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Kenny Law Bio, Moonshiners, Net Worth, Age, Wife

Meet Discovery’s Moonshiners star Kenny Law. He is the cousin of fellow show star Henry Law and a trusted companion who has been down with Henry since day 1. Two of them have earned a large number of fans and are hometown celebrities in Franklin County, Virginia because of their family name.

But, in this article, we attempt to discuss Kenny, a person. We attempt to shine the light on his net worth, age, appearance on Moonshiners, and details related to his marriage. So, scroll down to learn more about him.

Kenny Law On Moonshiners

Kenny Law is the star of Discovery’s TV show “Moonshiners” and serves as the sidekick of his cousin Henry Lee Law. The Law family are the staple producers of “Moonshine” which was started by their grandfather Owen Law in the 1920s. The legacy was Owen was carried on by Henry’s father Amos, who became the most notorious moonshiners in the country and taught Kenny and Henry the craft when they were growing up.

Speaking with WFXR FOX TV, Kenny Law announced, “Back in the heyday, me and him, we made about as much liquor as anybody in the country, or more I would say”. They were processing 291,200 pounds of sugar a year and produced 47000 gallons of moonshine a year.

They always had a run-in with the laws. Kenny and Henry joked if everyone was on the table when holidays came around then it was a good year. In around 2016, the Law cousins decided to take their moonshining business to the legal side. They started taking advice from one of their probation officers.

Kenny told the outlet, “He (the probation officer) said ‘I’m gonna tell you. If y’all put in half the emphasis in doing something legal, you’re going to be successful”. When Henry established Law’s Choice people took time to figure out that it was a real deal. “People questioned it, right smart,” Kenny said. “Me and Henry, we tried to tell them. They think it’s different, but it’s not.”

“It’s a whole different ballgame, legally. We know there’s a market for it; we sold millions of gallons of it down the East Coast. We’re trying to tap into the now, and it’s exciting, really exciting.”

Their work then landed them the spot at Discovery’s show making them reality stars. Both of them regularly appear on episodes of The Moonshiners.

Plus, they make public appearances and pay visits to their fans on festivals such as Hazzard Festival along with other Moonshiner stars.

Kenny Law Net Worth

As of March 2022, Kenny Law might have a net worth above $200 thousand. He has appeared on a total of 33 episodes in Discovery’s Moonshiners from 2019 to 2022.

Kenny and Henry are the third-generation moonshiners in the Law family and they hope to pass down the knowledge to their children. The Law family name is synonymous with (and notorious for) good liquor and Law’s Choice uses only the very best ingredients and time-honored techniques at the hands of an experienced distiller to produce artisanal, high-quality liquors.

Does Kenny Law Have A Wife?

Although Kenny Law doesn’t seem to be on social media he has been featured on his family member’s socials. Based on that, Kenny doesn’t seem to be married. None of them featured him with any women we could call his wife. Plus, while his cousin Henry features his children on the Law’s Choice website, there are no kids of Kenny on the website.

So, either Kenny doesn’t have a wife and kids or he remains estranged from them. Furthermore, he hasn’t addressed his marriage publicly so don’t know for sure about his relationship status.

Kenny Law Age

As of March 2022, Kenny Law should be above the age of 60.

Is Kenny Law On Instagram?

No, Kenny Law is not on Instagram or any other social media platform. However, he has been featured on his family’s socials.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Kenny Law From?

Kenny hailed from Rocky Mount, Virginia.

  • How Tall Is Kenny Law?

Looking at his pictures, Kenny stands tall above the height of 5 feet 10 inches. His grey scruffy hair and beard and wrinkly face are his distinct features.

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