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Ray Liotta Parents: Mary And Alfred Liotta! Bio, Age, Job

Meet Ray Liotta Parents: Mary And Alfred Liotta.

In May 2022, Ray died at the age of 67. He was in the Dominican Republic called ‘Dangerous Waters’ when he passed. He passed in his sleep.

Ray was fond of saying that he got his start in acting by chance. After a squabble with his basketball coach, his theatre teacher inquired if he needed something to do, and he ended up in a theatrical production of “Sunday in New York.”

He studied acting at the University of Miami and moved to New York after graduation, where he earned the role in “Another World.”

“I loved the soap,” Ray explained in a 1994 interview. “I had an opportunity to make dialogue that wasn’t good seem bearable. The acting challenge was greater than if I was doing Tennessee Williams”.

In 1998, Ray Liotta took on the assignment to portray Frank Sinatra in an HBO movie, The Rat Pack. He found the role challenging.” At first it was like, ‘Do I look enough like Sinatra?'” he told The Chicago Sun-Times. “Finally, I had to say: ‘I’m from Jersey, I’ve got blue eyes, I’m close enough.’”

His television credits include the 2015 miniseries “Texas Rising” and the three-season crime drama “Shades of Blue,” in which he co-starred in with Jennifer Lopez. For an appearance on “ER,” he earned an Emmy Award for outstanding guest actor in a drama in 2005.

Mr. Liotta didn’t do much stage work, but he did appear on Broadway in 2004 in the Stephen Belber comedy “Match,” opposite Frank Langella and Jane Adams. The show, however, ran for only seven weeks.

Who Are Ray Liotta Parents?

Ray Liotta was adopted by his parents Alfred Liotta and Mary Liotta when he was only 6 months old. They were of Italian and Scottish ancestry. His parents raised him in Union, New Jersey. Meanwhile, he was born in Newark, New Jersey.

Ray shared that he knew he was adopted as a young child and did a show-and-tell report on it for kindergarten. He reportedly located his biological mother in the 2000s. It was from his biological mother Ray learned that he was part Scottish.

Alfred and Mary raised him in Roman Catholic.

Meet Ray Liotta Mother, Mary Liotta

Ray Liotta’s mother was Mary Liotta. She was reportedly born Mary Edgar. It was during the time of filming Goodfellas, that his mother passed away. This experience changed how the young actor viewed his work in the famous film.

“My mom was sick with cancer during the filming of ‘Goodfellas,’ and she passed away in the middle of it. … It put things in perspective in a really deep way,” Ray Liotta said. Despite mourning for his mother, Ray kept with the filming of the movie. He had learned that his mother was about to die while on the set of the film.

“I was doing a scene Friday. They told me. My knees buckled, but you realize you’ve got to go back and finish the scene. And I did,” he also recalled.

Ray then went to be with his ailing mother. Fortunately, he reached her before she died. “I went back that night, and luckily I was there when she passed, literally in my arms. I’ve never really talked about that,” Liotta had shared.

  • Is Mary Liotta Still Alive?

No, Mary Liotta died of Cancer.

  • Mary Liotta Age

The age at the time of her death is unclear.

  • Mary Liotta Job

Mary Liotta was an appointed town clerk. She co-owned the auto-parts store along with her husband. She along with her husband ran unsuccessfully for the local office. She kept the Democratic point of view.

Meet Ray Liotta Father, Alfred Liotta

Meet Alfred Liotta, father of Ray Liotta.

Alfred was born in Brooklyn, New York.

  • Is Alfred Liotta Still Alive?

No, Alfred Liotta died on 13 December 2015.

  • Alfred Liotta Age

At the time of his death, Alfred Liotta was 98 years old.

  • Alfred Liotta Job

Alfred Liotta was the founder and owner of an auto parts chain and Democratic Club president in Union. Before founding his auto parts business, he served in the U.S. Army Air Force during World War II. After completing his military service, he attended and graduated from the Columbia School of Business.

Alfred then founded a chain of automotive parts stores named Rocket Auto and was also a co-owner of Best Buy Distributors in Hillside, N.J. Moreover, she served as president of the Union Township Democratic Club and was politically appointed as the director of personnel for the Union County Welfare Department.

Alfred had studied hypnosis under the Amazing Kreskin. Following his retirement, he moved to Florida and volunteered for many years as a mediator at the Palm Beach County Courthouse before stepping down at the age of 95.

Related FAQs

  • How Many Kids Do Alfred Liotta Parents Have?

Besides Ray, Alfred Liotta’s parents also had a daughter named Linda. Linda is also the adoptive child of his parents. Whereas, Ray has one half-brother and five half-sisters.

  • Where Do Alfred Liotta Parents Live?

Alfred Liotta’s parents lived in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. They hailed from Union, New Jersey.

  • Are Alfred Liotta Parents On Facebook?

No, Alfred Liotta’s parents are not on Facebook.

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