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Trevor Stokes Bio, Age, Job, Net Worth, Southern Hospitality

Trevor Stokes is the boyfriend of Maddi Reese of Southern Hospitality and season 2 sees them exploring their relationship. What job does he do? How old is he? Is he still with Maddi?

Scroll down and read all about it here.

Southern Hospitality: Meet Trevor Stokes, Maddi Reese Boyfriend

Trevor Stokes and Maddi Reese are back together and the latter has chosen to patch things up after Trevor allegedly cheated on her. The couple also decided to move in together. Fellow cast member Joe Bradley is concerned about Maddi and Trevor. After Trevor cheated on Maddi and they temporarily ended their relationship, they had difficulties throughout Season 1.

But in one of the episodes of Season 2, they had to deal with these unresolved matters while also managing the big decision to move in together. However, co-star Joe wasn’t thrilled with their decision to go forward with their romance, voicing worries about possible consequences.

“Moving in together, that’s a big step,” Joe told Bravo. “They were together for a while, and then he cheated on her and they separated, and then they got back together. I just think that’s a big step.” He further explained, “I’m worried about her and Trevor right now, to tell you the honest truth.”

“I want the best for her, and I just don’t think moving in with him is gonna be the best decision,” Joe added further, “And that’s not from me being jealous or whatever.”

VIP hosts Maddi Reese and Joe Bradley discussed their close connection and effective collaboration in packing nightclub tables during the premiere of the television show. Though he never told Maddi, Joe implied that he thought there might have been a time when he felt a romantic connection developing between them.

Even after their time on “Southern Hospitality,” Maddi revealed to Showbiz Cheat Sheet that she and Joe are still friends. “Joe and I are still really close,” she said, highlighting how strong their friendship has remained over time and characterizing their bond as that of a “work husband and wife.”

Trevor says he didn’t cheat on Maddi. In the Season 2 teaser, Trevor and Maddi were caught up in a conversation concerning the persistent claims that Trevor had cheated. Trevor strongly denied any culpability, which increased the tension and resulted in a furious altercation between the two.

“I’m someone who definitely feels my feelings, but I was willing to put everything out there and give this a chance because I cared about [Tervor] and the relationship,” she says. “And you’ll have to watch what happens, but I’m ultimately happy I gave it my all because that’s the type of person I am.”

Trevor is called a “liar” by Maddi after cheating on her once more. Maddi confronts Trevor outright whether he cheated on her during a heated exchange. Trevor retorted that there had simply been messaging and no physical interaction. Unimpressed, Maddi labeled him a liar. She claimed in her confessional that women aren’t naturally insane and that women might feel that way because of men and their behavior.

This gave their relationship another level of emotional complexity and prepared the audience for further drama later on in the story.

Trevor Stokes Height

Talking about his height, Trevor Stokes stands tall at 6 feet.

Trevor Stokes Job

Trevor Stokes has been a director of operations at NanTukTuk since June 2023. He has also working as a sales and marketing specialist at Stoked Carts since April 2023. Additionally, he is also working at Charles Bike Taxi and has been more than two years.

Trevor moved down from Philadelphia 6 years ago to attend @collegeofcharleston – when he’s not working or filming he spends his time at the gym, playing pickleball, or working on his tan at the beach.

Moreover, Trevor was a valet runner at BMW.

Trevor studied at The Shipley School and College of Charleston.

How Much Is Trevor Stokes Net Worth?

As of 2023, Trevor Stokes’s net worth is under $100 thousand.

Trevor Stokes Age

Trevor Stokes is 26 years old as of 2023. He was born in 1997.

Trevor Stokes Family

Trevor Stokes is the son of Peter F Stokes and Patti Stokes. His dad Peter reached age 67 in June 2023. Patti turned 66 in January the same year.

Peter is the owner and investment manager at Midas Market Management. He has also been an educator at the World Affairs Council since 2009. Peter received his bachelor’s degree in

Peter has two siblings named Jessica Stokes and Spencer Stokes. Spencer resides in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania and she is 30 years old.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Trevor Stokes From?

Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania is Trevor Stokes’s hometown. He is now living in Charleston, South Carolina. 

  • When Is Trevor Stokes Birthday?

Trevor Stokes reportedly celebrates his birthday on 13 September.

  • Is Trevor Stokes On Instagram?

Trevor Stokes is on Instagram (@trevor_stokes_) and Facebook (@trevor.stokes.18).

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