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Kasae Fraser Bio, Age, Married, Family, Masterchef the Pros

Kasae Fraser is one of the four finalists on Masterchef the Professionals 2023. She applied just before the deadline, and a week later, she received a call from the BBC inviting her to London for an interview.

“At the interview you had to provide an idea of the dishes you would prepare if you were selected. I took my little drawing book in – I always draw my recipes and write notes to the side – and they video you while you’re talking to the head producer and the casting manager. Then a week later, I got a call, saying ‘you’re going to be on’, and three days later I had a three-week warning before my first episode,” Kasae told The Bath Magazine.

Scroll down this bio as we bring you details about her age, boyfriend, family, and career.

Kasae Fraser On Masterchef the Professionals 2023

Kasae Fraser is one of four finalists on Masterchef: The Professionals 2023 along with Charlie, Tom, and Tommy.

32 professional chefs participated in the seven-week series. The first round introduced four chefs who competed in a skills test and then prepared a two-course specialty menu. After two of the chefs advanced, they faced two chefs who had qualified from an additional round. This time, they conducted an invention test centered around a specific ingredient or recipe type. After that, they prepared a two-course dinner for three expert food critics, which can be quite nerve-wracking.

A Calvados Anglaise sauce and an apple tarte tatin were the two items Monica set for Kasae’s skills test, which aired in early November 2023.

Kasae did a good job at preparing: “My partner is a chef and on each Sunday leading up to the filming day, he would buy a bunch of ingredients. Sometimes they were achievable in 20 minutes and sometimes I felt like he stitched me up, because, for example, he wanted a frangipane for breakfast. He would then pretend to be Marcus and say, ‘right, so for breakfast today you’re cooking…’”

“I knew that in the not-too-distant future, me and my partner would be opening our own restaurant. So I wanted to try and get myself out there as much as possible. I wanted to push myself and do this amazing competition before we opened our restaurant and life got little bit more crazy! I spent the first half of the competition doubting myself and then I had a mental shift, where I knew I had to believe in myself or I’d never make it,” she said while talking to BBC about her TV show gig, Masterchef: The Professionals in particular. “Then I started to enjoy it, which made it a lot easier to be proud of how far I’d come. I didn’t know how far I would get – it’s a really tough group of chefs to cook against. But I’m more than proud that I’ve made it to finals week and have the chance to cook not just against, but alongside these chefs.”

Before the show premiere, Kasae took to her IG and announced, “I’ve been keeping a big secret this year…. I’m in #MasterChefTheProfessionals this year! My first episode is on Tuesday 7th November on BBC One and @bbciplayer 🫣🫣🫣🫣 #MasterChefUK @MasterChefUK.”

Kasae Fraser Career

For Kasae Fraser cooking has always been a big part of her life. She inherited her love for foods from her family—not chefs. She told BBC, “Whether it’s sweet or savory, everyone has their thing that they love. We would pull out all the stops for special occasions and Christmas dinners – cooking together and making a real event of it.”

Kasae went to primary and secondary school in Mildura. Following that she completed her three-year culinary apprenticeship in Melbourne where she spent her first years in the kitchen.

Kasae further shared with BBC, “After secondary school I studied at Holmesglen Waverley in Melbourne, at the same time as doing my apprenticeship in the kitchen. They were some of the most influential years of my cooking career. I still have such a close connection with the owners of the restaurant – Mercers restaurant in Eltham.”

Kasae’s cooking style has been influenced by her traveling and living in different countries and cooking there. She loves curing, smoking, and barbecuing ingredients.

What’s more, Kasae worked in a fish restaurant in Falmouth, before joining Robun as Head Chef in 2022. Robun is a contemporary Japanese restaurant in Bath.

Talking about plans, she added, “I’m working at Robun in Bath but recently also took on a restaurant opening with the same company, and am managing that as well as Robun. I’ve also opened my own private dining company with my partner. So there really hasn’t been a breather at all since my last day of the competition. It’s just been go go go! But that’s how I like it. Next, I’ll be looking for the perfect restaurant with my partner to make our private business boom, while still chasing flavor by eating out at restaurants and working with other chefs to keep pushing and learning as much as we can.”

Kasae Fraser Age

As of 2023, Kasae Fraser is 30 years old. She was reportedly born in 1993.

Kasae Fraser Family

It is not clear who Kasae Fraser’s dad is but her mom is named Melissa Morello. Melissa turned 45 years old in August 2023.

Speaking to BBC about her family, Kasae shared that she also has a brother named Jayke Fraser and two younger sisters Julia Fraser and Dani Rabbit.

Julia, per her Facebook, works at 3rd Avenue. She studied at Irymple Secondary College. Julia celebrates her birthday on 8 December. Their sister Dani turned 13 years old in January 2023.

Talking about her upbringing, Kasae added, “I live in Bristol, but I grew up in a small town in Australia called Mildura. It was such a great place to grow up because it was a big farming community, so we always had the freshest fruits.”

Kasae Fraser Boyfriend

Kasae Fraser has a boyfriend named Vincent Gatay. Although some outlets have claimed that she is married to Vincent and the latter is her husband, there is no evidence of their alleged nuptials on their respective socials.

Speaking with BBC Kasae shared that her partner is a chef who heavily shaped the way she looked at food and combined things to create something new.

In November 2023, Kasae posed with Vincent and wrote, “It’s a BBD- Belated Barcelona Dump What an experience.”

The earliest they can be spotted together on her IG is back in September 2020. “When you try to get a nice photo, but when wind is like 🌬🌪,” Kasae wrote on the IG post.

Vincent is currently working as a head chef at Corkage Bath, a European restaurant. Together, they are the founders of Our Table by Kasae & Vincent. Find Vincent on Instagram here.

Kasae Fraser Height

Kasae Fraser’s height measures under 5 feet 7.5 inches.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Kasae Fraser From?

Kasae Fraser grew up in Mildura, Victoria, Australia but now resides in Yate, England. But she calls Stockholm, Sweden her home country.

  • When Is Kasae Fraser Birthday?

Kasae Fraser’s birthday is not available at this moment.

  • Is Kasae Fraser On Instagram?

Yes, Kasae Fraser is available on Instagram (@chef_kasae) and Facebook (@kasae.fraser).

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