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Keiana Stewart Bio, Age, Job, Net Worth, Married, RHOP

Keiana Stewart is the cast member appearing on Real Housewives of Potomac as a friend of Wendy Osefo. Before the show premiered, she had already made headlines. So who is Keiana? How old is she? How much is her net worth?

Get to know her via this article below.

RHOP: Meet Keiana Stewart, Wendy Osefo Friend

Wendy Osefo’s friend Keiana Stewart has joined the cast of Real Housewives of Potomac in 2023.

According to TV Deets, “Keiana, who has been filming with Wendy since April and has met the other Housewives, is an accomplished businesswoman and the owner of K. Stewart Beauty & Wellness located in Baltimore, Maryland. She attended Candiace’s concert on June 10 (pictured), marking the first time the new co-stars have been seen in public together — although the concert was not filmed by Bravo for Season 8.”

It’s interesting to note that Keiana wasn’t the only fresh face joining the Real Housewives of Potomac in season nine. Nneka Ihim is another new cast member this season. Social media has been buzzing with rumors that this season, the Nigerian lawyer and Dr. Wendy have been at odds.

Therefore, Keiana may be joining the group to level up the playing field. All of the cast from the previous season, including Candiace, Gizelle Bryant, Ashley Darby, Karen Huger, Mia Thornton, and, yes, Robyn Dixon, is expected to return to RHOP in addition to Wendy and the newcomers. You can’t fire someone for covering up your cheating scandal behind a Patreon paywall, after all.

Keiana made headlines back in July 2023 after getting into a massive brawl. She reportedly had to get 11 stitches after she was allegedly hit in the head with a bottle by a co-star, a source close to the group tells The Messenger.

Deborah Williams, a RHOP cast member who had previously made appearances on the show as a friend, was seen fighting with Keiana Stewart in the TMZ tape. The video showed Stewart and Williams collapsing to the ground as a security guard tried to break them up, though it was unclear what sparked the altercation. Gizelle Bryant, a cast member, also seems to be thrown to the ground.

Candiace Dillard-Bassett, who was seen ready to swing a champagne bottle at the start of the video, is later seen screaming, “Get her the f— out” while being restrained by security, though it’s unclear who she is referencing.

In response to questions about the confrontation with Wendy Osefo’s friend Keiana Stewart, Ashley Darby’s friend Deborah Williams intimated that the “whole video” was not released. A fan account, meanwhile, dissected the publicly released video to reveal the purported “instigator.”

According to TMZ, there was blood spilled during the brawl, and the police were summoned. The circumstances leading up to the altercation between Deborah and Candiace Dillard Bassett on Real Housewives of Potomac are still up for debate, but it appears that tensions were high.

Karen teased details about Keiana’s “unfortunate” physical fight during season 8 exclusively to HollywoodLife. “I really like K [Keiana] — I call her K. It’s unfortunate, but we will rise and we will survive as RHOP,” Karen told HollywoodLife at BravoCon on Friday, November 3. “And we will increase security.”

While Keiana allegedly threw the first punch, the source claimed Deborah “definitely won” the fight. No arrests were made nor charges pressed at the time of the incident.

Keiana Stewart Job

Keiana Stewart is the owner of K. Stewart Beauty & Wellness, located in Baltimore, Maryland. It’s a medspa specializing in laser treatments, botox, and all of the other fun little procedures we love to see on Housewives. She has over 12 years of experience as a stylist, coloring expert, and provider of educational literature.

Running about her business, Keiana shared, “A couple of years ago, I was like when I retire, I am going to open a Medspa on the water and I am not going to do hair anymore. My preliminary step to that was I started buying all types of skincare products and putting them in my salon. I was like the first actual salon that had Murad inside the salon, which was crazy at the time because Murad was only sold at Sephora.”

According to her Instagram bio, Keiana also owns a hair company. Therefore, she calls herself a ​​”face snatcher” and “weave slayer.”

How Much Is Keiana Stewart Net Worth?

Keiana Stewart’s net worth is above $1 million.

Keiana Stewart Age

Born in 1987, Keiana Stewart is 36 years old (as of 2023).

Keiana Stewart Family

Keiana Stewart is the daughter of Franciou Gilliam.

On Mother’s Day 2020, Keiana wished her mom, “Thank you Mom for all that you do for all of us daily. You’re my number one fan and greatest inspiration. No one compares ❤️ love you deep Happy Mother’s Day 👑.”

Franciou is available on Facebook and Instagram.

Keiana has a brother named Brian Stewart. He is a natural bodybuilder works in healthcare management and resides in Baltimore, Maryland.

Moreover, she has featured her nephews and nieces on her socials too.

Is Keiana Stewart Married?

No, Keiana Stewart is not married but she was engaged before. She was engaged to her boyfriend-turned-fiance, who was also her business partner.

Keiana added, “Also at that time, I had just launched Metro PCS with my previous fiancé. It was like a big thing for me. I was just getting really into it and then he passed away. When he passed away, I had completely stopped doing the whole skincare project. I had launched all the products in December 2014 and had a major event and literally on April 29, 2015, he passed away.”

Talking about how she dealt with her fiance’s passing, Keiana shared that she went through so many phases and became a workaholic.

Keiana added, “My first year, I went into overdrive. I took one week off and my passion really healed me. One of the biggest things was that I had a lot of love around me and I didn’t realize how much people loved me because I had never been through anything. When you don’t go through anything you just think that people like you. But when I went through that, people really loved me.”

Talking about the grieving process and her friend’s support, she added, “My friends really made it their business to make sure that I was ok. I just allowed myself to go through every phase that I needed to go through. I was talking to a really close friend of mine and she was like when you don’t want to grieve anymore you don’t have to. Really, a couple of months after that, I was like, yeah I don’t want to grieve anymore. I allowed that to be my truth. I had done it all, soul searching, yoga, quiet time, and traveling the world.”

As of this article in 2023, Keiana appears single.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Keiana Stewart From?

Keiana Stewart hailed from Baltimore, Maryland. She may have hailed from England or Germany.

  • Is Keiana Stewart On Instagram?

Yes, Keiana Stewart is available on Instagram (@iamkstewart) and Facebook (@keiana.stewart).

  • When Is Keiana Stewart Birthday?

Keiana Stewart’s birthday is on 28 November.

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