an Employment Support Manager in London & Midlands at Southern Housing since October 2018. He is also working at Optivo as Senior Project Officer.

Furthermore, Josh was also working at Reed in Partnership as an Employment Advisor, at Inspire Futures Group Ltd as a Project Manager, and at Skills Training UK as an Employment Advisor.

Josh went to Lilian Baylis Secondary School in 1997.

  • Kamara Davis

Kamara Davis is currently employed at Optivo as a Health and wellbeing project coordinator. She has had a few other roles in the company since she joined in 2015. She served as a Youth Worker, Housing Officer, and Health and wellbeing project officer.

Kamara has also worked at Young Lambeth Cooperative as a Creative and Digital. Moreover, she also worked as a Community Liaison Officer at Progressio ICS in 2012.

Moreover, Kamara is also an aspiring actress and you can check out her profile on Backstage.

Kamara studied at Pimlico Academy and Lewisham College.

Are Kamara And Josh On Instagram?

Yes, Kamara and Josh are on private Instagram (@joshandkamara) and Josh has a private IG (@mrjoshali).

Related FAQs

  • Where Are Kamara And Josh From?

Kamara and Josh hailed from Peckham, England. Josh grew up in Walworth and Kamara in Brixton.

  • How Tall Are Kamara And Josh?

007: Road To A Million Kamara’s height measures 5 feet 3 inches (1.60 meters) and Josh stands tall above 5 feet 10 inches.

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