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Olajuwon Dickerson Bio, Job, Height, MAFS, Katina Goode

Netflix’s ‘Married At First Sight’ premiered the show with various couples and one contestant you should know about is Olajuwon Dickerson. He has been paired with Katina Goode. Learn about his job, his height, family, and his relationship with Katina Goode along with his time on the show.

We cover it all on this Olajuwon Dickerson Bio, so scroll down to learn more.

MAFS: Are Katina Goode And Olajuwon Dickerson Still Together?

Netflix’s ‘Married At First Sight’ season 14 is upon us and one of the couples that we see on the show is Olajuwon Dickerson and Katina Goode. Before the show premiered, the cast of the show was teasing fans about their experience on the show.

Talking about Olajuwon, he has a “playboy” past but as he grew older he stopped enjoying that phase of life and realize that he was pretty lonely. He also recognized that he didn’t have anyone with him with whom he could share his daily experiences or excitement, or someone who could drive him to change.

But, Olajuwon hopes that his being on the show helps him deviate from his old ways. So, he realized that he was ready to settle down and have a family of his own. About how he ended up on the show, Olajuwon went to college with Jephte Pierre from season 6. At their meeting during a reunion, Jephte praised the production of the show, so eventually, Olajuwon decided to sign up for MAFS.

And, his partner Katina desires to find someone with whom she can raise a family and grow old. She had dreams of being a loving mother and a wife. However, she had a streak of failed relationships in the past. Hence, she dedicated the last two years before joining the show to an intricate journey of self-love and self-discovery to grow both mentally as well as spiritually.

Katina now knows her worth and also has a better understanding of how the world works. She also shared about the surprises she felt after being on the show. “What surprised me the most was how intense going through the whole process is,” Katina shared. “I don’t think anyone could prepare you for something like this. Talking about emotions every day and having to repeat difficult moments that you and your partner have had was the hardest part for me.”

Despite all the challenges, Katina leaned on the friendships she made to help learn more about herself and understand her marriage to Olajuwon. She added more, “The process has its pros and cons, but what surprised me the most was how a stranger could be a safety net. I learned that the amount of time you know someone doesn’t matter, but your connection does.”

Coming back to Olajuwon, he had a few pieces of advice to give to the future participants. He shared, “Don’t change who they are for cameras, and if you genuinely want the process to work, come with a loving heart, open mind, and forget about a person’s past.”

The big question everyone is asking now is, are Olajuwon and Katina still together?

Olajuwon states on his Facebook that he is single, maybe because he doesn’t want to spoil anything. However, Reddit detectives confirmed that he and Katina are still together, happily married. But, drama is of course the fun part of the show so fans have to catch up to the show for that.

Olajuwon Dickerson Age

When the show was in the filming process, Olajuwon Dickerson was 29 years old.

Olajuwon Dickerson Job

Many online sites claimed that Olajuwon Dickerson worked as a wastewater treatment operator at Boston Harbor. However, that doesn’t seem to be the case because the one with the name who is working that job is a much older individual (probably in his 40s). His job is to put caution tape around an uncovered hole leading down into the lower levels of the Deer Island Wastewater Treatment Plant on Boston Harbor.

But, if you’re interested to know, ZipRecruiter revealed that Wastewater Treatment Operator makes nearly $43,684 a year which is an average of $21/hour.

Back in his days as a high school student, Olajuwon was a student-athlete. Standing tall to the height of 6 feet and weighing 240 lbs at the time, he played high school football for Milton High School in Milton, Massachusetts as Defensive End. After graduating high school, he enrolled at Framingham State University where he continued his football career until he graduated in 2015. He has a profile on hudl.

Is Olajuwon Dickerson On Instagram And Facebook?

Yes, Olajuwon Dickerson has an Instagram as well as Facebook account. His IG account (@olajuwon_dickerson) has 50 followers at the time of this writing. But, he has kept his account private. His Facebook account is (@olajuwon.dickerson.9). Furthermore, he also has an eponymous YouTube channel where he posts fitness content.

Olajuwon Dickerson Family

Olajuwon Dickerson was born to his father Holy Edmonds and his mother Deborah Dickerson. His father died on 29 May 2008. His mother is on Facebook (@deborah.dickerson.39108297). That’s all there is about his parents in the public domain.

Moving on to his siblings, Olajuwon has two sisters; Rosia Robinson and Deborah Gabriel, and three brothers; Shawn Dickerson, Erick Dickerson, and Joshua Dickerson. More about siblings, four out of five siblings of his are on Facebook. His sister Deborah currently lives in Brockton, Massachusetts with her partner/husband and three kids.

His brother Joshua is single and resides in Boston, Massachusetts. Another brother Eric lives in Boston, Massachusetts, and attended Milton High School. He worked at BJ’s Wholesale Club. Furthermore, his sister Rosia lives in Stoughton, Massachusetts. She attended Snowden International High School and Bay State.  

Olajuwon Dickerson Height

Talking about height, Olajuwon Dickerson stands tall at 6 feet 1 inch.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Olajuwon Dickerson From?

Olajuwon hailed from Boston, Massachusetts but he currently lives in Brockton, Massachusetts

  • When Is Olajuwon Dickerson Birthday?

Olajuwon Dickerson celebrates his birthday on 9 May every year.

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