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Karie Lee Knoke Bio, Age, Husband, Job, History TV’s Alone

The History Channel’s adventure reality game show Alone has so far delivered eight highly acclaimed seasons with season 9 released on 26 May 2022. The new series, like old times, follows the self-documented daily struggles of 10 contestants as they survive alone in the wilderness for as long as possible with limited survival equipment. (But, that is of course with the exception of medical check-ins.) And among the participants who are isolated from each other and all other humans, is Karie Lee Knoke.

We shall now tell you all about her in the rest of this writing.

Karie Lee Knoke On History TV’s Alone

Season 9 of Alone was filmed in Labrador, Canada, and Labrador is known as the hunting ground for the predatory polar bear. So clearly, the contestants of this season have been subjected to the toughest conditions to date in the history of this History channel series.

But then, even this fact did not stop Karie Lee Knoke from getting excited about the journey and later naming it the “epic” journey of her life. Hyping the program on Instagram, she said it felt like a birthday present that’s been wrapped up for 9 months, ready to burst her ribbons when she was finally allowed to tell everyone that she is a participant in this show called Alone. She called it an epic journey that she shared with nine other truly amazing and highly skilled “bad-asses”.

She also talked about these experiences to TMZ ahead of the series premiere.

Growing up in a small town, playing in the woods, and making shelters, Karie dreamed of someday walking off into the mountains with just a knife to survive. And when that dream came true in the form of a survival journey to the remote wilderness valley in Labrador, she chose to bring 10 items with her and they were: paracord, sleeping bag, 2-quart pot, Ferro rod, fishing line, and hooks, bow and arrows, trapping wire, multitool, ax, and emergency rations.

Karie is the second oldest participant on the show. And if in the finals she becomes the only survivalist left she will be taking home the $500,000 winning prize.

Karie Lee Knoke Job

Karie Lee Knoke has been the founder, director, and CEO of Sacred Cedars Wilderness School (a place to learn primitive, ancestral, wilderness skills and to connect with the natural world) as of 2021. All the while, she also continued her other job as a mentor at InnerPathWorks which she began in 2018.

As of 2022, Karie also was a health and wellness practitioner at Numinous Living.

On her BIO, Karie claims to be a certified Energy medicine practitioner, in the modalities of “Eden Energy Medicine, Light Body energy medicine, plant spirit medicine, and Reiki”.

(Of course) Karie also has a degree in Psychology. She claims to use wild-crafted herbal remedies and flower essences to supplement my healing practice. With a holistic approach, she asserts she can look at the whole body, how it functions, diet, exercise, emotional well-being, and past traumas, to empower clients with tools to heal, feel vibrant, healthy, and whole.

Before all this, Karie studied at Eden Energy Medicine to get her license as Eden Energy Medicine Certified Practitioner & TEEM Instructor. And even prior to that, she used to work as a pesticide data specialist at Benbrook Consulting Service; and at The Organic Center.

Karie also formerly graduated from Central Washington University in 1988.

For more, tune into her websites and Here, she also sells her herbal remedies as ‘Karie’s Apothecary’.

Speaking of her net worth, Karie had more than $600K as of 2022.

Is Karie Lee Knoke On Instagram?

Yes. Karie Lee Knoke could be found on Instagram at @karie_lee_ and she had 124 posts and 1,497 followers on it as of 26 May 2022. She also kept people posted on her ‘Karie Lee’ Facebook. And as wilderness skills instructor, survivalist, herbalist, energy medicine practitioner, naturalist, minimalist, author, and speaker is how she introduced herself on the BIO of these pages.

Karie Lee Knoke Age

Born in 1964, Karie Lee Knoke reached the age of 58 really in 2022.

Karie Lee Knoke Family

Karie Lee Knoke’s earliest memory of her is a 6-month-old her going backpacking strapped to her father’s back. No doubt, she now has a lifetime of experiences in the outdoors.

Karie also has only kind words when it comes to her mother. On her social media, one can see her thanking her mother and bringing her into this life and supporting her no matter how “strange” her life may be.

Karie’s mother Evie Aguilar Knoke, according to her Facebook BIO, is a senior loan officer at Guild Mortgage Company. She worked at Bank of America Home Loans, at HomeStreet Bank; studied Business at the University of Washington; and went to Lakes High School. Hailing from Tacoma, Washington, she was based in Seattle, Washington (as of 2022).

The other family members/relatives that we know of are Karie and Robin Knoke and Ellen Knoke of White Salmon, Washington, and Ken Knoke of Seattle, Washington.

What Are Karie Lee Knoke Measurements?

Karie Lee Knoke looks the best one could ever look in their late fifties. She stands below 5’6” tall. And her measurements were found to be listed as 39-29-35 (inches).

Karie Lee Knoke Husband

As of 2022, one could not tell if Karie Lee Knoke is married or not. As of 2022, she had not given away any of its details anywhere.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Karie Lee Knoke From?

Like fellow Idaho native Benjamin James Hill, Karie hails from Sandpoint of Bonner County in Idaho. She moved here in 1997 after having worked as a systems analyst consultant in Seattle.

Also so you know, Karie’s home is a 30′ off-grid yurt deep in the woods, not connected to anything. She is surrounded and supported by the natural world around her.

  • When Is Karie Lee Knoke’s Birthday?

Karie Lee Knoke celebrates her birthday in the month of February. So, her zodiac sign is either Pisces or Aquarius.

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