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Kaylin Hedges Parents: Hailey And Jeffrey Hedges! Age, Job

Kaylin Hedges never expected the surprises she would get when she stepped in to audition for American Idol season 23. Let alone the Platinum Ticket, the young singer wasn’t even hoping for the golden ticket. And when her dad made a surprise appearance, her happiness knew no bounds.

So, who are Kaylin Hedges’ parents? Keep reading to find out.

American Idol: Who Are Kaylin Hedges Parents?

Kaylin Hedges was born to her parents, Hailey and Jeffrey Hedges. They’ve been her number-one fans and biggest supporters since day one. However, her military dad was mostly absent from her life while she was growing up. Nevertheless, she loved him to the moon and even dedicated her American Idol audition song “I’m Already There” to him.

“It’s just a song that sort of explains everything that has happened with us being so far away,” she said at the time. “I just relate to it a lot.”

Surprisingly, after Kaylin wowed the judges, Katy Perry queued up a surprise video message from her dad. I have nothing but pride and admiration for you. I know I’ve missed lots of holidays and birthdays and major life events for you, but I just want you to know that no matter where I am, I’m already there, so take a look around,” Jeffrey said before the camera panned to him walking onto the stage.

Kaylin then rushed to him and enveloped him in her emotional embrace. She also then ran out of the room to get her mother, who had no idea her husband had made the trip.

The family of three united after a long time on American Idol season 23.

Meet Hailey Hedges, Kaylin Hedges Mom

Hailey Hedges is Kaylin Hedges’ loving mother. She said that she was unaware that her husband planned the surprise for their daughter, and for this, she’s “still crying.”

Also, she recalled the day and mentioned that her favorite about the audition was  Katy Perry wishing that her kids talked about her the way Kaylin talked about her parents. “That really hit home that we’re doing something right,” Hailey remarked.

Overall, Hailey said that her daughter was a “good human being who is humble and kind.”

  • Hailey Hedges Age

Hailey Hedges was born in January 1986. That made her 37 years of age in 2023.

Her maiden name is “Miller,” and she has a sister named Savannah Lee Miller. In 2023, Savannah lived in her hometown Orlando, Florida with her husband Rermite Ward (owner of Pro Tilt LLC).

  • Hailey Hedges Job

Hailey Hedges is a Casting Assistant. She finally landed her dream job in July 2019 after years of trying to make headway in the casting world. It was the same month she graduated from the CSA casting assistant program. After graduation, she took to her FB to write, “I am going to work hard to work up the chain and do my best and I am so excited! To find something you truly love is in of itself a real gift and I am so beyond grateful to have found that”

Prior to starting a career in casting, Hailey lived her life as a homemaker for 15 long hair. But she’s no regrets that she didn’t start her career sooner. “I have loved every moment of both adventures I am super super excited to add another adventure and show my daughter to never give up on yourself or your dreams,” she said.

  • Is Hailey Hedges On Instagram?

Find Hailey on Instagram @hedgeshailey.

Also, here’s her Facebook @hailey.hedges.9.

Meet Jeffrey Hedges, Kaylin Hedges Dad

Jeffrey Hedges is Kaylin Hedges’ dad who gave her the surprise of her life.

After surprising her and also receiving the Platinum ticket to Hollywood together, Jeffrey said, “I’m overwhelmed. I mean, it’s amazing to see.”

  • Jeffrey Hedges Age

Jeffrey Hedges was 39 years of age when his daughter auditioned for American Idol in 2023.

This means is two years older than Hailey, and 24 years older than Kaylin.

  • Jeffrey Hedges Job

Jeffrey Hedges is a military man. He worked as a Senior Radiology Sergeant in the US Army for as long as Kaylin can remember. This was also why he couldn’t be there for his daughter as he had to move around a lot.

His last order to move to Hawaii came in July 2020. This was also when he had to leave the family behind as Kaylins had just started high school and they didn’t want to move her back in the middle of high school.

“Being an army wife and family can be tough it is for sure a sacrifice! I am so beyond proud of my husband for all of the sacrifices he’s made! I am also proud of my kids and the sacrifice they make every day,” Hailey praised her husband for his work,

  • Is Jeffrey Hedges On Instagram?

Jeffrey wasn’t on Instagram. But find him on Facebook @jeffrey.hedges.5.

Related FAQs

  • Are Kaylin Hedges Parents Still Together?

Yes, Kaylin’s parents are still together as of 2023.

  • Where Do Kaylin Hedges Parents Reside?

Kaylin’s parents resided in New York, New York. Infact, Jeffrey only came to NY in 2023, a year before his expected arrival.

  • How Many Children Do Kaylin Hedges Parents Have?

Kaylin’s parents share two kids — Kaylin and Emalyn.

While Kaylin needs no introduction, their younger child, Emalyn is also into music and is blessed with a beautiful voice.

Emalyn turned 12 in November 2022 and is already in 10th grade.

“She is the funniest kid ever and I love her so much! She has defiantly taught me a lot about parenting she is never afraid to say or do what she wants and I her own way! Emalyn makes an impression everywhere she goes and is team mom always,” Hailey praised her secondborn.

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