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Kerra Bennett Bio, Age, Married, Family, N*ked & Afraid

Kerra Bennett from Nashville, Tennessee joined N*ked and Afraid Castaways as one of the cast members. She previously starred in the show in season 14 of the original show. Is she married now? Who are her family members?

Read all about Kerra in this bio.

Kerra Bennett On N*ked & Afraid: Castaways

At the end of July 2023, the spin-off N*ked and Afraid Castaways premiere on television. 9 competitors appeared in the new survival show where they will be dropped off in the middle of nowhere and forced to fend for themselves.

Discovery’s press release states: “In the middle of the Pacific Ocean, stranded with only wreckage to survive, a new generation of elite survivalists will take on a seemingly impossible challenge in the all-new Discovery Channel series N*KED AND AFRAID CASTAWAYS, premiering Sunday, July 30 at 8 PM ET/PT.”

The nine participants in the spin-off series are abandoned on a solitary island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, keeping with the basic idea of the original program.

They will not, however, have any maps, bearings, or tools to assure their survival during their stay, unlike the prior program. Former contestants from the first season of the show will make up the cast, and they are no strangers to the jungle. To live, the group will need to fend for themselves using only their bare hands, their talents, and whatever they can salvage from the remains of a ship, an abandoned military jeep, and an airplane.

In order to survive their time on N*ked and Afraid Castaways, the challengers will compete in teams of three while swimming to other ecosystems and navigating the jungle. Additionally, this spin-off doesn’t give the winner any prize money. Cast members endure potentially life-threatening conditions purely to test their limits. They do, however, reportedly receive a “weekly stipend to compensate for their lost wages,” says casting director Kristi Russell.

One of the 9 survival experts in this season is Kerra Bennett. The other cast members who will be joining the N*ked And Afraid contestants are Patrick French, Justin Governale, Bulent Gurcan, Na’im McKee, Candice Mishler, Andrew Shayde, Heather Smith, and Rachel Strohl.

Kerra Bennett Job

Kerra was 17 years old when she joined the army. She aspired to serve in the military growing up. Even though she planned to join the air force, she ended up joining the Army.

Kerra shared of her service, “I worked in signal communications, and the last half of my service I was accepted into the Army’s counterintelligence special agent program. I have one tour to Afghanistan under Operation Enduring Freedom. While I no longer work for the military anymore, I still maintain contact with some of my mentors.”

After she left the military, Kerra joined a school in Belmont and earned her bachelor’s degree in environmental science. She was also offered an internship with Great Smokies National Park working in Black Bear Management.

Additionally, Kerra has done work as a volunteer abroad working with a clean-water project in Cambodia. She also went to Thailand to assist with elephants. Inside the states, Kerra is serving as a volunteer with Murfreesboro Wildlife Rehabilitation, transporting injured wildlife and donations.

Furthermore, she was also honored with the Hermitage-Donelson Chamber of Commerce’s Influencing Woman Award. Her friend Tara Shaver nominated her while she was abroad in South Africa doing conservation work, and it was a surprise to me to get the phone call letting me know she was in the top three for nominations.

Kerra has also associated herself with Veterans Empowered To Protect African Wildlife, a veteran-owned nonprofit that hires veterans on a rotational basis to assist in the protection and monitoring of critically endangered black and white rhinos and elephants on a private reserve in South Africa.

Is Kerra Bennett Married?

No, Kerra Bennett is not married. And she doesn’t appear to be in a relationship. In a 2022 interview, Kerra shared, “I am not married, nor do I have children, unless my fur babies count. In that case, I’m a dog mom of three boys.”

Kerra also used to go by the last name Gaona so it is likely that she was married before. She was likely married to Antonio Gaona who is 39 years old and lives in Corpus Christi, Texas. Per his LinkedIn, Antonio is living in TECHSERV CONSULTING & TRAINING, LTD as Field Construction Coordinator, Senior.


Kerra Bennett Age

Born in 1990, Kerra Bennett is 33 years old as of July 2023.

Kerra Bennett Family

Kerra Bennett is the daughter of Ben Bennett and Jaclyn Young. Her parents are no longer together.

Ben is 54 years old after being born in August 1968. Jaclyn is 54 years old too as she was born in September 1968.

In one Facebook post, Kerra shared that her mother is a painter and is disabled. She posted one of her works and wrote, “All her paintings were donated to by an unknown person. I am searching for this particular painting that may or may not be in another shop or someone’s home. If you have seen this painting anywhere – I would greatly love to know. My mother is disabled and this was one of her proudest pieces. Thank you.”

Jaclyn is available on Facebook (@JaxXcape). She states that she is currently in a relationship.

In her family, Kerra has one brother named Patrick Lee Bennett. He lives in Cameron, North Carolina.

Is Kerra Bennett On Instagram And Facebook?

Yes, Kerra Bennett is on Instagram (@k.err.a) and Facebook (@kerra.lynn.7).

Related FAQs

  • When Is Kerra Bennett Birthday?

Kerra Benett’s birthday is on 22 May.

  • Where Is Kerra Bennett From?

Kerra Bennett hailed from Donelson. She lived in Kerra for more than seven years. However, she grew up on West Coast, back and forth between Nevada and California.

  • How Tall Is Kerra Bennett?

Kerra Bennett stands tall under the height of 5 feet 7 inches.

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