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Kim Plath Bio, Teeth, Young Pictures, Wedding Photo

Kim Plath is the matriarch of the conservative Plath family featured on TLC’s Welcome to Plathville. She was married to Barry Plath, and together they share nine kids, all of whom were closest to her heart. However, as much as she loved them, we’ve got to admit that she’s been manipulative of her kids, and fans didn’t much appreciate this side of her.

But that’s not all the reason they didn’t like her. Be it her vampiric teeth or her stinginess in not sharing any wedding photos, fans were being set off. This Kim Plath Bio explores more about her.

Barry And Kim Plath Wedding Photo

Kim Plath didn’t share any of her wedding photos with Barry. All we know about their wedding is that it was held in July 1997. Since then, the two have welcomed ten children into the world  — Ethan, Hosanna, Micah, Moriah, Lydia, Isaac, Amber, Cassia, Mercy, and Joshua (who died in a tragic accident at 17-months-old).

But now, it seems that their family is family coming apart. After most of their kids left the family home, Kim and Barry hinted that they were on their way to divorce as well. In season 4 of Welcome to Plathville, Barry claimed that Kim wasn’t happy with their relationship. He mentioned that she believed she was being taken for granted, which was a huge wake-up call for him.

“The big issue is not winning her heart. Looking back on my relationship I think I just missed lots of opportunities to show Kim I love her. Like we were taking time to go out, go on a date, that was a concept that I couldn’t put action to, but for Kim, it was an issue,” Barry explained why his wife felt this way.

Surprisingly, this time, the world was siding with Kim. Many claimed that the matriarch was finally being true to herself and liking the freedom which she is finally experiencing.

“She saw the life her kids were having outside the home and wants it,” a fan commented.

How Did Kim And Barry Plath Meet?

Kim Plath first met her future husband Barry at a church. Obviously, the two started as friends, and it wasn’t until Kim heard the voice of God that she saw him as a romantic partner. Yes! Kim claimed that God informed her that Barry was the man she was meant to marry.

Also, it was their untouchable faith in God, and their will to keep their kids away from the horrors of the outside world for as long as possible, that made their bond stronger.

However, Kim never really revealed whether they met in an arranged marriage setup or dated each other before tying the knot. 

What Do We Know About Kim Plath First Marriage?

Kim Plath’s marriage to Barry is perhaps her first one. They were married for over 2 decades and built a happy home based on shared beliefs while continuing their individual day jobs. The matriarch’s a naturopathic doctor while her husband worked at a private firm as a transportation planner for 25 years.

And like any other couple, not every day was a good day for them. They’ve had their fights and jealousies, only to get their bond stronger. For instance, the time when Kim invited her “friend” Nigell (from the gym) over to the Plath house for dinner, Barry got jealous.

At the time, the patriarch confessed that he was not the kind of person who would get jealous. But he felt like it was high time he needed to wear his heart on his sleeve. Seeing this, Kim felt loved and revealed that it was nice to see Barry get a little jealous.

Naturally, the viewers then slammed Kim for bringing another man to their home and gushing over him. They even labeled her to be a narcissist, not only for her behavior with her husband but also with her kids. Well, given Kim’s parenting style, behavior, and actions, it has definitely led her to be painted as a villain

Kim Plath Teeth

Kim Plath has three extremely yellow bottom teeth. And many viewers are disgusted by it!

“Kim has a big mouth full of horse teeth and not to mention the big yellow one she has showing every single time she opens her mouth up… It’s disgusting,” a fan wrote.

As for the reason why it’s yellow, it might be because of overconsumption of tea, or they might be old crowns, or it might just be her real teeth that have aged poorly.

Kim Plath Young Pictures

Kim Plath didn’t share any of her younger pictures. But we can assure you she was as beautiful as she is now when she was younger. She’s always had that blond hair and charming blue eyes that got her into trouble so many times.

Yes! For those of you who don’t know, Kim’s lived a “wild” life before finding shelter in God. She used to drive drunk, pass out, and wake up in a car parked weird lawn. Taking drugs, and making love, Kim has also had many near-death experiences. “I went through some rough times in college because of my wildness,” she recalled.

But then Kim isn’t entirely to blame for her past. She has had a difficult upbringing. Her parents were alcoholics and divorced, and while her mom was technically present for most of her childhood, Kim explained that she wasn’t really there.

How Much Is Kim Plath Net Worth?

Kim Plath flaunted a net worth of over $3 million in 2022. It’s mostly thanks to her time on Welcome to Plathville. But besides being a reality star, Kim also has a few other sources of income. She’s a dance instructor, and an author who wrote “Intuitive Motherhood – Trusting Your Body’s Wisdom for Birth and Beyond.”

In 2022, Kim also opened her own adult dance studio called Grady Central Dance Studio in Cairo, GA. It offered dance classes in ballet, belly dance, krav maga, ballroom, contra dance, line dance, pop line dance, waltz, and wedding dance.

As for her education, she has a music major from Florida State University.

Related FAQs

  • Is Kim Plath On Instagram?

No, Kim wasn’t on Instagram.

But here’s her Facebook.

  • When Did Kim Plath Get Into An Accident?

It was 2008 when Kim suffered every parent’s worst nightmare. She was using a car to move fruit trees when she lost sight of her 17-month-old baby Joshua and accidentally ran over him.

The reality star went into a very deep depression after that!

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