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Laila Sekander Bio, Husband, Age, IG, I Love A Mama’s Boy

Season 3 of I Love A Mama’s Boy premiered on 19 June 2022 as it continued to document the lives of several couples, as the girlfriends in each pair try to become the main lady in their man’s life and compete with his overbearing most. The returning couple Emily and Shekeb has been on the show since the very beginning and so has Shekeb’s mom Laila Sekander, whom we are going to talk about in the rest of the writing.

Laila Sekander On TLC’s I Love A Mama’s Boy

Meet Laila Sekander who in TLC’s words makes a love triangle with her son Shekeb Sekander and his girlfriend Emily Chu, i.e., every time she was tested she made it clear that she disapproves of Emily for her son.

As for now, the previous season ended with Emily losing her temper and lashing out at Shekeb and Laila over the promise ring given to her instead of an engagement ring.

Apparently, when the story of mom Laila and the couple Shekeb and Emily first aired, the fans felt sorry for Emily because of the way her boyfriend and his mother treated her. As the show proceeds, viewers watched Laila hurling abuse at her, calling her names, and going above and beyond to make Emily feel that she is not welcome into the family. Almost all of Season 1 was just this. For the longest time, Emily put up with Laila’s unacceptable behavior because she was head over heels in love with Shekeb and wanted their relationship to work. But, anyway, the end of the first season sees them split up after an explosive fight between Emily and her could-be mother-in-law.

Then Season 2 happened, and Emily and Shekeb patched things up. But, fans were completely surprised to see a different side of Emily. From stating that women should not go to work to demanding a $40,000 engagement ring, she clearly left her fans disappointed. Albeit the fans were still rooting for her and Shekeb to work.

Even Laila reluctantly agreed to give Emily her blessings to the couple if Emily passed one of her tests. Laila thus convinces her son to give Emily a promise ring instead of an engagement ring. Laila then conditions that if Emily accepts it gracefully she would welcome her with open arms; but that if she makes a fuss about it, the couple should break up. Shekeb, an actor at Houghton Talent, Inc., agrees to it and presents Emily with a promise ring, and the unthinkable happens.

Much to Laila’s delight, Emily gets furious, throws the ring away, and storms off. Shekeb hurt, decides to keep his distance from Emily.

Watching the then followed another ugly brawl between Laila and Emily fans were for good confused about what to expect from them in Season 3.

Laila Sekander Husband

Laila Sekander’s husband is Wali Ahmad Sekander who turned 61 in February 2022. He also was seen on several episodes of I Love A Mama’s Boy. So, clearly, he and Laila were still married as of 2022.

Laila and her husband in a scene from I Love A Mama’s Boy (PIC: TLC)

Also so you know, there is another son that Laila and her husband have. He is Mahmmad Sekander and he turned 35 years old in September 2021. That makes, Doraville-based Mahmmad the eldest brother as Shekeb was born 3 years after him on the 24th of March.

Is Laila Sekander On IG, Facebook?

Laila Sekander was not on Instagram. However, she did have a couple of Facebook accounts. But then, even there she did not seem to be that much active. Also, she rarely posted anything personal on the platform, as of 20 June 2022.

Laila also almost never featured on her son Shekeb’s Instagram @theonlyshekeb as well as Facebook.

Laila Sekander Age

Born in February, the month of love, in 1958, Laila Sekander reached the age of 64 in 2022.

Laila Sekander Job

All we knew about this topic so far is that Laila is a reality TV star who between 2020 and 2021 appeared in a total of 18 episodes as one of the mamas on I Love Mama’s Boy.

As for her son and her co-star on this TLC show, he has also gone on to pursue acting on several other projects. As a Middle-Easter-American actor, he was seen in TV shows such as Snapped, The Haves and The Have Nots; and movies such as RampageDeception, Wrong Convict, Venom, Abiding, and a few others.

How Tall Is Laila Sekander?

Laila Sekander stands around 5’4” in height. She looked really beautiful back in her days. Her son Shekeb sharing a TB memory of them even referred to her as an “Afghan Madonna”.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Laila Sekander From?

Laila Sekander is originally from Afghanistan, a country in South Asia. Although, it seemed she has been in the States for some good time now. Also, by 2022, she happened to be around Atlanta, Georgia.

  • What Is Laila Sekander Maiden Name?

Laila before getting married to Wali went around by her maiden name, Laila Azizi.

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