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Melanie Bloom Age, Job, Nicole Brydon Bloom Mother

Meet Melanie Bloom, the mother of actress Nicole Brydon Bloom. She was recently spotted getting close with Justin Theroux. Who is the actress’s mom? What is her job? Get to know all about her in this article below.

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Meet Melanie Bloom, Nicole Brydon Bloom Mother

Actress Nicole Brydon Bloom’s mother is named Melanie Bloom. On Mother’s Day 2016, Nicole wished her mother, “Happy Mother’s Day @melanie.bloom! Love you to the moon and back always.”

Nicole was born to Melanie and her late father David Bloom. David died outside of Baghdad on April 5th while covering the war in Iraq. David was an energetic and talented reporter whose battlefield broadcasts gave millions a soldier’s view of war. He was born in Edina, Minnesota, and attended Pitzer College in Claremont, California where he was the national debate champion.

His televised triumph launched his career as a reporter that began in La Crosse, Wisconsin, and later in Wichita, Kansas. He moved to Miami as an investigative journalist for NBC in 1989. His work took him to Chicago, Los Angeles, and Washington, where David served as White House correspondent, and finally to New York as the weekend anchor of the Today Show.

Furthermore, in David’s last communication to his wife, Melanie, on April 5th, he wrote “When the moment comes in my life when you are talking about my last days, I am determined that you and others will say ‘he was devoted to his wife and children, he was admired, he gave every ounce of his being for those whom he cared most about…not himself, but God and his family.'”

Besides Nicole, Melanie and David have other two daughters named Ava and Christine Bloom. Ava was born in 1999 which makes her 23 years old. She is an Associate Intern at ENGAGE Projects. She also attended The Institute of Fine Arts, NYU, and the University of Notre Dame. Find her on IG.

Also, Christine is age 29, born in 1994. She is working as a Real Estate Paralegal at Greenberg Traurig, LLP. Christine attended the Convent of the Sacred Heart, the University of Amsterdam, Sciences Po Bordeaux, and Kenyon College. Find her on IG and FB.

Is Melanie Bloom Remarried?

Yes, Melanie Bloom is remarried now and her husband is named Daniel McNulty. They have been married since 2008. On their 10th anniversary, Nicole wished them, “happy anniversary to the couple of the decade!!! love you to pieces. 3650 days and counting… 💕💕💕 #10years #momanddad #thirdwheel.”

Daniel is age 65 born in July 1959. Before he married Melanie, he had two children named Alexandra McNulty and Gavin McNulty who he had with his late wife Susan Marie McNulty.

Also, Alexandra reached age 31 in October 2022. She is working as an Associate Director of Brand Strategy at Gallery Media Group. Gavin based in Detroit, Michigan is working as an Account Supervisor at Mindstream Media Group. He attended Brother Rice High School and Miami University.

Susan died on 30 July 1990.

Melanie Bloom Age

As of 2023, Melanie Bloom is 60. 1963 is her birth year.

Who Are Melanie Bloom Parents?

Melanie Bloom is the daughter of Gus and Candace Bohm. Her parents met in Montgomery City, Missouri while her father was teaching in high school. They were married on May 19, 1956, and moved to Lincoln, KS, where they both taught school.

Gus attended Washburn University after graduating from Glen Elder High School when he joined the Army Air Corps to fight in World War II. In the Asian theater, he was a B-24 bomber pilot. He went to Maryknoll Seminary and New York University after the war. He received his teaching certification from St. Louis University before going on to Kansas State University to complete his master’s degree in counseling.

In 1968 Gus accepted a job as an academic counselor with Cloud County Community College in Concordia, Kansas where he remained until his retirement.

Melanie’s siblings are named Rhondalyn Mock and her husband, Robert of Wichita, Kyle Bohm of Phoenix, AZ, and Christopher Bohm and wife, Sandra of Wichita.

Melanie Bloom Job

Melanie Bloom is the National Patient Spokesperson for the Coalition to Prevent DVT. She started the job after her first husband’s death. She’d never even heard of DVT before David’s death. Risk factors, according to her, include a person’s lifestyle, age over 40, being overweight, smoking, being hospitalized, being a woman who uses birth control or hormone replacement treatment, and having cancer.

“It’s really a combination of having three or more of these risk factors in place at any given time,” said Melanie. “For example my husband again 39, healthy, but he had restricted mobility in his legs, sleeping every night in a tank with his chin pulled up to his knees, and sitting on a long airplane ride, for example, can cause the same restricted circulation in the legs. Being dehydrated, people should drink a lot of water so their blood does not become more sluggish. But they say if you have three or more of these at any given time, that is when you should be aware of your risk of developing a DVT. It can feel like pain or tender swelling in the leg, but if the clot breaks free and hits the lungs, it could feel like shortness of breath or chest pain, sometimes people describe it almost like they are having a heart attack.”

Moreover, Melanie was very supportive of her husband’s career. They met in 1988 in Wichita, Kansas, when David, a reporter for a TV station there, moved into the apartment next door. They became a couple and were married in March 1990. David’s career with NBC took them to Miami, Chicago, Los Angeles, and Washington as a White House correspondent, then to New York, where he was the weekend anchor for “The Today” show, and, finally, to Baghdad.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Melanie Bloom Birthday?

Melanie Bloom’s birthday is on 2 January.

  • Where Does Melanie Bloom Reside?

Melanie Bloom resides in Darien, Connecticut.

  • Is Melanie Bloom On Instagram And Facebook?

Yes, Melanie Bloom is on Instagram (@melanie.bloom) but not on Facebook.

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