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Kelly McAdams Bio, Net Worth, Husband, I Love A Mama’s Boy

A mother’s love is instinctual, unconditional, and forever. But the mothers on I Love A Mama’s Boy are literally taking the meaning of “mother’s love” to the next level. Being involved with their son’s relationship and even s*x life, these mothers aren’t making things easier for their son as well as his girlfriend. Take a look at Kelly McAdams, who obstructed her son Matt’s relationship on I Love A Mama’s Boy season 2. She’s now back for the show’s third installment to judge Matt’s next girlfriend.

Let’s learn more about her as this Kelly McAdams Bio proceeds.

Kelly McAdams On TLC’s I Love A Mama’s Boy

TLC’s I Love A Mama’s Boy season 3 hit the screen on June 19, 2022, and there appeared Kelly McAdams once again alongside her son Matt, in a love triangle with him and his new girlfriend Brittany.

Just like the previous season, Matt’s new girlfriend needed Kelly’s seal of approval if she wanted a long-lasting relationship with the star. However, given that Kelly didn’t want to “share” her son with anybody, Brittany definitely didn’t have an easy time convincing her lover’s mom.

Guess the history was repeating itself.

In case you missed the season 2 drama, Matt’s then-girlfriend Kim called off their engagement and dumped him because of his bossy mother.

Mat and Kim first met over Tinder and moved to a new home after living with Kelly was affecting their sex life. Well, given Matt and his mother went to a store for lingerie shopping for Kim (to heat things in the bedroom), obviously, Kim had to draw a line somewhere.

After getting dumped, Matt then wallowed in self-pity and grief, while Kelly did everything she could to console him. And this was also one of the reasons why Matt wouldn’t stay apart from his mother. She’s his rock, his best friend, and the reason he is who he is today. “I couldn’t imagine doing it all without her. She has encouraged me to take chances and to always believe that anything is possible,” Matt praised her.

For those viewers scrutinizing Kelly, Matt implored them to “sit back and laugh as they joined (them) as extended family members.” He added that they signed up to “allow people to view inside (their) lives and see the fun, crazy, and strong bond that (they) have developed,” not to be judged.

Kelly McAdams Job

Kelly McAdams is a real estate agent. Her real estate license was issued by California Real Estate Department on July 1, 2019, and it was valid until June 30, 2023.

The last we checked, Kelly was employed at Newvision Realty Group.

According to some fans, Kelly always had that “cheesy real estate look,” and there even was a thread on Reddit discussing her job. Well, it seems they were right.

“I’VE BEEN WONDERING THE SAME THING!!! They could totally 100% be real estate agents. I think that’s why they don’t skeeve me out as much as the other moms/sons, it seems like this is just a publicity stunt for them,” a user commented on the Reddit thread.

A few others also accused the mother-son of the publicity stunt.

How Much Is Kelly McAdams Net Worth?

Kelly McAdams garnered a net worth of under $1 million by 2022.

For those of you wondering, a real estate agent (Kelly’s job) in California made around $60 thousand per annum.

Kelly McAdams Husband

Kelly McAdams’s husband is named Patrick McAdams. Together, they share three kids — Matt, Jaclyn, and Jackie McAdams.

Talking a little about her husband, Patrick was the owner of the now-defunct painting company McAdams Painting Inc. He started the company back in Jan 2015 under the entity type domestic stock in California.

Patrick turned 74 years of age in Jan 2022.

Kelly McAdams Age

Kelly McAdams was 59 years of age when she appeared on I Love A Mama’s Boy season 3 in 2022.

She celebrates her birthday in the same month as her husband i.e. in January, making her either of Capricorn or Aquarius zodiac.

What Is Kelly McAdams Maiden Name?

Kelly McAdams’ maiden name is “Coble.”

Trivia: Kelly’s childhood hero was Elvis Presley. She still loves cosplaying him.

Kelly McAdams Family

Kelly McAdams comes from a family of seven.

Sadly, her parents Gina Vickrey and George Coble have long passed away.

Her father, George took his last breath at the age of 87 in 2013. He was a Kalamazoo, Michigan native who went on to become a certified welder, and later, a successful business owner.

As for her mother, Gina left this world at 82 in Feb 2010 after a courageous battle with Cancer. She was a Pueblo, CO, native who loved cooking for her family, sewing, and playing Poker or Rummy with her grandchildren.

Mentioning Kelly’s siblings are — Gina Vickrey, Terry Sandoval, Michael Sandoval, and John Coble.

Related FAQs

  • Is Kelly McAdams On Instagram?

No, Kelly wasn’t on Instagram. However, she was heavily featured on her son’s IG @mcadams_matt.

Here’s her Facebook @kellymcadamsrealestateservices. This is her professional page. The last we checked it only had a 1.1-star rating.

  • Where Does Kelly McAdams Live Today?

Kelly resides in Loomis, CA, today (as of 2022).

  • How Tall Is Kelly McAdams?

Kelly stands tall at a height under 5 feet 3 inches (160 cm).

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