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Kelsey Kurowski Bio, Age, Married, Lindsey Kurowski Sister

Magnolia Network’s Inn the Works is back for its second installment and this time viewers can expect to see more than just Lindsey Kurowski and her Knotty Pine crew — Her whole family is getting involved in the project as well! Yes, and talking about her family, Lindsey’s sister Kelsey Kurowski, who has always been working with the Knotty Pine, is making a screen appearance as well.

Let’s learn more about her as this Kelsey Kurowski Bio proceeds.

Meet Kelsey Kurowski, Lindsey Kurowski Sister

Kelsey Kurowski was listed as the CFO (Chief Financial Officer) of Knotty Pine on their official website. They wrote, “she (Kelsey) counts her fingers for simple addition but manages to keep us out of trouble.” Though they didn’t mention when Kelsey joined the team, it’s quite safe to say that she’d been working at her sister’s renovation company for quite a while then.

Knotty Pine was founded by Lindsey in Feb 2016.

As featured on the first season of Inn the Works, Lindsey and her Knotty Pine crew renovated historic motels and inns across the country, whiles keeping their old charm. Over the season, Lindsey purchased and renovated the Oak Knoll Lodge in Big Bear Lake, C.A., and gave it the life it needed.

And now the show’s back for its second installment, the crew head is heading to the East Coast, renovating the Springs Inn, a 40-room historic motel in the Berkshires. Since this was an even bigger project, no wonder, Kelsey brought in help from all of her family on this one.

Previously, Lindsey’s company has run projects for big companies like Nike, ClifBar, Adidas, Live Nation, NBC, United Airlines, and more.

Does Kelsey Kurowski Appear On The Magnolia Network’s Inn The Works?

Yes, Kelsey Kurowski appeared in Magnolia Network’s Inn the Works season 2. And it wasn’t just Kelsey. All of the Kurowski family were there to aid Lindsey on her second big project.

Talking about her family, Kelsey’s parents are Michael D Kurowski and Stacey Azzinaro Gilfillan. They’ve been long divorced and have already been remarried individually as well.

Her father, Michael (born: April 16, 1985) got married again in July 2017. The next month, he then retired from his 35-year career as a Lineman. Over his years of service, Michael has worked in storms, had a transformer explode right beside him, and tripped while operating a chainsaw to get a fallen tree off a power line.

As for her mother, Stacey (born: March 19, 1966) married Christopher “Gilly” Gilfillan on May 17, 2008. She is now happily living with her current husband in San Antonio, Texas.

Kelsey’s step-father, Christopher is a golf enthusiast born on October 19, 1955.

Also, Stacey has retired from her job as a registered nurse, and an executive pharmaceutical sales representative. Reportedly, she worked with Eli Lilly and Company for over 12 years.

Mentioning Kelsey’s siblings besides Lindsey, she has two brothers named Adam (turned 22 on Dec 2, 2021) and Matt Kurowski. The two brothers were seen working hand-in-hand on Inn the Works.

Trivia:  Kelsey’s grandmother also appeared on the show. She was spotted getting forklift-certified.

Kelsey Kurowski Age

Kelsey Kurowski was 32 years of age when she appeared on Inn the Works in 2022.

She is a year younger than her sister Lindsey Kurowski.

Kelsey Kurowski Job

Its already been discussed that Kelsey Kurowski was working as the CFO (Chief Financial Officer) of Knotty Pine. But that isn’t all there’s to her career. Besides this, Kelsey has had a job as an accountant at Challenger Cable Sales for over 9 years and she is also the founder of Paper Trail, a full-service accounting and bookkeeping agency.

Her company is based on philosophy — NYDA — Not Your Dad’s Accountant. They kept track of their client’s business activities, kept them organized, so their clients didn’t have to.

You might be surprised but Kelsey is into the cookie business as well. Yes, she launched a chocolate chip cookie brand called Dough Malone on the west side of Los Angeles in 2021.

When Kelsey isn’t working, you can find her enjoying a beach volleyball or surfing waves wave near her home in Southern California.

As for her education, Kelsey has a B.S. in Business Administration from the Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts.

Is Kelsey Kurowski Married?

No, Kelsey Kurowski wasn’t married before filming Inn the Works season 2.

However, seeing both of her parents find love again, she might be thinking about walking the aisle herself soon.

How Tall Is Kelsey Kurowski?

Kelsey Kurowski stands tall at a height under 5 feet 7 inches (170 cm).

Related FAQs

  • When Is Kelsey Kurowski Birthday?

Kelsey receives her birthday wishes on May 6.

  • Where Does Kelsey Kurowski Reside?

As of 2022, Kelsey resided in Santa Monica, California, United States

But she originally hails from New England.

  • How Much Is Kelsey Kurowski Net Worth?

By 2022, Kelsey garnered a net worth of under $350 thousand.

Reportedly, an average accountant in CA made around $58 thousand per annum. So, that could have been her salary then.

  • Is Kelsey Kurowski On Instagram?

Yes, find her on Instagram @doogle_malone.

Also, here’s her Facebook @kelsey.kurowski.

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