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Sharon Doumitt Age, Job, Gold Rush Chris Doumitt Wife

Sharon Doumit is the wife of Gold Rush star Chris Doumitt.

Chris returned for season 14 as one of the cast members in 2023. So, fans who have been wondering about who Chris is married to, here we introduce you to his wife. This article covers details about her age, family, job, education, children, and more.

Meet Sharon Doumitt, Gold Rush Chris Doumitt Wife

Gold Rush’s veteran minder Chris Doumitt is married to his wife Sharon Doumitt. In February 2023, Sharon and Chris celebrated their 52nd wedding anniversary. The couple reportedly exchanged their wedding vows in a very intimate ceremony.

After graduating from David Douglas High School, Sharon attended Mt. Hood Community College, as per her social media accounts. The two were childhood friends in Oregon.

In these 52 years together as a married couple, they have seen all the highs and lows together. Sharon has been battling multiple types of cancers. Chris has to deal with attempting to strike gold on a reality TV show that airs nationwide. That made it possible for everyone in America to learn about his private affairs, and he had to deal with that in addition to his constant worry that his wife would become increasingly ill.

Even worse, he had to leave her behind in order to dig for the next big strike when gold season started.

For a while, Chris left the show to take care of his wife, but their personal issues didn’t stop there. He was reportedly unable to return home to his wife and family after his truck, passport, and credit cards were taken, which put him in a difficult situation. For the Gold Rush celebrity, it was a trying period.

Chris was able to get his passport when the person who had stolen it from his truck was apprehended by the authorities in Slave Lake, Alberta, Canada. The insurance company made the decision to “total out” his truck since it would have been more expensive to ship it back to Chris than to buy him a new one.

Back to their family, the couple share two children named Jason Doumitt and Heather Vanluen.

Jason reached age 45 in August 2023. He has also appeared on Gold Rush. Heather is 46 years old and appears to be residing in San Rafael, California. In November 2020, Chris posted on his Facebook, “Proud of my daughter. Well done Heather.”

Briefly talkin about Gold Rush’s Chris, he has worked for 25 years as a plant carpenter before he came to the Klondike.

When Chris was asked to build a cottage for the Hoffmans in 2010, it was an accidental start to his career in gold mining. Chris was supposed to work with Todd’s crew for ten days, but he ended up staying for five months. Chris discovered how to mine gold during that period via trial and error. One of Parker’s most loyal crew members, Chris joined the show in season 4.

In 2023, Chris is 72 years of age. He can be spotted having cigars which became so popular that he started selling cigars as a side business.

He’s had years of back injuries from repetitive actions, much like a lot of other people. He could not move at all due to excruciating back pain, which worsened at the same time his wife received a cancer diagnosis. It eventually reached the point where he needed surgery to get the agony under control. Fortunately, the procedure went well, and he can now resume his favorite activities without any pain.

Before he started looking for gold, he worked as a carpenter. He has never been afraid of work and in fact, he has always been happy to do whatever he could to make sure that he was adequately providing for his family.

Sharon Doumitt Age

Sharon Doumitt is 72 years old as of 2023. She was born in July 1951.

What Is Sharon Doumitt Maiden Name?

Sharon Doumitt’s maiden name is allegedly Arthur.

She is the daughter of Charles Stanley Arthur and Yvonne (Luckey) Arthur. Her father passed away in early childhood, so the family made many moves from a little farm deep in Missouri to St. Louis and eventually back to Oregon. Her childhood was not easy, but she depended on her sisters.

Sharon’s one sister Mary Ruth Irwin passed away on 19 October 2011 from a hard-to-treat recurrent ovarian cancer. Her other sisters are named Carla Kepler (Skip), Yvonne Young (Keith), Donna Oliver (Ken), Darlene Girt (Tom), and her brother Verne Miller.

One of her extended family members Maggie Miller passed away on 18 September 2010.

Sharon Doumitt Job

Sharon Doumitt, according to her LinkedIn, is retired now. She went to Reynolds High School. Whereas, her Facebook states that she graduated from David Douglas High School and Mt. Hood Community College.

Per her IMDB, Sharon has appeared on two episodes of Gold Rush.

Sharon Doumitt Height

Sharon Doumitt stands tall at the height of 5’3”.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Sharon Doumitt From?

Sharon Doumitt hailed from Sandy, Oregon.

  • When Is Sharon Doumitt Birthday?

Sharon Doumitt’s birthday is in July.

  • Is Sharon Doumitt On Instagram?

Yes, Sharon Doumitt is on Instagram (@sharondoumitt) and Facebook (@sharon.doumitt).

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