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Kayla Malecc Sister: Who Is Ashley Malec? Her Age, Job

Meet Ashley Malec, the sister of TikTok star Kayla Malecc. Kayla has shared very little of her sister on her socials. However, we’ve put together this bio which covers details about her age, job, and boyfriend.

So, learn more about Ashley as this article proceeds.

Meet Ashley Malec, Kayla Malecc Sister

Ashley Malec is not only the sister but also the twin sister of Kayla Malecc. They were born to their father Jeffrey Malec.

In 2023, Kayla received a lot of hate after her relationship with James Charles was discussed on social media. Kayla, a member of Gen Z, is skilled at drawing viewers in with her videos of her filling up the gas tank while wearing a princess-inspired gown and her highlighter-colored lips.

One of her most famous films, which was frequently humorous, showed her sneaking out of her house to evade the cameras her father had placed up because if she didn’t, he would be able to see that she had arrived at school late. Along with several videos showing her adopting foreign makeup looks, the free-spirited influencer also frequently posts personal experiences.

However, while millions of people admire Kayla, many others abhor her. Additionally, the fact that she has been seen hanging out with James Charles, a contentious beauty guru, surely doesn’t help.

In a TikTok video from August 2023, Kayla appeared to be friends with disgraced influencer James Charles, who had been accused of grooming children in 2021. Kayla made a suggestion in one video that she was taking a flight to Los Angeles so Charles could apply her cosmetics. Most of her supporters cheered for her.

However, it was evident from a now-deleted Reddit post on the r/tiktokgossip board that not everyone was happy with this. “James Charles offered to do her makeup so she’s flying to LA… why are people forgetting he’s literally a predator?” the user stated. Why do people fail to realize that he is a real predator?

Many individuals voiced their dissatisfaction with the scenario in the post’s comment area. One person claimed they were barred for saying “not James Charles” on Kayla’s video. Indeed, Kayla made it to Los Angeles and met James there. Kayla and Charles appear to be rather new acquaintances, regardless of how close they are. This might be the beginning of a growing friendship, but it also might just be a passing fling.

Prior to hanging out with Charles, Kayla had her fair share of haters. In another post on r/tiktokgossip, one Reddit user wrote Kayla’s name with the following note. “Why doesn’t this girl have a snark page? She’s the most annoying person on planet Earth.”

“I cannot stand her, she does everything for attention,” wrote one user. “The freckles for instance! She knows it looks horrible and agrees in her comments, she just lives off attention.”

Another user mocked how she acted in videos: “Omg guys I’m so gonna get grounded … but let’s do it anyways.”

Ashley Malec Age

Born on 24 December 2004, Asley Malec is 18 years old as of this writing in Aug 2023.

Ashley Malec Job

Ashley Malec is a high school graduate. She graduated from Portage High School as a class of 2023.

After graduation, Ashley announced on her IG, “To a new beginning, I couldn’t have done it without all the support from my family and friends. it really does fly by, so cherish every moment. I can’t wait to see what the future holds :).”

On her IG bio, Ashley wrote that she is a comedian. Plus, her social media reach is growing as she now has 3095 followers on her IG.

Is Ashley Malec Dating Anyone?

Yes, Ashley Malec is dating a guy and her boyfriend is named Ben Strickler. Ben is currently serving in the US Army. In March 2022 she announced, “so unbelievably proud 💙.”

Ben also posted a pic of the two on his IG and Ashley commented, “So so so proud of you ❤️ I love you.”

Meet Ben on Instagram.

Is Ashley Malec On TikTok And Instagram?

Yes, Ashley Malec is on Instagram (@_benjermen__) and TikTok (@ashleymalecc.fp).

Related FAQs

  • When Is Ashley Malec Birthday?

Ashley Malec’s birthday is on 24 December.

  • Where Is Ashley Malec From?

Ashley Malec hailed from Portage, Indiana.

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