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Ken Palmer Alleged Ex-Wife: Who Is Bobbi Jane Dimbatt?

Welcome to Plathville star Kim Plath was taken in back in October 2022 for driving under the influence in relation to a June 2022 incident. The case was reopened on 3 April 2023 and not only did the reality star file for an order to dismiss the impoundment and immobilization of her vehicle, but she also is said to have confirmed dating her new boyfriend, Kenneth D. Palmer, or simply Ken Palmer.

In the affidavit, Kim, who once was married to Barry Plath for the longest time, submitted to the Wakulla County, Florida, court, she identified Ken as her boyfriend.

And because it seems that Ken too was once married, to a woman named Bobbi Jane Dimbatt, let us tell you all about it now. This is an exclusive tell-all about Ken’s alleged ex-wife.

Meet Bobbi Jane Dimbatt, Ken Palmer Alleged Ex-Wife


Even today, Ken Palmer’s relationship status on Facebook read ‘married’. However, as of May 2023, he was clearly no longer married to Bobbi Jane Dimbatt, at least.

Ken and Bobbi tied the knot in December 2018. That same year on November 22nd, they had gotten engaged. They were really happy when they were together. They also showed glimpses of it now and then on social media. For instance, one time Ken gushed about his early Birthday present from Bobbi.

In their marriage, Ken and Bobbi also brought in grown-up kids from their respective previous marriages. Until May 2020, Bobbi bragged about having three sons and a granddaughter. As for Ken, he is the father of daughters Brooke Palmer of Bainbridge, Georgia, Megan Nicole Palmer of Atlanta, Georgia, and Christen Lawrick. Among them, Megan Nicole Palmer is the one who reached the age of 24 on 1 July 2022 and Christen is the one married to Aaron J Lawrick of Bono, Arkansas.

After Ken, Bobbi got married again, to Don Dimbatt. This happened on 27 April 2020. Don also has his own children from his previous marriage. They are his daughters Randi Nicole and Dimbatt Ronni Dimbatt. On his Facebook, Don also briefly mentioned his grandsons Jaxton Dimbatt and JuJu Cabrera.

Talking about Ken, he continues to work as an Aviation Maintenance Instructor, it seems. On his Facebook, he mentioned being self-employed while repairing services for boats, ATVs, lawn equipment, and motorcycles around Crawfordville, Florida since 16 May 2019.

Other than that, he cited formerly working at Johnson Controls, in the United States Air Force, as a Lead Aircraft Technician at Delta Air Lines, and as a Senior T&B Technician at Melink Corporation.

Even prior, he went to Kosciusko Senior High School and then studied Aviation Technician – Aircraft Maintenance at Trinity University.

Also, at the time of this writing, Ken was expected to be still continuing his romance with Kim. Their dating rumors swirled online actually only in February 2023.

Back in June 2022, Kim and Barry Plath, her now ex-husband, informed people of their decision to end their marriage. The twosome who tied the knot in 1997 cited in a joint statement that it is the best choice for both of them. Yet, they also promised that while navigating the new chapter in their lives, they will co-parent their “amazing” nine kids.

Kim revealed her new romance with Ken only afterward.

Bobbi Jane Dimbatt Age

Bobbi J Thompson was born in 1971. So, she turned 52 years old in 2023.

Her ex-husband Ken, meanwhile, was born Kenneth D Palmer in 1965. So, he turned 57 years old in 2022.

Bobbi Jane Dimbatt Job

Until the time of this writing, it was not known what kind of a career/job Bobbi Jane Dimbatt has had over the years.

Back in February 2019, Ken bragged on a social media post that Bobbi made a chair set, top hat, and heart by hand as a cake topper for his son Kyle’s wedding. He explained that she “even” hand-carved the heart. “Pretty talented!”, he described her. There have been other instances when Bobbi herself also hinted about enjoying baking. So, maybe Bobbi has had a similar type of profession.

Is Bobbi Jane Dimbatt On Instagram?

No. Bobbi Jane Dimbatt was not on Instagram as of 7 May 2023. She however did show now and then glimpses of her life on ‘Bobbi Jane Dimbatt’ Facebook.

Pictures of Bobbi and Ken had also not been already removed from the latter’s social media. Ken was on IG. But, he kept it private as of 5 May 2023. Still, one could tell that Kim’s children, especially Isaac, Micah, and Lydia Plath, all follow him on social media. One could also look Ken up on ‘Ken Palmer’ Facebook.

Bobbi Jane Dimbatt Family

Not much is known about Bobbi Jane Dimbatt’s family. Still, Bobbi once showed an old age photo from November 1991, of her with her siblings. In the picture were she and her two sisters and a brother. Her brother is called Danny and her sisters are Jenny and Corie White Willard. Corie, among them, had been residing in Vassalboro, Maine as of 2023.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Bobbi Jane Dimbatt From?

Bobbi Jane Dimbatt originally hails from Fayette, a town in Kennebec County, Maine, in the United States.

  • When Is Bobbi Jane Dimbatt Birthday?

Bobbi Jane Dimbatt’s birthday is in March. What day exactly was not known though.

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