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Shelby Barrett Bio, Height, Family, Age, Love In The Flesh

Meet Shelby Barrett from BBC Three’s Love In The Flesh.

Love In The Flesh, a new reality show on BBC Three, is set to premiere. After the recent pandemic, where engagement with people outside of one’s immediate family was deemed a luxury, online dating has become more popular. So, dating someone online and meeting for the first time in person is both exciting and terrifying, sounds a lot like Catfish, but the show isn’t about that.

In the episode, five couples meet for the first time offline in a Greek lush beach villa to test if the online connection they created holds up in the real world. Out of eight episodes, the first two debuted on March 23, 2022. Their first meeting will take place in person, and they will participate in pre-determined activities to “explore different aspects of their relationships.”

The show will be hosted by Zara McDermott. She will be the couple’s confidante and advisor as they proceed through these challenges. She told, “It truly reflects the current dating climate for young people that are living in a digital age and constantly glued to screens. This show is about interrogating how far online chemistry can go without that in-person connection.”

Love In The Flesh: Are Millie Mclay And Shelby Barrett Still Together?

Shelby Barrett, a podcaster (of Gossip in the Closet) and NHS worker, is dating TikTok star Millie Mclay after meeting 10 months before the show’s filming. They both believe they’ve found the one, thus they must have formed a deep bond with one another. They attempted to meet in person before the concert, but Millie was involved in a bad horse accident and had to have five operations.

Shelby has a strong attraction to people, to the point where she and her prior partner moved in together just a few weeks after the meeting; unfortunately, things didn’t work out. Millie, on the other hand, is wary about Shelby’s genuine motives. She is unsure if she is connecting with her to obtain social media followers.

Shelby enjoys going out and is still getting over her recent relationship. Millie, on the other hand, adores the outdoors and is obsessed with working out. She is bisexual and has difficulty determining whether or not the other person is flirting with her.

So, are they still together? Millie and Shelby’s relationship can be a shambles due to doubts, misunderstandings, and divergent interests and hobbies. But the best we can hope for is that they make it work and work hard to maintain or improve their friendship. All viewers will have to wait and see how the rest of their romance develops on BBC Three.

Additional couples joining Shely & Millie are Christos & Niki, Hannah & Brandon, Jess & Kwame, Chibz & Shazelle, and Millie & Shelby.

On 11 March 2022, Shelby posted on her Instagram, “Yasssss!!!! Watch Love In The Flesh @bbcthree every Wednesday and Thursday from the 23rd of March”. On 14 March she again posted, “BTS Love In The Flesh!! Had the most amazing experience taking part in this show!”.

Shelby Barrett Family

Shelby Barrett is private about her family members. The only person we know of from her family is her twin-sister Mia Barrett (@_m.iasoph). According to one of her TikTok, Mia was born two minutes after her birth. In addition, they are both bi-sexual.

Shelby Barrett Height

Shelby Barrett stands tall to the height under 5 feet 7 inches.

Is Shelby Barrett On Instagram?

Yes, Shelby is on Instagram (@shelbybarrettxo) and TikTok (@shelbybs97). However, she doesn’t seem to be on Facebook.

Shelby Barrett Age

As of March 2022, Shelby Barrett is 24 years old.

Shelby Barrett Job

Shelby Barrett is the co-host of a podcast titled Gossip In The Closet. She runs the podcast with her twin-sister where they discuss sexuality, relationship, and also addresses listeners’ queries.

The bio of the podcast reads, “Whether you’re firmly inside of the closet or fully strutting your stuff outside of the closet, this is the podcast for you. Welcome to Gossip In The Closet where lesbian twins know all too well what it’s like to experience lesbian relationships with friends, mingle with the lesbian circle, and come out to the family. We will be on a mission to find out what queer/lesbian problems you guys are facing! AND share some of their own experiences. If you’re up for gossip in our closet… tune in!”.

They released their first podcast titled “Am I Being Toxic?” in July 2021. They have released a total of 15 episodes on the podcast. You can check them out on Apple Podcast and SoundCloud. You can also follow the podcast on Instagram (@gossipinthecloset).

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  • When Is Shelby Barrett Birthday?

Shelby Barrett’s birthday is not revealed yet.

  • Where Is Shelby Barrett From?

Shelby Barrett hailed from London, United Kingdom.

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