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Henry Law [Moonshiners] Bio, Age, Wife, Net Worth

Kenny and Henry Law, aka “The Laws” returned on Moonshiners after a long absence.

The American docudrama television series (that first premiered in December 2011) circles inside the reality of Moonshine-making, an illegally-produced distilled beverage originally inspired by the “Whiskey Rebellion” of the 1790s.

Kenny and Henry are among these people, the moonshiner from the Appalachian Mountains in Virginia.

In the rest of this writing, we shall especially discuss Henry Law, his age, net worth, personal life, and more.

Henry Law On Moonshiners

Before we proceed, let us tell you that Henry Law’s full name is Henry Lee Law.

As Moonshiners continues to delve inside the reality of Moonshine-making in 2022, Henry and his business partner/cousin Kenny returned on the Discovery show after a long absence.

So far, IMDB listed Henry for a total of 35 episodes for his appearance on Moonshiners between 2019 and 2022.

Henry is the owner and operator of Law’s Choice, a third-generation moonshiner and master distiller from Franklin County, Virginia. (Kenny is his business partner.) The Law’s Choice is the fourth distillery to open in the area since January 2016.

Together, The Laws cousins decided around four years ago to take their practice to the legal side, taking advice from one of their probation officers, after illegally making the distilled liquor for some time. For this, Henry secured federal and state permits to open a distillery in honor of his father in 2016; with plans to produce brandy, corn, and a little bit of everything else using his father’s recipes. A few years later and the Laws started selling it as ‘Hell’s Holler’ to state ABC stores in Roanoke, Bedford, and Alta Vista. They have established customers in Philadelphia, New York, and Baltimore.

How Much Is Moonshiners Star Henry Law Net Worth?

Moonshiners star Henry Law reportedly held above $500 thousand as net worth as of February 2022.

Henry’s family were in the illicit moonshine business for almost a century. During those times, they produced millions of gallons of moonshine whiskey in Franklin County in their old-fashioned way, which is now known as “The Moonshine Capital of the World.”

In 1952, 16-year-old Amos Law, Henry’s father, began his career as a moonshiner in Franklin County Virginia, which kickstarted the business which is today called Laws Choice.

Amos quickly became one of the most notorious moonshiners in the country. He is the one who showed Henry and Kenny the ropes when they were kids.

So, in this journey of proving whiskey, Henry has also put the stories of the Law family and the others from Franklin County’s moonshining days into a book called 100 Proof: The Untold Stories of Notorious Franklin County Moonshiner Amos Law.

Henry is said to have extensively researched for the book as it even contains a map of Franklin County that shows the various locations of illegal whiskey stills that the Laws operated over the years. On its pages, Henry has said it all, how in Franklin County just saying his father’s name Amos Law can get one pretty far in the moonshine business and how once the local legend warned him “You’re going to have gold around your neck, but shackles around your feet” before he learned to make liquor.

Henry’s father illegally made whiskey for about 60 years of his life. Both he and Henry have been caught and convicted of making illegal moonshine.

Moonshiners Henry Law Wife

At length, Henry Law is not just a businessman but also a family person. He is a proud father of four kids. However, it was not clear if he is still together with his wife, Jennifer “Jenny” Law.

All one could tell for now is Jennifer has lived in Rocky Mount, Virginia all her life and celebrates her birthday on the 8th of July.

By the look of it, all four children are Jennifer and Henry’s. They are sons Austin and Kash Law and two daughters (one is Cameron Law). Of them, Cameron graduated from Old Dominion University in 2021. Later, she started studying for Masters’s in Social Work at Virginia Commonwealth University.

“Anybody out there needing a model? My son Austin Page Law sure is looking good. Please share”, Henry wrote in a Facebook post back in December 2019. Austin went to Franklin County Public Schools and like all his siblings (except for Kash) is based in Rocky Mount. Kash went to Coastal Carolina University and Myrtle Beach High School, and as per his Facebook, is based in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

Moonshiners Henry Law Age

Moonshiners Henry Law turned 64 years old sometime in 2021.

Is Henry Law On Instagram?

Henry Law did not seem to be on Instagram as of 26 February 2022. However, he could be spotted on two separate handles on Facebook. The one for the business affairs @HenryLeeLawLawsChoiceDistillery some 5,356 followers.

Henry Law Family

Henry’s parents are no longer alive. His father passed away at the age of 83 on 10 February 2019; was preceded in death by his beloved wife/ Henry’s mother Christine, and daughter/Henry’s sister, Linda.

Henry now has a brother Ricky Law who is married to Wanda.

Henry says he remembers talking to his father with heavy metal bars between them. That he remembers very well saving every dollar he made to visit him in the state penitentiary in Richmond and the kids at school teasing him and his brother about his dad’s job. He recalls how he and Ricky used to help their father with the business from a young age.

Henry said that even though his father kept getting caught, he always went back to the business because of the money as he needed them to provide for his wife and three kids. “He was one hell of a man. He never gave up.”

Henry’s father had a twin brother named Andy who passed back in 1988. These brothers had married twin sisters, Christine and Jearline Scott.

The Laws are also related to Owen Law, Henry’s grandfather, who started as a bootlegger in the industry back in the 1920s. He was married to Addie and passed away aged 92.

Related FAQs

  • Where Was Henry Law Born?

Henry Law is a native of Franklin County, Virginia and he was born here too.

  • When Is Henry Law’s Birthday?

Henry Law likely celebrates his birthday on the 30th of November.

  • How Tall Is Henry Law?

Henry Law stands 6 feet and 1.5 inches tall.

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