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Karen Larrea Bio, Age, Job, Exes, IG, My Mom Your Dad

As of now, we have already got an encyclopedic variety of TV shows, and for pretty much every person on earth.

Adding to this list is HBO Max’s My Mom Your Dad which premiered on 13 January 2022 with eight episodes.

My Mom, Your Dad sees a group of single parents nominated by their college-age children move into a house called “Second Chance Retreat” together with the hopes of finding love. The added element this time on a dating game show is that these parents are unaware of their kids all staying together in another house right down the street, watching and manipulating their dating adventures with the help of Orji and various hidden cameras.

So, among the cast of single parents is a strong and bold single mother Karen Larrea, whom we are going to discuss in the rest of this ‘Karen Larrea Bio’.

Karen Larrea On My Mom Your Dad

Karen Larrea was in the center of the heed on My Mom Your Dad.

Other than her pragmatic and beaming personality, viewers loved her for her selfless love for her kids: Gavin and Breana. From the look of it, Karen has never failed to provide the best for both of her children.

But, despite having done all she could, Karen’s heart is still empty. And because she is blessed with the best children, they wanted her to feel loved again. They appointed her to be the cast on the show and the rest is history.

And just as Gavin, who turned 13 on 12 September 2021, and Breanna, seemingly the eldest, had hoped for their mom to meet Troy on the show, and soon what started as a fling turned into love. Yes, she gets to feel love again!

But Karen had to leave the show midway for her issues.

Is Karen Larrea Still With Troy Petrick?

It’s not like Karen Larrea and Troy Petrick did not explore their options with different participants on the show. But especially then they became certain of who they wanted. They only came closer and became so comfortable to even discuss their children, vacations, dream houses, finances, and whatnots.

So, is Karen still with Troy?

Lucky for you, the answer is ‘Yes’.

Once Karen left, Troy, a single parent of four kids, began to feel like it was kind of pointless for him to be there without her. So, he too chose to get back to his everyday life in the hopes of seeing her again.

Karen had similar intentions penned in her farewell letter to him.

Naturally, they reconnected outside of the show and agreed to enter into an exclusive relationship a month later.

And from the looks of it, despite the long-distance, with Karen in Florida and Troy in Georgia, they are likely still happily involved.

Professionally, Troy is the senior director of a drug development company called Azurity Pharmaceuticals.

Karen Larrea Exes

“Whoever leaves and wants to come back, let them in but not on the stage….in the bleachers so they can see what they missed out on!”, coming this from the divorced mom, we would naturally love to know, who Karen Larrea’s ex(es) are.

Early in 2021, as Karen completed another trip around the sun, she briefed her people on Facebook about how tough a year it was for her. “Although the past year was difficult it turned out to be one of my best on a personal level. I grew spiritually, I healed many past wounds and triggers, I was able to forgive people I never thought I would for the pain they caused me, understood they were hurting and felt compassion for them”. This excerpt from her long self-healing story was likely about her unlovely split with her ex-husband.

Still, concerned about her privacy, Karen seemed hesitant to get into more details about her affairs that are now in the past.

Is Karen Larrea On IG?

Yes, Karen Larrea could be found on Instagram and on the account @kmlm21 she had around 13.1K followers until 20 January 2022.

You could also give her a follow on her TikTok @karenlarrea_1 (13.4K followers), on Twitter @KarenMLarrea, and her ‘Karen Larrea’ Facebook.

Karen Larrea Age

Reportedly born in the year 1972, Karen Larrea turned 49 years old in 2021. (Of course) she does not look the age.

Karen Larrea Job

Karen Larrea is an entrepreneur with extensive experience in the areas of event production/coordination, artist development, marketing and management, public relations, direct sales, corporate marketing, just as her LinkedIn puts it.

She has been overseeing entertainment/artist booking/event management at MPM Florida (an artist and talent management company) from January 2013 until the present.

Turns out Karen is just as passionate about music. In her teen years, she was in an all-girl trio called “Carrousel.” They were signed to SonoTone Latin Records, toured throughout North, Central, and South America, and even had success with their first hit, “Tu Solamente Tu.”

But when the group broke, Karen got to become a spokesmodel for Coca-Cola and FIFA World Cup Soccer. She commenced her music career as a solo artist and was blessed to have Superstar Icon Johnny Ventura as her musical Godfather and produce music for her.

But like so many others, Karen fell in love and ended her career in which she was just getting noticed. She instead chose to get married and start a family. Years went by, she raised her family. But, her love for music never really left her. “…music has always been the motor that makes my heart run and I knew I wanted to get back into the business but not as an artist but to create and manage.” So, in 2013, she started managing artists and you know the rest.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Karen Larrea From?

Karen Larrea was based in Miami, Florida as of the time of this writing.

A year ago from July 2021, Karen sold her home that, in her words, was her children’s stability for 7 years, during an “extremely difficult” time in their lives. They moved into their beachfront condo which luckily has turned out to be the most “life-changing” blessing for her children and herself.

Also, so you know, Karen’s parents are Leonard Larrea and Norma Martinez Larrea of Weston, Florida. Her “baby brother”, Jeffrey Larrea, is all grown up and together they have one more sister. She is Krystal Aguirre, who other than being an exact copy of her sister, is married to Philip D Aguirre.

  • How Tall Is Karen Larrea?

Karen Larrea is below 5’6” tall.

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