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Pitbulls & Parolees: Where Is Kanani Chock Today?

It’s been quite a while since Pitbulls & Parolees star Tia Maria Torres’ son Kanani Chock got into a catastrophic accident. He’s since disappeared from the show and fans are starting to wonder where he is now and what he is doing today.

This article explores Kanani Chock’s life after the incident.

Where Is Kanani Chock From Pitbulls & Parolees Today?

Well, at the moment of writing this article, Kanani Chock was vacationing with his loved ones in Cozumel, Mexico. “Beach day! The water is so blue and clear with exotic reef fish,” his wife wrote on IG on pictures from their trip.

The Pitbulls & Parolees star lived in Napoleonville, Louisiana then.

But Kanani’s last post on his IG was dated July 2021. He’s been inactive ever since.

Is Kanani Chock Still Alive?

Yes, Kanani Chock is still alive. He survived the catastrophic accident and has recovered completely.

For those who don’t know, Kanani is a motorcycle stunt fanatic. In one of his stunt performances, he was involved in a serious accident and immediately rushed to the hospital, leaving him to fight for dear life.

In Pitbulls & Parolees, his family was also seen rallying around him at the hospital.

Kanani Chock Net Worth

Kanani Chock garnered a net worth of above $250 thousand by 2022.

As for his job, besides the stunt work, he also worked as the director of the Tahyo Tavern, a family-owned restaurant/small bar at 1140 Decatur St., New Orleans, LA.

The Tahyo Tavern was incorporated back in July 2016.

Is Kanani Chock Still Married To Mariah 2?

Yes, as of 2022, Kanani Chock is still married to Mariah Chock a.k.a Mariah 2. The two were last seen out celebrating Halloween followed by their 4th anniversary on November 2, 2022. That day, the two got dinner and stayed the night in the Mansion at Nottoway Plantation where they got married.

And for the week, they went on their first vacation without their kids in a long time. “I miss them but it’s been so amazing to spend some alone time together. Progreso in the Yucatán,” Mariah said.

Find Mariah 2 on IG @mariahchock_m2 and FB @mariah.thompson.3979.

Kanani Chock Daughter

Kanani Chock has a daughter named Leilana, born on November 7, 2020.

Recalling the delivery, Mariah said that it was the “calmest and most loving delivery experience.”

On Leilana’s 2nd birthday, Mariah took it to her IG to write, “The world is not ready for you baby girl. You are going to do great things and I can’t wait to watch it happen. I love you so much, my sweet baby. Mommy is so proud of you.”

Likewise, on Leilana’s first birthday, Mariah confessed that she was terrified to be a girl’s mom. “I didn’t know if I had it in me. Luke and I were so close and I had the boy mom thing down,” she explained. But boy she was wrong! Now, she feels blessed to have a baby girl in the show and she just can’t wait to see her grow up into the “brave, confident, caring, independent woman” 

Also, the star added that Leilana’s big personality completed their lives in so many ways.

Besides Leilana, Kanani also shares a son with Mariah named Luke.

Luke was born in May 2002.

Fun fact: Luke has a “Yes day” in August 2020 — the one where his mom cannot say no to whatever he wants. Surprisingly, the good child didn’t make her go broke. He went to Da swamp Trampoline park, then to Olive Garden to eat lunch, and finally to the celebration station where they rode Go Karts,  played putt-putt golf, batting cages, and an arcade. Thereafter, he hit the movies to watch the new DC Pet movie to end the day.

Who Is Kanani Chock Father?

Kanani Chock was private about his biological family. So, we’ve no information about his father.

Were Kanani Chock And His Twin Brother Adopted?

Yes, Kanani Chock and his twin brother Keli’i “Moe” Chock were adopted by Tia Torres.

Kanani and his twin brother had a difficult childhood. So, one day, Tia’s biological brought them over to her home. And as they began to spend more and more time over at her home, they became family, legally as well.

So, this makes Tania, Kanani’s older sister. Tania got married back in 2013 to Perry Sanchez. They share a daughter named Salem-Wolf Clementine back in 2017.

Also, Mariah is now Kanani’s sister.

As for his brother, Moe was married to a woman named Lizzy. The couple has a son named Nakoa.

Find Moe on IG @thehawaiiankid. He’s also a bike fanatic featured on Pitbulls & Parolees.

Also, he worked with Kanani at Villalobos Rescue Center – Life 4 Paws, Inc. Buth e wasn’t as involved as Kanani who was often shown doing various projects around the ranch and tending to the kennels.

Kanani and his twin brother also had a musical band.

Related FAQs

  • How Old Is Kanani Chock?

Kanani was born on April 20, 1987. That made him 35 years of age in 2022, and of the Taurus zodiac.

  • Is Kanani Chock On Instagram?

Find Kanani on Instgram @chockkanani.

Also, here’s his Facebook @kanani.chock.7

  • How Tall Is Kanani Chock?

 Kanani stands tall at a height of 6 feet 1 inch (185 cm).

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