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Patrick Dosu Kinuta French Bio, Age, Married, N*ked & Afraid

Meet Patrick Dosu Kinuta French from Naked & Afraid Castaways. The spin-off show premiered in late July 2023 and featured old contestants from the original franchise. Is he married? How old is he in 2023?

Find out more as you scroll down this bio.

Patrick Dosu Kinuta French On N*ked & Afraid: Castaways

At the end of July 2023, the spin-off N*ked and Afraid Castaways premiere on television. 9 competitors appeared in the new survival show where they will be dropped off in the middle of nowhere and forced to fend for themselves.

Discovery’s press release states: “In the middle of the Pacific Ocean, stranded with only wreckage to survive, a new generation of elite survivalists will take on a seemingly impossible challenge in the all-new Discovery Channel series N*KED AND AFRAID CASTAWAYS, premiering Sunday, July 30 at 8 PM ET/PT.”

The nine participants in the spin-off series are abandoned on a solitary island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, keeping with the basic idea of the original program.

They will not, however, have any maps, bearings, or tools to assure their survival during their stay, unlike the prior program. Former contestants from the first season of the show will make up the cast, and they are no strangers to the jungle. To live, the group will need to fend for themselves using only their bare hands, their talents, and whatever they can salvage from the remains of a ship, an abandoned military jeep, and an airplane.

In order to survive their time on N*ked and Afraid Castaways, the challengers will compete in teams of three while swimming to other ecosystems and navigating the jungle. Additionally, this spin-off doesn’t give the winner any prize money. Cast members endure potentially life-threatening conditions purely to test their limits. They do, however, reportedly receive a “weekly stipend to compensate for their lost wages,” says casting director Kristi Russell.

One of the 9 survival experts in this season is Patrick Dosu Kinuta French. He has shared that his proudest accomplishment includes Surviving 21 days in a swampy Argentine savannah on season 15 of Naked and Afraid.

The other cast members who will be joining the N*ked And Afraid contestants are Kerra Bennett, Justin Governale, Bulent Gurcan, Na’im McKee, Candice Mishler, Andrew Shayde, Heather Smith, and Rachel Strohl.

Patrick Dosu Kinuta French Job

Patrick “Dosu Kinuta” French, a professional athlete and 10 Crown thru-hiker, constantly pushes the limits of what the human body and mind are capable of. He is from New Hampshire and has adopted the motto “Live Free or Die” as his own. He has hiked 23 different trails and logged over 21,000 miles of thru-hiking.

Patrick has a long resume working as a Thru-Hiker. Most of his life he felt out of place in a society that measured how successful you were by the things you owned. He found his true home and calling within a community of nomads called Thru-Hikers who welcomed him and filled his heart with love.

He worked for the Florida Keys Overseas Heritage Trail,  Florida Trail National Scenic Trail, Hayduke Trail, Arizona Trail Association, Continental Divide Trail, and Wonderland Trail, Mt. Rainier.

Patrick contributes to product creation and design as an athlete for La Sportiva, Zpacks, and Glacial Gear by putting equipment to the test under the most trying circumstances for the benefit of the community.

Patrick Dosu gave up his because he always felt out of place with how society defines success in terms of material items and opted instead for a backpack and true independence. Living outside year-round, he discovered his true home and purpose with a group of nomads known as thru-hikers. They accepted him and filled his heart with love.

Patrick was able to conquer a different type of challenge and push himself in a new way – showing the world he is more than just the ultimate hiker. He also backpacked over 21,000 miles (all his long-distance trails) after having tested positive for Lyme disease.

While this accomplishment doesn’t quite seem like it once did, at the time, it felt like an insurmountable challenge – overcoming something both physically and mentally daunting – as well as the anxiety it caused – yet having the courage to find out and overcome it.

Here is a link to the gear that he uses during his hiking and trips. He also has a YouTube channel.

In 2023, Patrick was a professional athlete at Zpacks and La Sportiva.

Is Patrick Dosu Kinuta French Married?

No, Patrick Dosu Kinuta French doesn’t appear to be married as of this writing. It appears his passion for travel hasn’t allowed him to find someone that he can settle down with.

Patrick Dosu Kinuta French Age

As of July 2023, Patrick Dosu Kinuta French is 41 years old. His birth year is 1982.

Patrick Dosu Kinuta French Family

Patrick French is the son of an American politician and a Republican member of the New Hampshire Senate Harold F French.

Harold served as senator of New Hampshire from 2016 to 2022. Before that, he was a representative at the New Hampshire State House Of Representatives from 2014 to 2016. Born on 5 November 1955, Harold is 67 years old.

While posting a clip from Patrick’s new show, Harold posted on his Facebook, “So… I thought serving in the Senate was tough. Pat has me beat by far. No one here wants to hear my stories of suffering in the AC office with John and Kathy, fully clothed.”

Patrick’s mother is named Laura French, a 59-year-old from Contoocook, New Hampshire. She is a Former Executive Director at New Hampshire Telephone Museum. Laura studied Nonprofit Management at Northeastern University and Early Childhood Development at Keene State College.

Regarding his siblings, he has one sister named Chloe French. Chloe is 30 years old. She is currently married to her husband Dylon Montminy.

Is Patrick Dosu Kinuta French On Instagram And Facebook?

Yes, Patrick French is on Instagram (@thedosukinuta) and Facebook (@Im.Dosu.Kinuta).

Related FAQs

  • When Is Patrick Dosu Kinuta French Birthday?

Patrick French’s birthday is on 8 March.

  • Where Is Patrick Dosu Kinuta French From?

Patrick French hailed from Concord, New Hampshire. He is now residing in Portland, Oregon.

  • How Tall Is Patrick Dosu Kinuta French?

Patrick Dosu Kinuta French’s height measures above 5 feet 10 inches.

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