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Kerry Titheradge Bio, Age, Net Worth, Married, Below Deck

In the fall of 2022, Bravo released the first teaser for the new series of the Below Deck franchise, Below Deck Adventure, and also introduced to fans a new crew of ship workers boarding the Mercury motor yacht. Among the nine new co-workers is Kerry Titheradge and the writing below called ‘Kerry Titheradge Bio’ is just about him, his age, net worth, married life, and Below Deck journey.

Kerry Titheradge On Below Deck Adventure

Kerry Titheradge is the captain and in charge of the Below Deck Adventure cast. He is prepared to sail the Nordic seas coming with 30 years of experience working on boats and has spent almost two decades yachting.

Captain Kerry is a disciplined and fair leader. But that does not mean he will give his crew a hard time. The yachting vet prefers a laid-back approach to the team as he is just as relaxed in real life.

This season his leadership is also put to the test when a crew member becomes insubordinate early on and he must relearn to trust his team.

Said journey of Below Deck this time takes place in the fjords of Norway. And the ship’s captain said about this, that he does not want the viewers to just see the breathtaking destination but also wants them to feel the adrenaline of the scenery. Kerry himself loved the place so much, its people, how they acted there. About Norway, he also loved its cleanliness, its so many electric cars, and almost everything.

Kerry also found the guests partaking in the wild activities to be equally entertaining. Comparing them to those appearing on other iterations of Below Deck, he said his guests are so different. (Of course), in the beginning, he had concerns as to what kind of guests he is going to get.

In his recent interviews, Kerry also previewed adrenaline-pumping excursions, including a scary incident involving one charter guest. He told E! News that one guest nearly got seriously hurt. He also teased how all of the guests wanted to do something adventurous and to be out of their comfort level.

Below Deck guests have been known to do their fair share of alcohol-fueled partying, and this season too promises to be no different; one of the rowdiest groups it saw was one celebrating a guest’s recent divorce.

Not to miss, the captain has also admitted to touching his yacht against something.

Kerry Titheradge Net Worth

Kerry Titheradge reportedly made an estimated $100,000 per year salary. As for his net worth, it was said to be somewhere between $1 million and $5 million as of 2022.

Taking the salaries of the captains who belong to the Below Deck franchise, on the low end, captains are said to make up to $210,000 per year from yachting alone. Then, along with tips (which can total up to $100,000), they are also compensated for each episode.

Kerry, on his Facebook, mentions being a yacht captain/owner at Yachting Concepts, which is a boat service located on Australian Avenue Palm Beach, Florida. He is said to bring 28 years of yachting expertise to this company, a qualification of MCA Master Engineering AMSA MED II. He studied at Australian Maritime College and before that went to Condon High.

Throughout his career, Kerry has worked on some of the biggest yachts in the world.

Is Kerry Titheradge Married?

Kerry Titheradge was married once but was no longer as of 2022. On 17 October 2019, he filed a Family – Marriage Dissolution/Divorce lawsuit against Jennifer Lynne Titheradge in Florida Palm Beach Court System, North County Courthouse located in Palm Beach, Florida.

Now ex-wife Jennifer, aka Jen Titheradge (Jen Adams), and Kerry share two kids, a boy, and a girl. Of the two, the son turned 13 in 2022.

About Kerry’s ex-wife, she is American, is from Winnipeg, Manitoba, and is currently a Jupiter, Florida dweller. Also, in January 2022, she turned 45 years old.

Speaking of Kerry’s relationship status as of 2022, he wrote on Facebook being in a relationship since 2021. As for the partner, it appears to be a woman named Gönül Bihan (on IG @gbihan1). She has been seen on Kerry’s social media frequently. Most recently, on 3 November 2022, when Kerry was “out with loved ones and mates” for the premiere of BelowDeck Adventure, she was also there cheering on his newfound TV fame.

Kerry Titheradge Age

Born in 1975, as Kerry A Titheradge, he reached the age of 46 late in 2021.

Kerry Titheradge Parents

Like many other things, Kerry also managed to keep his family and its background away from the prying eyes of fans and media outlets, so far. So, there was simply nothing known about his parents, his siblings (if he has any) and other things related.

How Tall Is Kerry Titheradge?

Kerry Titheradge stands below 6 feet in height.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Kerry Titheradge Birthday?

Kerry Titheradge’s birthday is in December. So, he is either a Sagittarius or a Capricorn.

  • Is Kerry Titheradge On Instagram?

Yes. Captain Kerry Titheradge could be found on Instagram @capt_kerry with 110 posts and 1,245 followers (as of 3 November 2022). This page was filled with videos of him on his Norwegian yacht. He also shares photos of his kids, vacations, and the memories he made with his possible romantic partner.

Kerry also ran two separate Facebook accounts.

  • Where Is Kerry Titheradge From?

Kerry Titheradge though he hails from Townsville Australia had been calling Palm Beach Gardens, Florida his home as of 2022.

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