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Keli’i Chock Bio, Today, Net Worth, Still Married?

Pit Bulls and Parolees introduced to us not only Tia Maria Torres, but also her kids, and employees as they hand in hand ran the Villalobos Rescue Center in New Orleans.

Fans did not just get to know but also loved immensely Keli’i “Moe” Chuck, one of Tia’s adopted twins. We shall now tell you all about him, what’s he been up to in recent years, and more.

Where Is Keli’i Chock From Pitbulls & Parolees Today?

Like his siblings, Keli’i Chock continued working as an officer at his mom Tia’s Villalobos Rescue Center. Since its inauguration on 8 October 2013, Tia and the crew, including Keli’i, have worked towards rescuing pit bulls and other dogs who are abandoned, neglected and dumped by their owners.

Outside of this, Keli’i also maybe doing some welding jobs as he happens to have studied Arc Welding at this likely institution “collage of the canyon”. He mentions being graduated from here in 2010.

Most recently, i.e. around October 2022, he was also continually showing off his exotic bikes from his garage via social media.

Keli’i Chock Accident

It was on Keli’i Chock but his twin brother Kanani who got into a bike accident in August of 2020. Tia and the rest of the family were really heartbroken when they had to see him get into a near-fatal accident.

Losing control of his bike Kanani crashed. He was taken to hospital and had to be away from Pitbulls & Parolees for a whole season. Fortunately, he survived the accident.

Keli’i Chock’s Net Worth

Keli’i Chock’s net worth was not yet understood. But, his mother, according to Celebrity Net Worth, had an estimated $300,000 in 2021.

How Old Is Keli’i Chock?

Keli’i was born ‘Keli’i Kanani Chock’ in 1987 and that made him a 35-year-old in 2022.

Who Are Keli’i Chock And His Twin Brother To Tia Torres?

Tia Torres is the mother to two biological and two adopted kids. Her adopted twins are Kanani and Keli’i “Moe” Chock. Fans of Pit Bulls and Parolees, also have been acquainted with the fact the twins met Tia through her daughter Mariah.

Because Keli’i Chock and his brother had a difficult childhood, Mariah brought them over to her home. The twins thereafter began to spend more and more time over at the Torres home and thus they became family eventually.

Since then, other than a brother, Keli’i also, fortunately, got two sisters, Tania and Mariah Torres. Tania is Tia’s eldest biological daughter. She has been married to Perry Sanchez since 2013. They also welcomed a daughter named Salem-Wolf Clementine in 2017.

As for Mariah, she is the youngest one. She was married to Marcel, whom she met through working at Villalobos. They tied the knot in 2016 only to get a divorce two years later. Other than the animal rescue stories, Pit Bulls & Parolees was known mostly for the love story of these two.

Keli’i Chock Father

There was no information on Keli’i Chock. But everyone, at least the show’s fans have been aware of the fact that Aren Marcus Jackson, Tia’s husband, is his adoptive father.

Tia and Aren Marcus have been married for over a decade now. They exchanged their wedding vows in the year 2006.

Is Keli’i Chock Still Married?

On 26 October 2022, Distractify wrote about Keli’i Chock, that he is still married to his wife Lizzy. With Lily, Keli’i also has two kids.

About Lily, she has been not only Keli’i’s favorite but also of everyone in the family. Keli’i proposed to her in front of Villalobos after her first successful home check and adoption. There were friends, family, and their furry friends, next to them celebrating their day.

After they got married, Tia, the mother-in-law, herself gushed about Lily carrying a big load for the rescue, not only in the dog sense but as a new family member. She said that it must have been tough for the new bride to get used to her not-so-traditional in-laws. Tia also had warned Lily beforehand that with her son she had her hands full with him.

So, Lily decided to marry Tia’s son anyway, on 19 September 2015, and she thus became an official member of the Villalobos family, fully acclimated to New Orleans culture.

Later in life, the couple welcomed two children. The first to come was Nakoa. He was born on 26 July 2017. Only then, Nakoa’s sister Dakota arrived. She turned 3 on 1 December 2021.

Keli’i Chock and the kids as seen on a Sunday on a playground in September 2022 (PIC: Instagram)

We could tell more about this family, maybe if Lizzy had not deleted her IG account @lizzychock by the time of this writing.

Keli’i’s twin is also married, to a wife, also named Mariah, and they have two kids.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Keli’i Chock From?

Keli’i Chock comes from Hawaii. As of 2022 though he had been staying in New Orleans, Louisiana.

  • When Is Keli’i Chock’s Birthday?

Keli’i Chock’s birthday is on April 20th and that makes him a Taurus.

  • Is Keli’i Chock On Instagram?

Keli’i Chock could be found on Instagram @thehawaiiankid where his BIO read “Being a dad! ridding bikes! Family! Love my dogs”. This account was with 530 posts and 29.7K followers as of 28 November 2022. He also ocassionally showed glimpses of his life on Facebook

  • How Tall Is Keli’i Chock?

Keli’i Chock stands below 5’1” in height. He looks exactly the same as his twin brother, with only a few features to recognize them apart.

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