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Katherine Ballard Bio, Tim Ballard Wife, Age, Job

Tim Ballard is the founder and CEO of O.U.R., Operation Underground Railroad, a non-profit that rescues children from sex trafficking rings.

Following positive reviews for the 4 July 2023-released Sound of Freedom, a feature film about Tim’s life by Angel Studios, we thought of giving you a look at Tim’s personal life as well.

Rewind 1999. Tim met his now-wife Katherine Ballard back then at Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah. They quickly fell in love, married, and began a family. Over two decades have passed by since then and they even today have starry-eyed looks whenever they talk about each other.

Keep reading and you shall discover more about Katherine and the life she shares with Tim.

Meet Katherine Ballard, Tim Ballard’s Wife

Every year on April 25th, Katherine Ballard and Tim Ballard wish each other a ‘Happy Anniversary!’ “Katherine, I love you today even more than I did 21 years ago (and I loved you a TON back then ❤️)”, Tim wrote this on Facebook on the same day back in 2021.

It’s not just on special occasions that Tim talks in great length about his beautiful wife. He does mind telling her how grateful he is to “Heavenly Father” for her. He often keeps telling the world just how much they love each other.

Katherine reciprocates the sentiments of course. Not long ago a blog post on talked about her saying it is easy for her to support Tim because she loves him. Also praising her husband’s job of rescuing trafficked children, Katherine said she feels at peace knowing he is doing something meaningful that very few can and will do. As a result, her trust in Tim bolstered his confidence.

A span of Tim’s and Katherine’s relationship is also shown in Sound of Freedom. Actor Jim Caviezel played Katherine’s real-life anti-trafficking activist husband and Mira Sorvino chose to play her, in what amounts to an extended cameo.

Tim Ballard And Katherine Ballard Kids

As of 2023, Tim Ballard and Katherine Ballard introduced themselves as the parents of nine children. Two of them (son Colin and daughter Coline) have been adopted. They were apparently rescued by Tim from traffickers while he was on a sting operation in Haiti. These nine kids ranged from ages 23 to 6 as of June 2023.

Tim met Colin and Coline, a brother and sister, during a trip to Haiti. And just months into the adoption process, Katherine felt inspired to help more children and even formed an organization to do it.

Katherine, Tim, and the kids as seen in November 2020 (PIC: Facebook)

Next to this picture, Tim earnestly wrote that he is grateful for an eternal family, for children who are the light of his world.
And just on 14 May 2023, Tim raved about Katherine being this inspiring and amazing mother to their kids.

Their son Blain Ballard is a volunteer at The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Previously, he went to Westlake High School in Utah. Back in May 2019, his parents were super proud that he was called to serve a 2-year church mission in Quito, Ecuador. “It’s a blessing to be his father!!!”, Tim told back then.

The other son is much younger Daniel. He is the one born during the time Tim and his wife were fighting to get their Haitian kids home. The adoption process took over three years.

The remaining kids that we know of are daughters Anne and Della.

Katherine Ballard Age

Katherine Ballard was born in 1976. So, even at the most, she should not have been older than in her mid to late 40s.

What Is Katherine Ballard Maiden Name?

It is understood Katherine went by her maiden name Zinn before adopting her husband’s last name: Ballard.

Katherine is the daughter of Tamara and Richard Zinn. Born in Dec 1951, Tamara turned 71 in 2022, Meanwhile, as of July 2023, Richard was 74 years old.

Katherine Ballard Job

Back in March 2020, Tim on his Facebook revealed about Katherine starting a foundation called Children Need Families (CNF). He said he is really excited for her and informed people that the organization is now a project of Operation Underground Railroad. In addition, he shared that they will be working together to further O.U.R. Aftercare efforts. And so have they done over the years. Together, they have worked with children who have been trafficked or who are at risk of being trafficked and helped place them with families who want to adopt them.

So, Katherine’s foundation thus far has assisted 140 families, awarded 145 grants, and collaborated with 7 agencies. She claims on her website that a total of 223 children have either come home or are in the process of coming home because of donors, volunteers, and partners of CNF.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Katherine Ballard From?

As of July 2023, Katherine Ballard and her family were living somewhere in California. As for her hometown, Katherine was maybe born and brought up in Eagle Mountain, Utah.

  • When Is Katherine Ballard’s Birthday?

Katherine Ballard’s birthday is on May 2nd, making her a Taurus.

  • Is Katherine Ballard On Instagram And Facebook?

Katherine Ballard can be found both on Instagram and Facebook. However, her IG @katherineballard, with 264 posts and 80 followers, was kept private until 5 July 2023.

While on ‘Katherine Ballard’ Facebook, Katherine did not seem to be posting much.

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