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Katina Goode Bio, Job, Age, Family, MAFS, Olajuwon Dickerson

Meet Katina Goode, one of the contestants of Netflix’s Married At First Sight Boston. She was paired with Olajudown Dickerson who is a self-proclaimed “playboy” in the past. This article addresses her job, her age, and her family. Furthermore, we also discuss what she has revealed about being on the show to date.

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MAFS: Are Katina Goode And Olajuwon Dickerson Still Together?

Netflix’s ‘Married At First Sight’ season 14 is upon us and one of the couples that we see on the show is Katina Goode and Olajuwon Dickerson. Before the show premiered, the cast of the show was teasing fans about their experience on the show.

Katina wishes to find a partner with whom she can start a family and grow old with. She aspired to be a devoted mother and wife. She did, however, have a history of disastrous partnerships. As a result, she spent the two years leading up to her appearance on the show on an elaborate journey of self-love and self-discovery, allowing her to grow both mentally and spiritually.

Katina now recognizes her value and has a greater understanding of how the world operates. Katina also talked about the unexpected feelings she had after appearing on the show. “What surprised me the most was how intense going through the whole process really is,” Katina shared. “I don’t think anyone could prepare you for something like this. Talking about emotions every day and having to repeat difficult moments that you and your partner have had was the hardest part for me.”

Despite the difficulties, Katina relied on the friendships she formed to learn more about herself and her marriage to Olajuwon.She added more, “The process has its pros and cons, but what surprised me the most was how a stranger could be a safety net. I learned that the amount of time you know someone doesn’t matter, but your connection does.”

When it comes to Olajuwon, he has a “playboy” history, but as he grew older, he stopped enjoying that era of his life and realized he was quite lonely. He also realized he didn’t have someone with whom he could share his everyday adventures or joy, or who could motivate him to change.

However, Olajuwon thinks that his appearance on the show would encourage him to change his habits. As a result, he realized he was ready to settle down and start a family. He went to college with Jephte Pierre from season 6 and that’s how he got on the show. After seeing Jephte compliment the show’s production during a reunion, Olajuwon decided to sign up for MAFS.

Olajuwon also had a few pieces of advice to give to the future participants. He shared, “Don’t change who they are for cameras, and if you genuinely want the process to work, come with a loving heart, open mind, and forget about a person’s past.”

The big question everyone is asking now is: are Olajuwon and Katina still together? Was she able to look past Olajuwon’s “playboy” past?

Olajuwon declares on Facebook that he is single, possibly to avoid spoiling anything. However, Reddit detectives have established that he and Katina are still married and happy. Drama, on the other hand, is the show’s most enjoyable aspect, therefore fans must keep up with the show to enjoy it.

Katina Goode Age

During the time of filming the show, Katina Goode was 29 years old.

Katina Goode Job

Profession-wise, Katina Goode is working as a Benefit Calculation Analyst which is yet to be confirmed. Explaining about her corporate job, she is responsible for estimating and communicating valuable policies to businesses and clients. She happens to be someone of hardworking and ambitious nature.

Based on the data of randstad, Benefit Calculation Analyst makes nearly $75,566 a year in salary in Boston, Massachusetts area. The amount could be as high as $94,817 based on education, experience, certifications and additional skills.

Moreover, Katina could also be a contributor to Food Blog named FirstDateBos. The blog’s bio writes, “We’re here to find the right vibes
and eats for you and the crew, or you and your boo.”

Is Katina Goode On Instagram And Facebook?

Katina Goode only appears to be on one social media platform i.e. Instagram. Her IG handle is (@__slimmgoodie) that gathered 968 follower at the moment.

Katina Goode Family

Moving to information about her family, she hasn’t shared any. But, some of her now-in-laws-have public profiles. Olajuwon Dickerson, her husband, was born to his father Holy Edmonds and Deborah Dickerson. Her father-in-law passed away on 29 May 2008 for an undisclosed reason. Katina’s mother-in-law is on Facebook (@deborah.dickerson.39108297) and that’s all there is about her husband’s parents in the public domain.

Moving on to her in-law siblings, Olajuwon has two sisters; Rosia Robinson and Deborah Gabriel, and three brothers; Shawn Dickerson, Erick Dickerson, and Joshua Dickerson. More about the siblings: Four out of five siblings of her husband are on Facebook. Her sister-in-law Deborah currently lives in Brockton, Massachusetts with her partner/husband and three kids.

Her brother-in-law Joshua is single and resides in Boston, Massachusetts. Another brother-in-law Eric lives in Boston, Massachusetts, and attended Milton High School. He worked at BJ’s Wholesale Club. Furthermore, her second sister-in-law Rosia lives in Stoughton, Massachusetts. She attended Snowden International High School and Bay State.  

Katina Goode Height

Moving on to her physical features, Katina Goode stands tall to th height above 5 feet 7′ inches.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Katina Goode From?

Katina Goode is a native of Boston, Massachusetts.

  • When Is Katina Goode Birthday?

Katina Goode hasn’t shared her birthday info but her husband celebrates his on 9 May every year.

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