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Keaton Hoskins aka The Muscle Net Worth, Age, Height, Wife

Since its premiere on 4 January 2016, Diesel Brothers on Discovery channel has followed friends Dave Sparks and David Kiley, the founders of DieselSellerz, as they fix up used and broken diesel vehicles. Then, there is also Keaton Hoskins as The Muscle, featured on the show. He is a longtime friend of Heavy D and Red Beard, who teamed up with Heavy D to aid in the growth of the crew’s business.

Now, let’s look into details as to who The Muscle, Keaton Hoskins is.

What Happened To Keaton Hoskins aka The Muscle? Is He Still With The Diesel Brothers?

For some reason, IMDB did not credit Keaton Hoskins aka The Muscle for the remaining seasons of Diesel Brothers after 2020. According to it, Keaton appeared on the show from 2016 through 2020 in a total of 18 episodes.

But, Keaton took to his IG on 8 November 2022, glimpses of him on the new season of Diesel Brothers.

Keaton Hoskins aka The Muscle Job: What Does The Diesel Brothers Star Do For A Living?

Keaton Hoskins shares that he learned early on in life that he never needed money or connections to start and build companies and he implemented simple principles in every successful company since that first one. He claims that he has never spent more than $7,500 to start or launch any of them. And like he said, Keaton actually has since built an 8-figure business and has found financial success in every business he has ever launched.

Outside of The Diesel Brothers, Keaton has been in the fitness industry for as long as he can remember. He has been a personal trainer to over 2,500 people and loves to help people achieve their fitness goals.

How Much Is Keaton Hoskins aka The Muscle Net Worth?

Keaton Hoskins reportedly had an above $1.25 million net worth as of 2022.

He also is the author of the book The Divorce Handbook: The hardest thing about divorce: Going to war with yourself and the creator of Limitless Society.

Who Is Keaton Hoskins aka The Muscle Ex-Wife?

Keaton Hoskins aka The Muscle’s ex-wife is Jenny Hoskins. Even through a divorce she and Keaton have managed to have a beautiful bonding of co-parents. Yes. They share two beautiful daughters.

Keaton is known for posting heartwarming captions dedicated to not only his daughters but also to his ex-wife. For instance, back in October 2018, he wrote on Facebook that how despite their divorce being “HARD”, he had until that time managed to show his daughters that he is always going to put them and their mother in front of his needs.  He said it is important for him that his kids see the way he treats their mother is how a man should treat them.

So, like that, Keaton even today appears like he is grateful for the mother of his children even though they are not married. Until 2018, he also gushed that Jenny even through divorced remained the greatest mother he could have asked for, for his two beautiful daughters.

He is also open-minded when it comes to paying child support. He strongly believes a man is worthless if he is not able to take care of his children.

Keaton Hoskins aka The Muscle Wife

Keaton Hoskins aka The Muscle is married again and he is so in love with this wife of his. She is Madi, aka Maddie, and could be found on IG @madi___mae with 215 posts and 26.7K followers as of 11 November 2022. Here, in its BIO, she introduces herself as the mama to four little babies and as someone who married her best friend.

Madi also is the brain behind the She Leads project that invites women to spend a day with other women in a space that empowers them and brings out the best in them. A safe space, as she puts it, helps in connecting women on the same journey of discovering themselves.

She and Keaton got engaged over the holidays back in December 2020. Then, a year later in June 2021, they welcomed their daughter Everlee Victoria Hoskins. Madi, at this point, was still just a fianceé.

Before this, Madi also gave birth to Rahzee Lynn Patterson, with her ex being the father of the baby girl, in July 2018.

Keaton Hoskins, his wife, and the kids as seen on the 4th of July 2022 (PIC: Instagram)

So, Keaton and Madi’s respective kids from their respective previous relationships and their only daughter combined make up for a blended family. They often show up together as a family on Instagram.

Keaton Hoskins aka The Muscle Age

Keaton Hoskins aka The Muscle turned 36 in 2022. And like every year on his birthday, even then he believed that his life has consistently gotten better every year.

Is Keaton Hoskins aka The Muscle On Instagram?

Indeed. Keaton Hoskins aka The Muscle could be found on Instagram @the.muscle with 3,974 posts and 1.2M followers as of 12 November 2022. He also entertained around 653K followers on his ‘The Muscle’ Facebook.

Here, besides his wives and kids, he also often talked about his mother and baby sister (who got married in 2019).

About his mother, Keaton even admitted on Diesel Brothers that he is greatly influenced by her. Watching her take care of her sick husband while raising five kids (including him) mostly by herself, Keaton says he has only respect for her.

Keaton Hoskins aka The Muscle Height And Weight

Keaton Hoskins stands above 5’11” in height. He is regularly on a mission to build great muscles and lose overall weight. The last time he talked about it, he was on a ’30 day weight loss challenge and starting from 308.8 lbs he had come to 263.0 lbs, losing 45.8 lbs in 30 days. And this was him preparing himself for a certain competition with the winning prize money, $2,500.

Looking back at July 2018, Keaton was at 310 lbs and lifting lightweight for most of his workouts.

Keaton Hoskins aka The Muscle New House

After having spent a couple of years in its construction and then the design, Keaton finally showed us his new house ready to be lived in, in January 2022. Then next to a beautiful glimpse of this mansion of his, he confessed that one day on his death bed, he will happily smile and die knowing did every damn thing he ever dreamt of.

Related FAQs

  • Did Keaton Hoskins aka The Muscle Work For The Diesel Brothers?

Yes. Keaton Hoskins aka The Muscle has worked for The Diesel Brothers and likely continued doing so even now.

He and Diesel Dave have been friends ever since they first met in the 8th grade.

Keaton, being the master at finding rare parts, once drove a diesel truck. He fell in love and has been building them ever since at DieselSellerz. As for Heavy D, he met him a few years ago through friends and decided to join him and Redbeard on this crazy journey into the diesel world.

So, together, they have not only been business partners, but also great friends.

  • When Is Keaton Hoskins aka The Muscle Birthday?

Keaton Hoskins’s birthday is on September 6th and that makes him a Virgo.

  • Where Is Keaton Hoskins aka The Muscle From?

Keaton Hoskins aka The Muscle is from Utah.

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